300 Acres – A Webroots Effort To Save The Amazon Rainforest

300 Acres is a webroots campaign to save 300 acres of imminently endangered Northern Amazon rainforest by raising $73,000 in only 30 days. Once obtained, the land would be returned to its indigenous inhabitants, the Amazanga.

The project was founded by our friend Natalie Villalobos, Community Manager for Google Sidewiki, and Shalaco Sching after meeting the Amazangan leader during the recent Google Earth Outreach/Indigenous Mapping Summit.

I met many amazing indigenous people from all over the world – but one story stuck with me. It was that of Flavio Santi, the Shuar/Quichua healer and leader of the Amazanga people in attendance from the far-reaches of Puyo, Ecuador. He gave a captivating talk with poignant analogies that gently inspired the hearts of everyone that listened to him. I was so taken by his story that it led me to the question – What can I do?

His goal – purchase 300 acres of ancestral land that was taken from the Amazanga people…and do it in 30 days or less. It’s not that he threw out this gauntlet to see if we could achieve it. He and his people only have 30 days to make this happen.

Currently, with 14 days remaining, 300 Acres remains $50,000 short of their goal. Please consider helping them by making a (tax deductible) donation today.

UPDATE: An anonymous donor just came through today and is willing to match ALL funds made to 300 Acres over the next 13 days.

Aaron Muszalski
Aaron Muszalski