Filmmaker Visits a Perfectly Preserved General Store That Has Stood Frozen In Time Since 1963

153 Mile Store

Dustin Porter of Destination Adventure had the rare opportunity to visit the 153 Mile Store, a relic of his childhood in British Columbia. The general store has stood unchanged for close to 60 years. Porter wandered around the perfectly preserved store, visually inspecting the shelves, displays, and counters, all of which appeared to be frozen in time. The store opened in 1900 and then closed in 1963 when the owner unexpectedly passed away.

This is the 153 Mile Store, and it has sat perfectly preserved – full of unsold merchandise – since the day it closed in 1963. I grew up just down the road from this location, so I was always aware of it, but it was so much more than I ever expected. It’s rare that you get to see old artifacts in good condition, but this store is FULL of artifacts in literally brand new condition.

via Waxy