A Clever Custom Storage Cabinet Inspired by the Classic 1964 IBM 2401 Magnetic Tape Unit

MTC IBM Cabinet

Swedish artist and craftsman Love Hulten (previously) has created a commissioned cabinet that is a near replica of the IBM 2401 Magentic Tape Unit. While reels are non-functional, every bit of this remarkable piece is a replica of the original machine from 1964. The cabinet itself offers ample storage space and features some clever electronics up top.

The tape mechanism is decoration only and does not function. DC motors, blinking LEDs, and audio streaming (vintage computer sound samples) are run by an Arduino board inside the control unit on top of the cabinet.

MTC IBM Control Center


Here are some photos of the original IBM 2401.

IBM 2401 Magnetic Tape Unit

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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