A Colorful, Majestic Music Video for ‘Solid Gold’ by Michna & MNDR Featuring 60 Rocks & Gems From Around the World

60 beautiful rocks and gems from around the world come to life through the use of dynamic and kinetic effects in this colorful, majestic music video for Michna and MNDR‘s song “Solid Gold“. Designer Christophe Thockler created the music video, which mixes both stop-motion and motion design, with over 8,500 photos that explore the beautiful textures and colors of the rocks and gems. A list of each rock featured and photos from the video are available to view on Thockler’s website.

Michna and I have at least two common points, we love good music and rocks! When we started to discuss about a music video for the track Solid Gold, we quickly talked about minerals and how we loved them. I had a small collection and we soon decided to do some tests and go in this direction. Solid Gold is another exploration of a theme I am fond of, the search of the beauty in the mundane. I like to think about the idea that the casting of this video is made of ancient majestic characters from all around the world, it’s also a tribute to nature, with small bits of our planet dancing together during three minutes.

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‘TeachingCenter’, A Sketch by Key & Peele About a World Where Teachers Are Treated & Paid Like Professional Athletes

TeachingCenter” is a sketch by comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele from their Comedy Central series Key & Peele about a world where teachers are treated and paid like professional athletes. The sketch is modeled after the popular sports television program SportsCenter, but focuses on the accomplishments of teachers.

Great Job!, Dog Poop Bags Featuring an Image of the Smiling Pile of Poo Emoji on the Front

Great Job Pooping

Richard Stevens of Diesel Sweeties has created Great Job!, rolls of dog poop bags that each feature an image of the smiling pile of poo emoji on the front. The dog poop sacks are available to purchase online from the Diesel Sweeties Store.

Yup, these are totally dog poop bags with an encouraging happy poo emoji praising you.

Seriously, these are dog poop bags. They’re made and printed in the USA from bio-based plastic and reclaimed resins. They are not compostable. (Maybe we’ll do some of those in the future) They smell faintly of crayons.

Great Job Pooping

Great Job Pooping

Great Job Pooping

images via Diesel Sweeties Store

via Richard Stevens

A Beautiful 3D Animated Tribute to the Fantasy Work of Hayao Miyazaki, Co-Founder of Studio Ghibli

Skilled animator, Dono, has created a beautiful 3D animated tribute to the fantasy work of Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki, co-founder of the legendary anime film studio Studio Ghibli. Dono used Blender, Gimp, Octane, and Natron to bring his fun 3D short to life. It stars animated characters from films like My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, and more.

music by Joe Hisaishi

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‘Fabled Whiskers’, Stop-Motion Video Where a Man’s Magnificent Beard and Hair Grow When He Reads a Magical Book

Pete Simon (a.k.a. “Petey Boy“) has created “Fabled Whiskers,” a stop-motion video where his friend Tom Offer-Westort‘s magnificent beard and hair wildly begins to grow as he reads a magical book full of adventure and wonder. In 2013 we wrote about Simon’s stop-motion video “Ballpoint Barber.” Fans of Pete can help support him and his imaginative videos on Patreon.

Here is a behind the scenes look at “Fabled Whiskers”:

music by Paul Otteson – “Follicle Fables

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Kentucky Distillery Makes Their Signature Spirits Sing With Flavor Through the Use of ‘Sonic Aging’

The Copper & Kings Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky have a unique weapon when it comes to making their signature spirits sing with flavor through the use of “sonic aging”, a process that uses sound vibrations to excite the maturing liquid within the barrels. Music blasts at the distillery all day and all night, all different varieties, genres and styles. In an interview with Munchies, founder Joe Heron talks his belief that “happy brandy makes happy drinking”.

Heron …believes that the gentle vibrations of the music assist in the aging process for his craft spirits, absinthe, and brandy. By pushing frequencies inside the barrel, liquid constantly circulates, causing more surface contact with the oak barrels. Unlike bourbon, which moves in and out of the oak due to changes in temperature, his nuanced indie brandy calls for finesse and tender coaxing.

Copper and Kings

image via Copper & Kings

via Munchies