YolkFish, A Squeezable Fish That Separates Egg Whites & Yolks With Just A Kiss

Tel Aviv-based Peleg Design has created the YolkFish, a squeezable goldfish that effortlessly separates eggs with a kiss. The suction created by squeezing the fish’s belly pulls the yolk away from the whites of a cracked egg, leaving no trace behind. This is a definite “want item” for anyone whose ever had to make a meringue or an egg-white cocktail in a reasonable amount of time.

The YolkFish is not yet available in U.S. retail stores, but it can be ordered online through 1 Design Per Day.

Yolkfish, Kissing Fish Egg Separator

YolkFish Egg Separator

Yolkfish Egg Separator Package

video via Peleg Design

images via Peleg Design, 1 Design Per Day, SOHO

via designboom

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