Behind-the-Scenes Look at How Photographer Erik Johansson Creates His Surreal & Optical Illusion Images in Photoshop

Cut and Fold

Swedish photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson has released an entire behind-the-scenes video series that gives us a look at how he is able to create his surreal and optical illusion images in Adobe Photoshop. Johansson‘s impressive techniques start with a simple idea and sketch, which then ends with amazing layers of photo manipulation work to transform his skillfully shot photos. The full collection of behind-the-scenes videos are available to view on YouTube.

Drifting Away

Closing Out


images via Erik Johansson

via PetaPixel

A Man Gets Transformed Into Twelve Different Popular Hairstyles in Two Minutes

BuzzFeed has created a video where BuzzFeedVideo writer and actor, Eugene Lee Yang, gets transformed into twelve different popular hairstyles in two minutes from trichologist and celebrity hairstylist David Dang.

Proof that men don’t have to stick with the same haircut their entire lives.

12 Different Popular Hairstyles

12 Different Popular Hairstyles

images via BuzzFeed

Inventor Colin Furze Builds a High Voltage Ejector Bed for People Who Struggle With Getting Up in the Morning

British inventor Colin Furze recently built a wild High Voltage Ejector Bed that flips up and dumps the heavy sleeper out onto the floor when an alarm goes off in the morning. The Taylors of Harrogate coffee and tea company asked Furze to build something to get people out of bed, just like their new High Voltage blend coffee, and he surely did not disappoint.

Here is behind-the-scenes footage of Colin building the ejector bed:




photos via Colin Furze

music by Rapido T Lusso – “Caffeine Racer

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Artist Creates Miniature ‘Ant-Man’ Installations Around London of the Tiny Superhero Fighting & Flying on Antony

Ant-Man installations in London

UK-based artist Slinkachu recently teamed up with Marvel to make a creative collection of miniature Ant-Man installations all over London that show the tiny superhero riding his trusty carpenter ant steed Antony, fighting the villainous Yellow Jacket (Darren Cross) in a city-crushing battle, and more. The full series of photos from Slinkachu‘s Ant-Man installations are available to view on his Little People blog.

Ant-Man installations in London

Ant-Man installations in London

Ant-Man installations in London

Ant-Man installations in London

Ant-Man installations in London

photos via Little People