1960s ‘Batman’ Theme Song Recreated With Real Bat Noises

European artists Ulrich Seidel, Sándor Seuntjens, and Wolter Seuntjens worked together to recreate the 1960s Batman television series theme song (originally composed by Neal Hefti) with real bat noises. To pull it off, they used high-frequency clicks and chirps from bats to replace the classic “Na na na nas.”

Bats produce sounds that are not audible to human ears. First these ultrasounds were digitally reduced to frequencies that are audible. Then the different batsounds were assigned different keys on a keyboard. On this keyboard – the only real Bat-Organ – Ulrich Seidel played the Batman Theme (Neal Hefti, 1966). The video clip was compiled by Sándor Seuntjens.

Here is the original Batman TV series theme song:

videos via Sándor Seuntjens, kallemalle912

via Improbable Research, Digg