Man Amusingly Performs a-ha’s ‘Take on Me’ by Strategically Hitting Himself in the Face

Performer RamsesThePigeon quite amusingly beat out the rhythm of the iconic a-ha song “Take on Me” by strategically hitting himself in various parts of his own face.

When you have a song stuck in your head, you just need to beat it out.

Ramses recorded each track individually and remixed it all together in order to make it sound more like the song. He also added the distinctive look of the original music video to his own.

The melody was performed live (over the course of several takes), then overlaid with a MIDI track that gave the melodic component more prominence. Each track was then adjusted slightly for overall tone and volume, after which the finished song was exported. Finally, I filmed myself “playing” the song, then futzed around with some effects to give it something which vaguely resembled a “Take On Me” style.

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