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Knowledge@Wharton on SiriusXM
with host Dan Loney
July 24, 2014

The New Yorker (Rebecca Mead)
July 21, 2014

The 2013 Webby Awards opens for submissions, pushes social media and adds new judges
The Next Web (Harrison Weber)
September 17, 2012

The 10 Most Important People on Tumblr in 2011
The Daily Dot (Fernando Alfonso III)
December 29, 2011

Meet the 25 Most Viral People on the Internet
Gizmodo (Mat Honan)
December 14, 2011

Laughing Squid Nominated For Two SF Weekly Web Awards
August, 2011

Interview with Laughing Squid
ABC News Radio (Dan Patterson)
June 23, 2011

Laughing Squid Wins People’s Voice Award In The Webby Awards
May 2011

Standards, arts and tweets on the road
Outriders on BBC Radio 5 (Jamillah Knowles)
November 30, 2010

Scott Beale on 15 years of Laughing Squid (Q&A)
Geek Gestalt on CNET (Daniel Terdiman)
November 16, 2010

Laughing Squid “We’ll See You Again Soon Party”
SF Weekly (Alexia Tsotsis)
March 21, 2010

An Interview With Scott Beale of Laughing Squid
Web Host Industry Review (Liam Eagle)
March 2009

Hosts Explore Social Networks
Web Host Industry Review (Wayne Epperson)
March 2009

Laughing Squid Nominated For The Webby Awards
April 2008

Twittering King
Forbes (Mary Jane Irwin)
April 28, 2008

The Photoshop Guys Revealed!
Time (Josh Quittner)
April 24, 2008

Webby Awards Nomination
April 2008

Pirates on the Open Airwaves (photo)
Yes! Magazine (Brooke Jarvis)
Winter 2008

Journalism is Burning Or How Breaking News is Broken
O’Reilly Radar (Dale Dougherty)
August 31, 2007

With ‘LOLcats’ Internet Fad, Anyone Can Get In on the Joke
The Wall Street Journal (Aaron Rutkoff)
August 25, 2007

Paradise Lost, Found Again at Laughing Squid Benefit
Wired (Adrienne So)
August 2, 2007

Eyes Wide Open (photo)
by Violet Blue
O, The Oprah Magazine
July 2007

100 Blogs We Love
PC World
June 25, 2007

Future Fresser: Scott Beale
SF Gate: Culture Blog! on San Francisco Chronicle (Jackson West)
June 21, 2007

Tech blogs go from hobbies to businesses (photo)
USA Today (Michelle Kessler)
June 19, 2007

Can’t get enough Justin? You can watch Justine (photo)
San Francisco Chronicle (Jessica Guynn)
May 29, 2007

On the Web, audience size matters
San Jose Mercury News (Scott Kirsner)
May 27, 2007

Take Your PowerPoint And… (photos)
BusinessWeek (Scott Kirsner)
May 14, 2007

Party in a NASA Hangar Gives a Glimpse of Space Culture (photos)
Wired (Dylan Tweney)
April 17, 2007

Where Old and New Media Collide (photo)
San Francisco Chronicle (Dan Fost)
March 16, 2007

South by Southwest 2007: The Calm Before the Storm (photos)
Rolling Stone
March 2007

2007 Emerging Technology Conference (photos)
March 2007

8 Keys to the Campaign (photo)
Time (Massimo Calabresi)
February 5, 2007

San Francisco’s Alt Millionaires
Gawker (Valleywag)
November 20, 2006

Leah Garchik
San Francisco Chronicle
August 22, 2006

The end of the world as we know it? (photos)
Associated Press (Geeta Dayal)
August 17, 2006

Bringing fire and steel to life (photos)
August 12, 2006

These robots will rock the city (photo)
San Jose Mercury News (Jaweed Kaleem)
August 11, 2006

Can Investigative Journalism Be Done in Collaboration Online? (photo)
PBS MediaShift (Mark Glaser)
July 28, 2006

San Francisco City Certificate of Honor
November 12, 2005

“SUBCULTURE: Going underground
Urban explorer documents the hidden world of speakeasies, sewers and subways”

San Francisco Chronicle (Annie Nakao)
March 6, 2005

“Bay Blogger Thursday”
SFist (Jackson West)
March 3, 2005

“Last Crawl”
Night Crawler, SF Weekly (Silke Tudor)
August 18, 2004

Invisible Ink, The Squidlist Episode
KALW (Roman Mars)
August 15, 2004

“Online social networks go to work”
MSNBC (Xeni Jardin)
July 2004

“The Doggies Visit the Big Apple”
Zippy The Pinhead (Bill Griffith)
June 29, 2003

“North Side: Doggies on the Window”
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
April 23, 2003

San Francisco Chronicle (Phil Frank)
April 20, 2003

“Doggie Diner heads to N.Y. for special delivery
Artists take giant icons on road trip to gallery”

San Francisco Chronicle (Ilene Lelchuk)
April 16, 2003

“The In Crowd”
Wired (David Streitfeld)
February 2002

“Face Time: John Law”
San Francisco Chronicle (Louise Rafkin)
November 4, 2001

“Who the hell is John Law?”
Comet Magazine (Mark Beers)
Spring 2001

“House of Tudor”
San Francisco Weekly (Silke Tudor)
January 10, 2001

“Squid Inc.: E-mail list publicizes underground arts scene”
San Francisco Chronicle (Rona Marech)
June 2, 2000

“Summer of naught: San Francisco underground then and now.”
San Francisco Bay Guardian (D.S. Black)
May 17, 2000

“Dropping science”
San Francisco Bay Guardian (Summer Burkes)
January 19, 2000

SF Weekly Best of SF 1998
“Best Thing to Remember San Francisco By in the Next Millennium”
SF Weekly’s Best of San Francisco 1999
May, 1999

SF Weekly Best of SF 1998
“Best Verbal Series”
SF Weekly’s Best of San Francisco 1999
May, 1999

“Squid, Inc.”
April, 1999

“Laughing Squid”
San Francisco Metropolitan (Michelle Goldberg)
December 21, 1998

“99 People to Watch in 99″
San Francisco Metropolitan
December 21, 1998

Best of the Bay '98
winner “Best Pipeline to the Underground”
San Francisco Guardian’s Best of the Bay ’98
July, 1998

“Calamari Connection”
San Francisco Metropolitan (Michele Jenkins)
February, 1998