Hilarious Narration of the 2019 Women’s Death Diving World Championship at Frognerbadet in Oslo, Norway

In Norway there exists a unique water sport entitled DØD Diving or Death Diving. With this sport daring divers leap from rather intimidating heights in the most freestyle manner possible, so long as an X is formed with the diver’s body along the way. The sport is both clumsy and fascinating at the same time.

Jimmy O’Brien of Jomboy Media captured the spirit of this unusual activity with hilarious narration of the Women’s finals at the 2019 Annual Death Diving World Championship, which took place at the open air Frognerbadet (Frogner Pool) in Oslo, Norway. Diver Miriam Hamberg won the women’s finals.

We’re going to Norway for the death diving championship of 2019. You’ve got to hold an X for as
long as you can then you can tuck. We’re doing the women’s finals. there were five of them.

Here’s a more serious and official take on the event.