3D Printed Spider Dress Designer Anouk Wipprecht Shows Tom Scott How It Defends Personal Space

In January 2015, we wrote about wearable electronics designer Anouk Wipprecht and her amazing 3D printed exoskeletal Spider Dress. The dress is currently on display at the Autodesk Gallery through March 2017. Vlogger Tom Scott visited Wipprecht at the gallery in San Francisco, to discuss the design and the inner workings of this wonderfully defensive dress.

Fashion-tech designer Anouk Wipprecht has built a Spider Dress, which reacts based on how close you’re standing and how quickly you approached. It’s based on ‘proxemics’: the study of personal space… although how much of that counts as science is an open question. Let’s talk about Edward T Hall, about what counts as science, and what happens if you get too close to someone.