Expert Mixologist Tony Conigliaro Demonstrates How to Create Halloween-Themed Cocktails

Expert mixologist Tony Conigliaro demonstrates how to craft gothic cocktails, such as the “Nosferatini” and “Silver Bullet” for Huang’s World on the Munchies channel. Perfect libations in celebration of this Halloween night .

Deep in his laboratory, bartender Tony Conigliaro likes to see how far he can challenge the concept of what a drink is. For this How-To, Tony takes us deep into the underworld by creating three gothic-inspired cocktails including the Nosferatini – a martini that tastes like blood—and the Silver Bullet, a werewolf’s worst nightmare.

Rescued Baby Elephant Greets the New Day With a Hug for His Human and Baby Warthog Friends

A rescued baby elephant named Moyo adorably greets the new day at the Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery outside Harare, Zimbabwe, with a loving hug for his human Roxy Danckwerts and their baby warthog friend.

Moyo was rescued from the Musango area, in February 2014, where he was found abandoned by his herd. Considerable efforts were made to find his natal herd, but there were no Elephants in the area. It is believed that Moyo was a premature calf, and was not able to keep up with the herd, who were under pressure from poaching in the nearby Omay Wildlife area. Moyo weighed 56kg on arrival. A normal elephant calf should weigh 90-100kg. The first few weeks of his life were very challenging indeed and it is a miracle, as well as a testament to his fighting spirit, that Moyo survived.

Roxy has put together a lovely video documenting the amazing progress Moyo has made in the last 8 months.

MOYO, an orphaned baby elephant, being hand raised at the new Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery … He is now 8 months old, having been born premature and severely underweight, then sadly, was found lost and alone in the wild. Moyo is growing into a happy young fellow, full of joy and laughter … he is well loved

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Determined Cat Dives Into a Very Small Space Behind a Speaker and Successfully Retrieves Her Favorite Toy

A very determined Burmese cat dives into a very small space behind a speaker in order to retrieve her favorite toy. While her recovery was a bit awkward, the happy feline walks away with her dignity intact and her beloved catnip mouse poised oh-so-delicately in her mouth.

Cat Behind Speaker

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Google X Is Developing a Disease Detection Device Similar to the ‘Star Trek’ Tricorder


Google X Life Sciences, led by Andrew Conrad, is working on a disease-detection device similar to the Star Trek tricorder. The device would work by deploying specially designed nanoparticles into the body that interact with different markers for disease. These nanoparticles would signal a device that Conrad says would be worn on the wrist to catch diseases at the early stages, when they are most easily and successfully treated.

Conrad described the status of the project in great detail in an interview with Steven Levy of Backchannel, and predicts that the device will be a reality within five to ten years.

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Moff, A Toy Wristband That Makes Sounds in Different Themes as the Wearer Moves

The Moff band is a wristband that makes sounds in different themes as the wearer moves, encouraging kids and adults alike to move in imaginative play. The band itself is a silicone-coated slap bracelet, making it suitable for children and adults of all sizes. After downloading the Moff app, users can connect their Moff bands to an iOS device–an Android-compatible version is still to be released–via Bluetooth to change the types of sounds the band makes. Sound sets include animals, percussion instruments, sports, and trains.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, Moff was recently released in Japan and released in the United States earlier this month.



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The Deconstruction, A Competition That Asks Participants To Make Something New From Existing Objects and Ideas

The Deconstruction, a 48-hour competition that challenges teams to create something new from existing objects, genres and ideas, takes place November 14 to 16, 2014. Teams can register for the competition online. The event is open to anyone with Internet access. The Deconstruction is organized by Jason Naumoff.

The Deconstruction is about re-thinking the world as we know it, taking it apart, making a few adjustments, then putting it back together a little awesomer-er. It’s a light-hearted competition/ game, but it’s really more of a large-scale collaboration between friends, teams, and the public. The concept is to make the world a slightly better, more fun, and more interesting place over 48 hours. The event is open to anyone, anywhere, of any age and skill level.

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Mixology Expert Explains the Importance of Choosing Glassware According to the Specific Cocktail Being Crafted

On the most recent episode of “The Cocktail Spirit” on the Small Screen Network, mixology expert and historian Robert Hess (previously) explains the importance of choosing the proper glassware according to the specific cocktail being crafted, using the wonderful Sazerac as an example.

Wine drinkers have long known that different wines taste better in particularly shaped glassware (Thank You Riedel!) In much the same way choosing the right glass for your cocktail can make a big difference in the final results. With cocktails it isn’t so much the nuances of the flavor profile, but instead it is the functionality of the form, the visual presentation, size of the drink, comfort, and elegance as well. Drinks that need to be served with ice obviously need to be in a larger glass than those that don’t. Iced drinks should also be served in glasses with more vertical sides like a typical “Rocks” glass as opposed to an angle-sided “Martini” glass.