‘No One to Play With’, An Onlooker Narrates a Dejected Young Boy Knocking on a Friend’s Door

No One to Play With” is a video by Sequential Pictures where an onlooker narrates as a dejected young boy knocks on a friend’s door and slowly realizes no one is home.

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Florida Photographer Is Raising Funds to Bring Art Into Public Venues in Low Income Neighborhoods

Everyone deserves to enjoy beautiful art regardless of income or zip code.

Florida photographer Sandra Canning is currently raising funds through GoFundMe for “The Neighborhood Beautification Project“, her mission to bring art into public spaces in low income neighborhoods. A strong believer in making art available to everyone, Sandra is looking into not only bringing her art in to the public spaces, but to also empower volunteer “art ambassadors” to get involved with art in their respective communities.

The purpose of the crowdfunding campaign is to pay the vendors who make the prints because I do not expect to recover expenses through sales. These are five feet wide museum quality giclee canvas prints and no expense is being spared. I am currently in one library, and if I make my fundraising goal I can find other venues in low income neighborhoods who would like to have artwork to brighten their spaces. If I exceed my goal, I will donate to as many venues as possible and expand the campaign to include other artists and photographers. Currently we need help with: (1) getting the word out to venues that they can request artwork, (2) achieving the crowdfunding campaign goal and (3) recruiting Art Ambassadors (people who can volunteer to help hang the art, check with the venue to be sure they are happy, etc.).

Here are some examples of Sandra’s work.

Sea Whisperer

Tree in Key  Biscayne

Sea Whisperer

Time Flies 2012

photos by Sandra Canning

Comedian Louis CK Releases His Latest Comedy Special ‘Live at the Comedy Store’ Through His Website

Comedian Louis CK has released his latest comedy special Live at the Comedy Store through his website. In a preview trailer for the special, CK discusses traveling with babies. As he’s done in the past, the special is available to download for five dollars without digital rights management. The special features an opening set by Jay London, whom CK calls one of his favorite club comics.

I developed and prepared this material over the last year or so, mostly in comedy clubs. This special kind of goes back to when I used to just make noises and be funny for no particular reason. It felt right to shoot this special in a club to give it that live immediate intimate feeling. The show is about an hour long. The opening act, who is seen at the beginning (good place for an opening act) is Jay London. One of my favorite club comics going way back to the late 80s when I first started in working in New York.

I hope you like it.

‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Trailer Introduces Randall Higgins, The Cameraman That Captures Players’ Kills

A new trailer for the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare downloadable content “Havoc” introduces Randall Higgins, the cameraman that captures players’ kills. Higgins, it seems, is constantly on the job, and most of the time that’s not a problem–he seems to thoroughly enjoy it. Bathroom breaks are difficult, however.

Ever wonder who’s on the other side of the KillCam? Meet Randall Higgins, the KillCameraman. With all of the mayhem-inducing content loaded into Havoc, the first DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Randall’s going to have to elevate his game to keep up.
Havoc includes four new multiplayer maps, an all-new bonus weapon, and Exo Zombies — a terrifying new co-op mode only available in Advanced Warfare DLC.

The “Havoc” DLC launches today, January 27, on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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Dad Creates a Robotic Seagull Camera So His Kids Can Get a Closer Look at the Birds Without Getting Pooped On

Mike Evans, the dad behind “The Secret Dad Society” has created the wonderful Scuttlecam, a papier-mâché seagull mounted to the chassis of a remote-controlled car with a small camera attached to allow both his kinds and him to get get a closer look at the seafaring birds “without the threat of being pooped on or pecked at.”

We aptly named our goofy creation the Scuttlecam, after the famously wacky seagull from The Little Mermaid. The seagulls definitely took an interest in the Scuttlecam. They were weary at first, but after a few minutes they seemed to warm up. As more and more seagulls arrive this fall, it should be even easier for the Scuttlecam to blend right into the crowd and get some great undercover video!

While the birds were receptive to the Scuttlecam on its first expedition, the second one did not prove to be as fruitful.

I’ve been keeping the Scuttlecam in the trunk, because you just never know when you’ll come across parking lot seagulls eager to make new friends. It worked out the other day, as we happened upon a rather large flock on the way out of a grocery center parking lot. Unfortunately, the seagulls weren’t interested in the least, although we did get the attention of a white SUV that drove over to take a closer look.

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‘Darth Gummy’, Darth Vader’s Iconic Helmet Recreated With Over 1,000 Gummy Bears

Darth Gummy

Darth Gummy by Crummy Gummy—a gummy artisan who works primarily in the medium of gummy—is a 1:1 scale model of Star Wars villain Darth Vader’s iconic helmet made with over 1,000 gummy bears. The gelatinous, sugary sculpture was recently shown at the WYN 317 Gallery in Miami, Florida.

Darth Gummy Side

images via Crummy Gummy

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A Look at the Matte Painters Who Created the Lifelike Scenery for the ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Indiana Jones’ Films

In 1985, the long-running BBC documentary series Horizon took a trip to visual effects powerhouse Industrial Lights and Magic and visited with artists like Chris Evans, Mike Pangrazio, Frank Ordaz, Harrison Ellenshaw, and Ralph McQuarrie, who helped create the lifelike matte paintings that provided the backgrounds for the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones films.

In a recent interview, Ordaz discusses how he got into the field.

By the time I graduated Art Center College of Design I was already painting for the movie industry and was hired by George Lucas’s company ILM. My first assignment was to paint a background establishing shot for ET. Spielberg liked it and my career took off.





images via Gizmodo Sploid

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A Congressional Hearing Tries to Identify Exactly Who Watches the Sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’

In a recent episode of the Above Average comedy series Congressional Hearings, members of Congress try to identify exactly who it is who watches The Big Bang Theory since none of them can name a single person they know who watches and enjoys the program.

Snapchat Introduces Discover, A New Way for Content Creators to Share Stories Through the Snapchat Platform

Snapchat has introduced Discover, a new way for content creators to share stories through the Snapchat platform. Each edition of Discover is refreshed every 24 hours with new content from Snapchat’s editorial partners. The launch video for Discover features content from National Geographic, Vice, Comedy Central, and more.

Snapchat Discover is a new way to explore Stories from different editorial teams. It’s the result of collaboration with world-class leaders in media to build a storytelling format that puts the narrative first. This is not social media.

David Tennant Joins the Cast of ‘Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones’, A New Netflix Series Premiering In 2015

David Tennat Marvel

David Tennant, the Scottish actor best known for his role as the tenth iteration of “The Doctor” in the long-running BBC series Doctor Who, has been cast to play the villainous Kilgrave also known as “Purple Man” in the new series Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones. The 13-episode series premieres on Netflix in 2015 alongside three other live-action Marvel series and stars Krysten Ritter as the former Marvel super-heroine Jessica Jones who opens up her own detective agency.

After a tragic ending to her short-lived super hero stint, Jessica Jones is rebuilding her personal life and career as a detective who gets pulled into cases involving people with extraordinary abilities in New York City.

image via Marvel

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