Rare Photograph of Space Shuttle Endeavor and the International Space Station Photographed Together

Space Station and Space Shuttle photographed together

Space Shuttle Endeavor’s last trip to the International Space Station in May, 2011 afforded a rare opportunity for a photograph of the two together. Typically, photos of the space shuttle in space were taken from the ISS and photos of the ISS were taken from the space shuttle, but during Endeavor’s last trip a departing Soyuz TMA-20 supply ship was able to capture this image of the shuttle and station docked together.

photo via NASA

‘What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions’ by Randall Munroe of xkcd

What If? Book by xkcd

What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions (see previously) is a new book by Randall Munroe (creator of xkcd) that compiles the best answers from his blog of hypothetical science questions, What if? It is now available for purchase on Amazon.

As I’ve sifted through the letters submitted to What If every week, I’ve occasionally set aside particularly neat questions that I wanted to spend a little more time on. This book features my answers to those questions, along with revised and updated versions of some of my favorite articles from the site. (I’m also including my personal list of the weirdest questions people have submitted.)

image via What if?

‘The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People’ Web Series Returns With Advice for College Students

The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People is a web series that jokingly claims to offer, “practical advice to idiots perplexed by the behavior of obnoxious intellectuals.” In the first episode of its second season, the series explains the college experience and why smart people will do anything to prolong it. The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People was created by sketch comedy group The Bilderbergers and is distributed by Above Average.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Artist Jessica Siskin Creates Beautiful Custom Art Out of Rice Krispies Treats

Rice Krispies box done with Rice Krispies

Artist Jessica Siskin has built a business out of sculpting and decorating Rice Krispies Treats into custom shapes for customers. She posts her works to the Instagram account mister_krisp, which now has dozens of photos of the uniquely shaped treats. Interested parties can contact Siskin through the email address listed on her Instagram account, and it appears she will be launching a dedicated site for the Mister Krisp business, but the page is currently password-protected.

Early Mac computer made of Rice Krispies Ninja Turtle Raphael made of Rice Krisipies Lloyd Dobler holding Rice Krispies boom box Instagram logo done with Rice Krispies

images via Jessica Siskin

via BuzzFeed