The Korduroys Searching For Their Lost Secret Unicorn in Seattle

Have You Seen My Secret Unicorn?

Have You Seen My Secret Unicorn?

The poor Korduroys have lost their Secret Unicorn. This video created by our friends at Archie McPhee shows how they try to save themselves from a “boring, dismal life” by reuniting with their Secret Unicorn. It features the Korduroys in Inflatable Unicorn Horns (Ms. Korduroy played by yours truly) and Dickie Gazoonie dons a Magical Unicorn Mask & pink furry lederhosen to play the lost Secret Unicorn.

Have You Seen My Secret Unicorn?

Rusty & The Secret Unicorn

Ms. Korduroy finds her Secret Unicorn
photo by Archie McPhee

Filming: Have You Seen My Secret Unicorn?

Archie McPhee’s David Wahl filming ‘Have You Seen My Secret Unicorn’ in Seattle, Washington

photos by Rusty Blazenhoff

Written by Rusty Blazenhoff

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