tado° Cooling, A Gadget for Turning Remote-Controlled Air Conditioners Into Smart Devices

tado° Cooling is a gadget by Germany-based tado° that can turn remote-controlled air conditioners into smart devices. Any traditional air conditioning unit — wall-mounted, window-mounted, or otherwise — with a remote control can be controlled via smartphone thanks to the tado° Cooling gadget. The device controls the air conditioner via infrared and the device itself is controlled via smartphone thanks to users’ local Wi-Fi networks. It can automatically turn the air conditioner off, start at a preordained time, and even adjust as users move from room to room.

tado° is currently raising funds via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

tado Cooling

tado Cooling

tado Cooling

images via tado°

via Gadgetify, The Awesomer

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