A Blind Orange Tabby Cat Eagerly Plays Fetch With Her Encouraging Human

When a sweet blind orange tabby named Rey unexpectedly let her human know that she wanted to play a game of fetch, he readily complied and threw a toy. She brought it back to him immediately, thus beginning a beautiful tradition between man and cat.

I was at my computer when my blind cat, Rey, wanted to play. She started making noises and walked into my room holding one of her toys in her mouth. I grabbed it and threw it and was surprised that she brought it back and continued to do so multiple times.Rey was born without eyes and the doctors had to stitch up her eye sockets to prevent any infection. She has absolutely no issues getting around my apartment and you can tell she memorized the entire place. She even remembers how high things are so that she can jump up and down from them. I’ve had her for almost 8 months and she still amazes me every single day.