A Compilation of Disney Villains Falling Off Things in Defeat

Video mashup artist Frank Ireland has created a video compilation of Disney villains falling off things in defeat. Ireland admits the video is not a complete list of Disney villains falling, but he laid out certain criteria for including a scene in the video. He also stated that only films made by Disney, and not its subsidiaries, were eligible.

The point of the video, Ireland says, is that a ton of Disney villains fall.

The qualifications:
1.) The act of falling.
2.) They have to land the fall. (not be caught or saved)
3.) The falls used are at the point of the movie where the villain is “defeated” or looses.
4.) This not a video of every literal fall. It’s to point out on how most Disney villains fall when they are “defeated”.
5.)The Yzma fall parodies this so I counted it.