Italian Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti Celebrates Towel Day on the International Space Station

On May 25, 2015, Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti (previously) celebrated Towel Day, a holiday that serves as a tribute to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy writer Douglas Adams, on board the International Space Station.

Cristoforetti gave a reading from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy where the narrator explains how useful a towel can be, and she also tweeted a variety of uses for towels on the ISS itself. She even mentioned a video of previous ISS commander Chris Hadfield demonstrating what happens when a towel is wrung out in microgravity.

An Amusing Mashup of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ and ‘Mario Kart’

Kris Sundberg of design studio Brick House Interactive has created an amusing mashup of the recent film Mad Max: Fury Road and the classic Mario Kart series of video games. As the film is mostly a series of car chases, the combination works perfectly.

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A Trio of Newborn Baby Goats Stay Warm on a Chilly Evening in Cozy Coordinating Sweaters

A trio of newborn baby goats at Denmans Critters Farm kept warm on a chilly evening in a set of coordinating colorful sweaters. The goats were born on May 22, 2015 to mom Naomi. Naomi is also mother to Peppa Lass, another hircine youngster who likes to dress up in colorful clothing.

Naomi’s newborn triplets are warm and cozy in their sweaters on this chilly evening. These are Peppa Lass’s half sisters and brother

Prior to going outside, the triplets enjoyed their first bath together.

Baby Boy


photos via Denmans Critters

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Canadian Man Sets Guinness World Record Set for ‘Farthest Flight by a Hoverboard’

A Canadian inventor named Catalin Alexandru Duru has set the Guinness World Record for the “Farthest Flight by a Hoverboard” at 275.9 meters using a machine of his own design and construction. Duru flew his propellor-based design over Lake Ouareau in Quebec to set the record. Although the footage of the record-breaking flight shows the hoverboard over water, Duru says the craft can be used anywhere and is capable of reaching “scary heights.”

Trilobite Plushie, A Cute and Cuddly Paleozoic Pal

Trilobite plushie

The Trilobite Plushie by the Paleontological Research Institution in Ithaca, New York is a cuddly stuffed replica of Greenops boothi, a trilobite that lived 380 million years ago. Arguably the cutest of all Devonian animals, this little guy can be pre-ordered via a Kickstarter campaign to help fund PRI and its national outreach program.

Trilobite plushie 2

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An Updated Version of the Classic 1990s SunnyD Ad Shows the Radical Rollerbladers Have Not Quite Grown Up

In a goofy new ad, Mrs. B from the classic 1990s Sunny Delight commercial has had enough after enduring 20 years of radical rollerbladers raiding her fridge for SunnyD (the much cooler name for what was once Sunny Delight after a 2003 controversy forced rebranding).

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A Group of Hungry Sheep Stop to Snack on a Hedge While Rushing Down a Street in Venice, Italy

An enormous flock of sheep—with some goats and a donkey thrown in for good measure—rush down a street in Venice, Italy while a group of the animals stop for a quick bite off a hedge outside a home, much to the dismay of the man who lives there.

Some farmers were herding their goats their sheep and passing by my house, unfortunately for my neighbor they were clearly hungry and stopped for a snake on his hedge. No sheep were hurt during the filming of this video, can’t say the same for the hedge.

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A Set of Giant Wind-Up Teeth Painted on the Abandoned Dolphinarium Discotheque in Tel Aviv

Wind up teeth closer

Street artist Dede painted the Dolphinarium discotheque in Tel Aviv, using the building’s rounded shape to create a giant (non-functional) set of wind-up teeth, complete with a giant key. The Dolphinarium, now abandoned, was the site of a suicide bombing on June 1, 2001 that killed 21 people and injured 120 others.

The artist wrote about the piece on Facebook:

Without any doubt the biggest art challenge I have ever had. This piece was hard to achieve.
Stormy nights, high rollers from the ground, the all deal. But it had to be done, I had this vision for almost a year now.

This landmark is found in the middle of continuing ownership arguments, another real estate bite in Tel-Aviv’s view.

Wind up teeth

photos via Dede

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