Anamorphic Illusions by Brusspup: A Rubik’s Cube, Tape Roll & A Shoe

In this video, Brusspup shows off some pretty cool anamorphic illusions of ordinary items: a Rubik’s Cube, a roll of blue tape and a shoe. He’s also provided print-at-home 8 X 14 versions of the items (Cube, Tape, Shoe), so you try the illusions yourself.

These are so simple but always so amazing to see.

I did 3 anamorphic illusions. Rubiks cube, a roll of tape and a shoe. Which one is your favorite? I like the shoe the best.

Oh and lets not for the kitty cat. Hyder thought she was anamorphic for a bit there.

Rubik's Flat

Rubik's Cube

images via Brusspup

via Colossal

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