A Bewitching Tunnel Book Animation That Serves as the Prologue for ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’

The prologue for the highly-anticipated upcoming film Pride and Prejudice and Zombies tells a bewitching tale through hand-crafted tunnel book animation and gorgeous narration by Charles Dance, of how zombies came exist in Regency London. The prologue was created by The Mill, the production company behind the beautiful video for “Wide Open” by The Chemical Brothers.

Ben Smith, ECD at The Mill, was commissioned to create and direct the film’s title sequence and prologue. Alongside Charles Dance’s soothing voice over, the audience is introduced to Austen’s world of polite society, matchmaking and Zombies, via a clever re-telling of history explaining the origins of the zombie plague. …In keeping with Regency-era authenticity, the prologue unfolds through a tunnel book, providing a theatrical stage for the fictional narrative to take place. Working with satirical newspaper cartoonist Martin Rowson, Ben and team transformed hand drawn illustrations into 3D animations, intricately rendered and paced to the prologue’s voice over narration.