100% Organic Dehydrated Water in a Can


Future Essentials Dehydrated Water is simply 100% organic and gluten free dehydrated water in a can. It is available to purchase at MREdepot. They say, “If you add this product to your cart you will really receive a can of dehydrated water.”

Our Future Essentials Dehydrated Water comes in a large #10 Can and is always fresh, never from concentrate and a 100% Organic. Dehydrated water is the perfect addition to all high-fiber, protein, and carbohydrate diets.

It is light weight making it easy to store. It has a unique odorless, tasteless, and colorless appealing to all avid water drinkers. Perfect gift for the person who ‘has it all.’

This Dehydrated water gets its exceptional qualities from the organic qualities of its spring. Tastes best chilled but room temperature and heated are other alternatives.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips