A Ceramic Mug Shaped Like a d20 Die

Critical Hit D20 Mug

ThinkGeek has created an awesome ceramic mug that is shaped like a d20 die. The mug is ThinkGeek’s latest creation in a series of novelty items shaped like a twenty-sided die. It is currently available to purchase online.

Pencils, paper, dice, miniatures, rule books. These are the essential components of a pen-and-paper gaming session. But eating and drinking becomes an inseparable part of the roleplaying experience for most players. Who doesn’t have fond memories of a long dungeon crawl the players slogged through fortified only by Cheetos and Mountain Dew? As we grew older our tastes turned to actual food, beer, and that magical elixir of late-night gaming – coffee.

Better than a wine skin, this Critical Hit d20 Mug holds 12 oz. of your favorite brew. The lid allows you to steep your tea or just keep your beverage of choice warm longer. (Or keep the dice out of it.) The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, because we’ve met you.

Critical Hit D20 Mug

images via ThinkGeek