A Chubby Hedgehog Repeatedly Tries to Roll Over and Make a Break For It During a Visit to the Vet

A chubby little hedgehog at HART Wildlife Rescue tried to roll himself over during a veterinary exam and make a break for it. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned due to the considerable girth of the little erinaceidae. According to the center, the hedgehog had put on some weight during the winter, but has since been released into the wild where he’ll be burning a lot of calories.

This adorable wild hedgehog was brought into HART Wildlife Rescue as a poorly underweight juvenile in Autumn 2014. He was treated for parasites and put on weight but had to stay with us for the winter as it was too cold for him to be released. Here he was videoed during one of his health checks, trying to make a run for it! We are happy to say it wasn’t long after this video that the weather improved and he was released back to the wild!

via Tastefully Offensive