A Happy Placenta and a Smiling Tonsil Join I Heart Guts’ Line of Plush Organs

I Heart Guts plush placenta

I Heart Guts (previously) has added two more adorably happy organs to their line of anatomical plush toys: the tonsil plush and the placenta plush.

The toys’ tags include cute details about either organ:

Placenta : Afterbirth Party
Location: inside the uterus during gestation
Likes: uteri, fetuses, midwives
Dislikes: forced retirement after 9 months
Fave Song: I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross
Fave Album: In Utero by Nirvana
Fun Fact: The word “placenta” comes from the Latin word for cake!

Tonsil : Take Me Out To Play
Location: inside your mouth
Occupation: oral defense
Likes: sending germs to the tonsillar crypt
Dislikes: tonsillectomy, stones, tonsil hockey
Fave Song: Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out by The Replacements
Fave Word: otolaryngologist
Looking For: someone who makes me feel needed.

Both toys are available to purchase online, as are lapel pins featuring either a placenta or tonsil.

I Heart Guts plush tonsil

photos via I Heart Guts

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips