826 Valencia Pirate Supply Store’s New Website Helps Young Authors

826 Valencia is the San Francisco-based tutoring center for 826 National, a nonprofit organization that helps “under-resourced, ages 6-18, with opportunities to explore their creativity and improve their writing skills”. Since 2002, their Pirate Supply Store at San Francisco’s 826 Valencia Street has not only been the entrance to their tutoring center but to an actual, and quite clever, retail store for pirate-related wares. The Pirate Supply Store is now online and both stores exist as a unique fundraising tool to provide free programming and support for young authors.

Where else can you buy an eye-patch and hook hand to help kids read and write?

The new website has everything to reinvigorate your childhood aspirations of setting sail and exploring the seven seas, especially if your plans for exploring the seven seas involve marauding and swords and eye-patches and scurvy. We’ve got hidden treasures to keep you guessing, stunning new photographs of our stunning merchandise—all adding up to a novel way to experience our store without, of course, actually being in our store.