How to Construct a 20-Sided Modular Pecan Pie

Modular Pie-Cosahedrone Slice

In or around 2009, UC Irvine Computer Science Professor Charless F. Fowlkes decided that he really wanted to make a memorable, tech-forward dessert for Thanksgiving. Using his expertise in 3D scene understanding, Fowlkes and a helpful team constructed an icosahedron (20-Sided) pecan pie made from 20 modular triangular pies baked in custom pans and were attached together with tiny magnets.

…bringing technology to this traditional celebration of excess. Constructing a pie with the topology of a sphere from 20 triangular sub-pie modules attached with amazing magnets.

Modular Pie-Cosahedrone Pan

Modular Pie-Cosahedrone Slice in Pan

Modular Pie-Cosahedrone Slice

Modular Pie-Cosahedrone Construction

via Neatorama