‘The Taxonomical Tea Box’, A Chart by Pop Chart Lab Featuring 104 Varieties of Tea


The Taxonomical Tea Box” is a chart by Pop Chart Lab that features 104 varieties of tea grouped into seven different categories and organized by country of origin.

Settle in for a soothing cuppa with this steamy ode to tea! Placed into 7 taxonomical boxes—with compartments for Black, Green, Dark, Oolong, White, Rooibos and Yellow—and further classified by country of origin, this spot-on selection features 104 tea types in all, from Darjeeling to Earl Grey to the full complement of famous Chinese leaves. A chart steeped in tradition (and flavor), this tribute to the second-most-famous caffeinated beverage is here just in time for the holidays—a perfect gift for your favorite teetotaling tea drinker.

image via Pop Chart Lab

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An Amusing Portrait Series That Captures the Distinct Personalities of Goats and Sheep


What would it look like if these creatures came into the studio and asked to have their portraits made?

In his amusing portrait series “Chattel,” photographer Kevin Horan has visually captured the distinct personality of each Whidbey Island, Washington sheep and goat who posed for his camera, channelling their “inner supermodel” in a strangely anthropomorphic way. In an interview with Slate, Horan, who was recently named to the 2014 Critical Mass Top 50, stated that when he started this project in 2007, he also planned to use horses.

I let the horses go. …It’s the long face. It doesn’t read like a face to me. There is an analogy to human portraiture [in the series], and I just can’t make it work with the horses. People love horses, and I don’t mean to offend them, but I’ve never really gotten them to work.






photos by Kevin Horan

via Slate

Legendary Comic Creator Stan Lee Rants About the Eating Habits of Superheroes

Legendary comic creator Stan Lee rants about the eating habits of superheroes during a recent episode of Stan’s Rants (previously) on World of Heroes. All that Lee wants to do is read a few pages of an Iron Man comic that shows Tony Stark taking a lovely lady out to a nice restaurant for food and conversation.

Syfy Greenlights ‘The Bazillion Dollar Club’, A Silicon Valley-Based Reality Television Series About Startups

Syfy Logo

Syfy has greenlit The Bazillion Dollar Club, a Silicon Valley-based reality television series about startups and the search for the next incredible idea. The six-episode series will follow Dave McClure of software accelerator 500 Startups and Brady Forrest of hardware incubator Highway1 as they attempt to find, invest, and mentor various startups.

“Part of the fun of science fiction is seeing all of the fantastic gadgets and technologies, and imagining how they could exist in the real world,” said Bill McGoldrick, Syfy’s EVP, Original Content. Added Heather Olander, SVP, Alternative Series Development and Production, Syfy, “The inventors that are part of Dave and Brady’s program are developing products and technology that seem like they are ripped straight from the world of sci-fi, but these innovations will be our future reality.”

According to TechCrunch, the show’s name is a working title.

via TV by the Numbers, TechCrunch

Photorealistic Pizza and Hamburger Bedding

Photorealistic Pizza and Hamburger Bedding

Emotional Rainbow has released photorealistic pizza and hamburger bedding–perfect for fast food lovers who can’t bear to be away from their favorite foods for even a second. The bedding sets include pillow covers so food fans can rest their weary heads on hot pizzas and juicy hamburgers.

Photorealistic Pizza and Hamburger Bedding

photos via Emotional Rainbow

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Mom Makes Highly Detailed Anime Character Bento Boxes for Her Kids

Anime Character Bentos

Hiroshima-based Twitter user Akiran makes anime bento boxes for her two sons, complete with highly detailed illustrations of anime characters. Akiran uses food coloring to paint the characters on oblaat, an edible transparent film made of starch. She places the oblaat directly on rice for the final presentation. Akiran has more bento photos on her blog.

Anime Character Bentos

Anime Character Bentos

Anime Character Bentos

Anime Character Bentos

photos by Akiran

via www.Gamme.com.tw, RocketNews24

‘The Sight’, A New ‘Game of Thrones’ Season Five Teaser Trailer Featuring Arya Stark

HBO has released a teaser trailer for season five of the television series Game of Thrones. The release includes a link to a site where fans can sign up to “receive visions of the future.” The site is a reference to the three-eyed raven, a recurring character on the show.

Three-Eyed Raven

Season five of Game of Thrones is scheduled to air in spring 2015.

image via ThreeEyedRaven.com