1990s-Themed Stylized Artwork Based on the Faces of Sci-Fi Characters From TV Shows, Movies, & Video Games

Star Wars - Darth Vader
Star Wars – Darth Vader

Murcia, Spain-based artist Moisés Martínez Pérez (a.k.a. “StudioM6“) has created the 90s Faces Collection, a series of stylized t-shirt designs with a 1990s flair based on the faces of well-known science fiction characters from television shows, movies, and video games. StudioM6’s t-shirts are currently available to purchase online from TeePublic.

BioShock - Big Daddy
BioShock – Big Daddy

Terminator Films – The Terminator

Mazinger Z
Mazinger Z – Mazinger Z

images via Behance

via MightyMega

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