BBC Officially Announces a Brand-New Monster for the Newest Season of ‘Doctor Who’

Doctor Who Monster in Shadows

The BBC has officially announced that the Doctor from Doctor Who and his faithful companion Clara will be facing a brand-new monster named Block 3 in the newest season of the long-running series. Block 3, who bears a striking resemblance to the Big Daddy character from the popular video game BioShock, is scheduled to first show its face in episodes five and six during the same time that Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams will be guest starring on the show.

Doctor Who Monster

images via BBC

via Radio Times, Mighty Mega

Jerry Seinfeld Interviews David Letterman on ‘The Late Show’ and Recreates His First Appearance From ‘Late Night’

Jerry Seinfeld recently made an appearance on The Late Show and reversed the show’s usual roles by trading places with and interviewing host David Letterman. Before physically switching chairs, Seinfeld pointed out the height difference between Letterman’s desk and the guest’s chair.

During his appearance on The Late Show, Seinfeld also recreated his first stand-up appearance on Late Night when Letterman hosted that show.

Artist Converts a Typewriter Into an ASCII Art Photo Booth

i/o is an ASCII art photo booth consisting of a modified typewriter, a camera, and an Arduino controller. The interactive installation creates “instant” portraits–in actuality the typewriter must type each character individually in a process that is both lengthy and quite noisy. i/o was created by Moscow-based media artist Dmitry Morozov (::vtol::).

ASCII Art Portrait Typewriter by vtol

ASCII Art Portrait Typewriter by vtol

ASCII Art Portrait Typewriter by vtol

photos via Dmitry Morozov

via Hackaday

New Jersey Man and His Daughter Capture Adorable Photos of a Troop of Baby Foxes That They Found in Their Backyard

Baby Foxes

When Philip Wang discovered a troop of baby foxes in his Princeton, New Jersey backyard, he took the opportunity to photograph them with the help of his daughter Alice. In an interview with, Wang described how he came across the vulpine youngsters in his yard.

I see red foxes a few times a year, so I know we have foxes around, but last week I heard like a soft ‘meowing’ like a cat near a shed. And then I saw that they were very young foxes and started taking their pictures everyday. And they are very, very cute.

Fox Face

Two Baby Foxes

Foxes Playing

Sleeping Twins

Baby Fox Under House

photos via

via, Bored Panda

‘PBS Game/Show’ Muses on Crowdfunding and Video Games

PBS Game/Show host Jamin Warren muses on crowdfunding and video games in a recent video in the series. Warren specifically looks at developer Double Fine, Tim Schafer, and the funding and release of Broken Age.

In this week’s vlog, Jamin shares his thought on the contract that is formed between the backer of a crowdfunding project and the person running the project. In short, what should we expect when we back a project on something like Kickstarter or Indiegogo?