A Hearty Old Fashioned Bourbon Infused With the Unusual Notes of Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jam

pbj bourbon

Firebox is currently offering a hearty bourbon that contains the unusual notes of both peanut butter and jelly, thus giving new meaning to the term liquid lunch. The spirit is crafted in East London and contains 35% ABV (alcohol by volume).

Distilled in East London, this spirit possesses a wondrously smooth taste, with sweetened raspberry notes and an unmistakable peanut butter finish. To complete the package, each bottle is hand-labelled, corked and then sealed with a distinctive raspberry-scented wax. Infused with an array of fine ingredients including homemade raspberry syrup and Himalayan rock salt, this unconventional cocktail is delicious served over ice or as part of a bourbon-based cocktail… ideally accompanied by a massive peanut butter and jam sandwich.

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images via Firebox