A Spooky 1977 Halloween Costume Safety Film

A spooky 1977 Halloween safety film by Centron Educational Films warns about the dangers that costumes can present to young trick-or-treaters going out in the dark.

In this case, it is a witch costume. The mask is too big for the little girl wearing it and blocks her vision, the dress is too long and causes the girl to trip, and the color of the costume is too dark for cars to see her. The film then offers helpful tips to correct these mistakes and ensure the safety of the little girl and children everywhere on Halloween night.

…you can watch a reasonably creepy Witch costume devolve into an utter wreck of reflective tape and white fabric over the course of 11 minutes.

Halloween Safety Video

Here’s the first part of the Halloween Safety film.

In 2014, filmmaker Jason Willis set it to the theme from The Munsters.

via Boing Boing