A BBC Job Seeker Accidentally Ends Up On-Air When He’s Mistaken for Another Person With His Name

In 2006, an unemployed computer technician named Guy Goma had arrived at the BBC for a job interview as a “data support cleanser”. On the same day, journalist and internet expert Guy Kewney was scheduled to participate in an on-air interview with Karen Bowerman to offer insight about the Apple Corps v. Apple Computers court case Due to a front office mixup and their common first name, Goma was accidentally brought in to sit for the interview instead of Kewney. He held up very well, despite having realized that this was an unfortunate case of mistaken identity. While Goma didn’t get the job, he did enjoy a bit of notoriety.

It’s 10 years since Guy Goma became a celebrity after he was mistaken for an internet expert and interviewed on BBC News TV.The unemployed computer technician had been at the BBC for a job interview. But the graduate from the Congo gained worldwide attention after a mix-up saw him interviewed on air instead of Guy Kewney.