Freckle, A Stop-Motion Music Video Created Using Over 19K Velcro Dots

18 months. 19,000 velcro dots. Two chroma-key dot suits. A guy. A girl. Space. Molecules. Skin: Freckle!

“Freckle” is a stop-animated music video, directed by visual artist and computational biologist Mike Cantor, that uses over 19,000 hand-created velcro dots to “bring to life a love song about two objects in space, orbiting and colliding, and the scales that measure their attraction.” Music for the project is by singer and MC Frontalot bassist, Brandon Patton. The video uses an original stop-animation technique which Cantor named ‘Velcro rotoscoping’ where “thousands of colorful velcro dots are arrayed like pixels onto a grid, photographed, and then superimposed one frame at a time onto live-action video.”




submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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