Chicago Cubs Pitcher Jon Lester Gets a Baseball Stuck In Glove and Throws the Entire Glove to First to Make the Out

During a game between the Chicago Cubs and the San Diego Padres on Sunday, Cubs pitcher Jon Lester got a comebacker hit by Clint Barmes stuck in his glove and quickly decided to tossed the entire glove to first baseman, Anthony Rizzo, to make the out. That was some fast and creative thinking by both Lester and Rizzo.

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NASA Astronaut Leland Melvin Was Photographed With His Two Rescue Dogs During His Official Portrait Shoot

leland melvin 1 large

NASA astronaut Leland Melvin was photographed with his two rescue dogs, Jake and Scout, during his official astronaut portrait shoot. Two photos were taken with the dogs. One features the two dogs excitedly jumping onto Melvin, and the other shows them calmly sitting at his site.

Melvin uses the photo of the dogs jumping on him as his Twitter profile photo, but NASA still uses a dogless photo of Melvin from 2009 on his official astronaut bio page.

leland melvin 2 large

leland melvin 3

photos via NASA

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Delightful Ceramic Cephalopod Planters for Air Plants

Ceramic Cephalopod Planters for Air Plants by Cindy and James Searles

Art duo (and married couple) Cindy and James Searles hand craft charming cephalopod planters for air plants. The ceramic squid and octopus planters are designed to be suspended, with the tendrils of the air plants extending downward like tentacles. The cephalopod planters and a variety of other ceramics (including jelly fish planters) are available on the Searles’ Etsy store.

Ceramic Cephalopod Planters for Air Plants by Cindy and James Searles

Ceramic Cephalopod Planters for Air Plants by Cindy and James Searles

Ceramic Cephalopod Planters for Air Plants by Cindy and James Searles

photos via Cindy and James Searles

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The Prep Pad, A Smart Food Scale & Nutrition Tracker That Pairs With an iOS App

prep pad 1

The Prep Pad by The Orange Chef is a smart food scale and nutrition tracker that pairs with an iOS app to measure ingredients by weight and keep track of a recipe’s nutritional value. Users can select an ingredient from the app and find out its calorie, carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin, and mineral content by weight. The Prep Pad works with Jawbone UP and Apple Healthkit, and can log meals and track them overtime against different dietary goals.

The Prep Pad is currently available at a 33% discount for a limited time in The Laughing Squid Store.

prep pad 2

prep pad 3

prep pad 4

photos via Laughing Squid Store

A Supercut of Every Character From All Six Current ‘Star Wars’ Films

Animator and visual effects artist Glenn O Neill of Coponfilms (previously) has created a supercut video of every character from all six current Star Wars films. He features everyone from the loud and clumsy Gungan, Jar Jar Binks, to the powerful Sith Lord known as Darth Vader.

Hi guys,In the run up to The Force Awaken, I have compiled a Supercut of every character from all 6 Star Wars Movies. May the force be with you. I spent a lot of time on this one, hope you lot enjoy it.

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