A Grieving Horse Lays His Head Onto the Coffin of His Beloved Human Who Died Unexpectedly

In a truly heart-wrenching moment during the funeral for Wagner de Lima Figueiredo, a grieving horse named Sereno walked up to the coffin, laid his head down, and began whimpering and sighing as if he knew that he would never see his beloved human again. Sereno will have a new home with Figueiredo’s brother Wando.

Grieving friends and family of Wagner de Lima Figueiredo, 34, were shocked when his horse laid its head on the coffin and whined and sighed as if it was mourning too. Sereno the horse was taken to the funeral by Wagner’s brother, Wando de Lima, on Tuesday 3 January in Paraiba, north east Brazil. The two had a very close relationship, according to those who knew them.