A Compassionate Camera Repairman in India Feeds Thousands of Parakeets Displaced by Tsunami

Great Big Story traveled to India in order to visit with Joseph Sekar, the compassionate camera repairman who is known as “The Birdman of Chennai“. Sekar has taken it upon himself to feed thousands of parakeets, many of whom have been displaced or abandoned due to the great tsunami that hit Southeast Asia in 2008. While the financial burden is great, Sekar believes that there are some things more important than money.

Twice a day, Joseph Sekar goes to the roof of his camera repair shop in Chennai, India, and feeds 8,000 parakeets. That’s right, 8,000 birds, twice a day. He spends 40% of his income on feeding the birds, who were displaced after the 2006 Southeast Asia floods. It’s a lot, but for Joseph, nothing brings more joy than watching the birds fly and knowing they are well-fed and healthy. He’s the Birdman of Chennai—and he couldn’t be happier.