Manifestations by Giles Timms, The Courageous Mr. Chip Travels In Search of Love

guest post by Burstein!

Giles Timms is a MFA student at UCLA who let us know about the release of his second animated film, “Manifestations”. The film is a stunning blend of flash and hand drawn art that creates a very rich environment of beautiful colors and motion. Even better, you can play the lead character of the video, Mr. Chip, in his very own flash game!

Some of you may know of Giles’s first effort, which was the music video for “Grapevine Fires” by Death Cab for Cutie which he worked on with Walter Robot Studios. Not a bad track record Mr. Timms is establishing for himself.

UPDATE: Xeni Jardin did an interview with Giles Timms about “Manifestations” for Boing Boing Video.

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