The MTA Explains Their Antiquated Subway Control System and the Ongoing Upgrade to Communications-Based Train Control

In a recent video by the New York City Metro Transportation Authority, they explain their near century-old subway control system and also give the details of their ongoing upgrade to a Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) system.

Although the upgrade will cause delays and shutdowns, the MTA asks riders to be patient and promises that the new system will be safer and provide more trains per hour.

‘The Moaning of Life 2′, Karl Pilkington Sets Back Out Into the World to Answer Life’s Big Questions

In The Moaning of Life 2, Karl Pilkington from An Idiot Abroad and The Ricky Gervais Show sets back out into the world to answer life’s big questions. The extended trailer for the series features Pilkington having a range of unique experiences from skydiving to creating extreme art, and reacting to them in his typical curmudgeonly style.

Planet Tails Cat Cafe in Naples, Florida Is Raising Funds to Keep Their Cat Adoption Center Open

Planet Tails

Planet Tails, a wonderful place that is part adoption shelter, retail store and of course, the second operational Cat Café in the United States, is currently raising funds to keep their adoption center open. Many of the cats that arrived at Planet Tails would have otherwise been euthanized by Domestic Animal Services (DAS) of Collier County for lack of homes. Planet Tails stepped in and have found forever homes for more than 30 of these cats. According to Planet Tails proprietor, Ericka Davis Basile this has been a wonderful labor of love, but it can’t be sustained over the long term.

Planet Tails has bitten off more than it can chew (pun) and needs your help to keep the Cat Adoption Shelter open! Planet Tails differs from traditional retail stores in that it offers an adoption center within the space. This has been a labor of love but the shop can not sustain hosting the adoption area for much longer without funding. …We opened Dec. 6th, 2014, and we give space to our local government shelter, Domestic Animal Services. They are sadly at capacity sometimes and cats are put down. We decided to help these animals because they need it the most. Our county could not afford to have a satellite shelter in North Naples, so we chose to make one ourselves. DAS works closely with us and provides vet care to the cats. But they do not have funds to give us. …Our goal is to raise enough funds to keep the Cat Cafe’ Adoption Center open. This center is the “heart” of a true family pet center, providing a place where families can learn about animals and where cats can get adopted.





images via Planet Tails

A Brief Animated History of Booze

The Atlantic presents “Good Libations”, a brief animated history of booze, from barley beer in 8,500 B.C. through high-alcohol beers in 2010.

Here at The Atlantic, we’re interested in the history behind things in everyday life—in this case, how humans have chosen to get intoxicated for thousands of years. The Mongols fermented mare’s milk to make a drink called kumis, and the Aztecs drank pulque, a fermented agave sap. Chicha is corn beer that was a favorite of the Incans, and tonto is banana beer from Uganda. What could be next? Craft beer may be having its moment, but we’re playing the long game.