Sicklings, Series of Cute “Mopey & Needy” Character Sculptures

The Tea-Sipping Sicklings Series 3 by Yosiell Lorenzo

The Sicklings by Oakland, California designer, illustrator and painter Yosiell Lorenzo are a unique series of cute “mopey and needy” character sculptures who sometimes hide behind masks to stand for dual identities or hide their true identities. Select pieces of Yosiell’s work are available to purchase from his online store.

The Sicklings are a troop of Yosiell’s recurring characters who are particularly mopey and needy. Rendered in sexless simplicity, the Sicklings function like anthropomorphic feelings: Frustration, loneliness, despair…Often the Sicklings wear masks. Yosiell uses masks as a device throughout his paintings and three dimensional work. The masks represent dual and hidden identities, as well as society’s attempts to label individuals who resist categorization.

The Hibernating Sicklings Series 2 by Yosiell Lorenzo

Sicklings -Poison Sweet- by Yosiell Lorenzo

Sicklings -Poison Sweet- Albino by Yosiell Lorenzo

Sicklings -The Offering- by Yosiell Lorenzo

Sicklings by Yosiell Lorenzo

Sicklings by Yosiell Lorenzo

The Curious Sicklings Series 1 by Yosiell Lorenzo

Sicklings by Yosiell Lorenzo

photos via Yosiell Lorenzo

via Super Punch

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