Replica of ‘The Internet’ Prop From ‘The IT Crowd’

The Internet

Adelaide, Australia-based Mike Jenkins of KineticGifts has created an awesome replica of “The Internet” prop from The IT Crowd, a geeky British sitcom on Channel 4. The Internet is a mysterious black box and funny gag first shown on Season 3, Episode 4 of The IT Crowd. The replica comes with an on and off switch to control its flashing red indicator LED and is currently available to purchase online.

This is The Internet. It is wireless and can normally be found at the top of Big Ben in London, where it gets the best reception.

Whether you are looking for novelty for your desk, somewhere to hide your secrets or a subject for a speech to the shareholders, The Internet is a unique and fun tribute to this hilarious joke from The IT Crowd.

Here is a funny clip from The IT Crowd where Roy and Moss introduce Jen to The Internet:

The Internet

The Internet

images via KineticGifts, video via The IT Crowd

via Geeks Are Sexy

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