100-Year-Old Notebook From Scott’s Ill-Fated Antarctic Expedition Discovered in Antarctica

Levick Notebook Found in Antarctica
photo via Antarctic Heritage Trust

Last year a notebook belonging to a member of the Terra Nova Expedition, the ill-fated final Antarctic expedition of British explorer Robert Falcon Scott, was discovered near Scott’s Hut in Antarctica. Dating from 1911, the notebook belonged to George Murray Levick, a British explorer, photographer, and surgeon. It contains Levick’s photography notes from the first stage of the expedition. Levick would go on to serve in both world wars before dying in 1956 — Scott and his exploration party would perish during a failed attempt to be the first explorers to reach the South Pole (he was preceded by a Norwegian team led by Roald Amundsen). The notebook was restored by the Antarctic Heritage Trust in New Zealand and has been returned to Scott’s Hut.

Levick Notebook Found in Antarctica
photo via Antarctic Heritage Trust

Levick Notebook Found in Antarctica
George Murray Levick self-portrait. Photo via Scott Polar Research Institute

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ArKay Beverages Creates a Full Line of Alcohol-Free Liquors For Those Who Prefer Not to Indulge

ArKay Alcohol-Free Whiskey

ArKay Distributing of Fort Lauderdale, Florida has created a full line of alcohol-free liquor flavored beverages for those consumers who like the taste of the spirit but don’t want the harmful effects of ethanol intoxication or can’t ingest alcohol due to personal religious beliefs or medical reasons.

ArKay is the world’s first alcohol free liquor, which means it tastes like liquor, looks like liquor, smells like liquor, but has never been fermented or aged in a wooden cask and contains no alcohol. This version of the popular spirit is ideal for anybody who – for personal, philosophical or religious reasons – cannot drink alcohol or simply doesn’t want to indulge.

Flavors include tequila, vodka, gin, spiced rum, and amaretto, just to name a few. A number of recipes are also provided online for a vast array of “mocktails” and recipe substitutions.

ArKay in Vegas

In 2013, ArKay partnered with the band Arkay to create a “memorable” PSA song warning of the dangers of drinking and driving.

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Trapped in a Room With a Zombie, A Real-Life Room Escape Game for the Daring

Trapped in a Room With a Zombie is a real-life room escape game where twelve people are locked in a room with an actor playing a chained zombie. The participants must look for clues and solve riddles to escape the room within one hour, but every five minutes the zombie’s chain gets one foot longer making it easier for the zombie to tag participates, eliminating them from the game.

The game is produced by Room Escape Adventures, and locations can currently be found in 16 major cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

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An Illustration That Demonstrates the Six Types of Gamer Couples

Gamer Couples Comic

Illustrator George Rottkamp has posted an illustration over at Dorkly that demonstrates the six kinds of gamer couples. Though they appear to be playing only video games, the majority — such as “The One-Sided Rivalry” — would work equally as well for other kinds of games. The full illustration is available at Dorkly.

image via Dorkly

‘Eat Me’, Brightly Colored Letters Made of Hard Candy by Massimo Gammacurta

Eat me

Artist Massimo Gammacurta created eye-catching letters made out of hard candy and photographed them for his new project, “Eat Me“. His previous work in the hard candy medium can be seen in his book Lolli-Pop.

Eat me

Eat me

Eat me

photos via Massimo Gammacurta Photography

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Street Style Search App Cloth Launches Updated App With New Chat, Search, and Social Features

Cloth, the street style search app, has launched a new updated version that offers additional chat and search features. Users can now chat with one another about different looks, search for outfit suggestions based on weather, or see what other users are wearing in real time in cities around the world. iPhone users running iOS 8 can also receive morning notifications of the weather with outfit suggestions for the day.

Cloth is a New York City-based startup founded by Seth PorgesWray Serna, and Bradford Stephens.

The new version of Cloth is available on iOS.

Cloth App Cloth AppCloth App  Cloth App

images via iTunes

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Leopard Mom Demonstrates to Her Cub How to Use Fixed Rocks to Cross the Sabie River in South Africa

In this amazing footage provided to Latest Sightings, a mother leopard at the Kruger National Park in South Africa shows her little cub how to cross the Sabie River by using a row of fixed rocks to make their way. The cub proves to be a quick study and briskly leaps onto the last rock before mom can even get there.

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