Couple Spends 14 Years Living in an Off-Grid House They Built With Gathered Materials

Exploring Alternatives visited Stephanie and Joel, a determined couple in Canada who spent 14 years building a completely off-grid house made of materials gathered from different sources. While living there, the couple learned how to adapt, improve, and evolve their living quarters.

They built their home on shared land using materials they salvaged from the dump, wood from a building they took apart themselves, and whatever free stuff they could get their hands on. They had no electricity in the beginning so they only had candles. Eventually, they got a solar panel and a battery to run lights, and the systems have evolved from there.

They also grow their own food in a community garden. The house is also big enough for the couple and two kids.

The cabin has a master bedroom in the loft and a main-floor bedroom that’s split into two sleeping spaces for their kids. They have an open-concept kitchen, dining and living room area, and the bathroom is closed in with a beautiful bottle wall. There’s also a sunroom they recently added to the front of the house to bring in natural light, passive solar heating, and to grow food in the winter (with the help of LED grow lights).

They also have an off-grid Airbnb “Mushroom House” that they rent out by the night.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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