A Clever Blue Parrotlet Figures Out How to Put His Gold Coins Into a Treasure Chest Bank

“You’re going to be the richest boy in town!”

In May 2016, a very sweet little blue parrotlet named Charlie very cleverly learned how to pick up individual gold coins, transport them a few inches and slip them into the slot of a tiny wooden treasure chest “piggy bank” where they landed with a really satisfying clack. Just five months later, Charlie was able to deposit all the coins with far greater speed.

Charlie continues to “practice” his money in the bank trick. Here’s a fun session filmed recently. He does it twice and the last time, he missed the last coin because it dropped behind his bank. He is such a delight to work with. He knows this trick well now.

via Tastefully Offensive

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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