Beagle Photo Recreated with Over 220,000 Nonpareil Candy Sprinkles

What a Face!

Using a pair of tweezers, double-sided tape, some glue and just 6 colors, art student Joel Brochu spent nearly 8 months carefully applying 221,184 nonpareil candy sprinkles to recreate a photograph of a beagle getting a bath. Joel used “a customized computer program” that created a template for the piece from the original image.

What looks like an image of a beagle is actually a high definition photograph of a 4’ by 1 ½’ board covered in 221,184 nonpareils sprinkles. At a distance of 16 feet, the sprinkles blur, tricking the human eye into believing that it is looking at a large photograph. Only when you closely examine the work do you realize that it has been created entirely with tiny spheres of candy.

What began as a university fine arts project on Pointillism and Georges Seurat, evolved into a remarkable artistic idea.

The original photograph titled be patient was taken by Japanese photographer Shingo Uchiyama.

via Flickr blog

photos by Joel Brochu and Shingo Uchiyama