A Fantastic Kinetic LEGO Sculpture of a Bat Gracefully Flapping Its Wings at Dusk

Kristal of JK Brickworks has created a fantastic kinetic LEGO sculpture of a bat gracefully flapping its wings at dusk. Kristal full collection of build photos are available to view on the JK Brickworks website.

It took quite a few design iterations to finally get the mechanics of this model compact enough to fit in and under the body, but still evoke the unique movement of a bat’s wings. This includes the flapping motion, their expansion and contraction, and sweeping them forward with every beat. The stand also moves the entire bat up and down. In the video I explain how the mechanics work together to achieve these movements.

The wings are built mostly with LEGO flex tube, to keep them as light as possible. Even so, you can see that they do bounce a bit when they reach the bottom of the downward beat. (read more)





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