320° Licht, A Massive Projection Mapped Video Installation Inside a Gas Storage Tank in Germany

“320° Licht” is a massive video installation that is projected on the interior of the Gasometer Oberhausen, a 385-foot-tall decommissioned gas storage tank in Germany. The video is displayed across 320-degrees of the tank’s interior—a massive curved screen more than 300 feet tall and 215,000 square feet in area. Twenty-one high power projectors are employed to display the 22-minute video. “320° Licht” is part of the ongoing exhibition “The Appearance of Beauty,” at the Gasometer Oberhausen through December 30, 2014. It was created by studio URBANSCREEN. The Creators Project has more on the making of “320° Licht.”

320 Licht Projection Mapping

320 Licht Projection Mapping

photos by Thomas Wolf

via The Creators Project

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