Greg Benson Mans an Ice Cream Truck in Los Angeles and Surprises People by Giving Out Free Ice Cream, Gifts, and Cash

Internet prankster Greg Benson (previously) of Mediocre Films recently teamed up with to help out with their Prank It FWD campaign for charity. Greg pleasantly surprised random people on the busy streets of Los Angeles by manning an ice cream truck and giving out free ice cream, cool gifts, and cash.

An Artist Uses the Wheels of a Glowing Nissan LEAF Car to Create The World’s Largest Glow-in-the-Dark Painting

British artist Ian Cook employed Nissan Europe’s new glowing LEAF electric car to create the Guinness Records certified world’s largest glow-in-the dark painting. The glowing painting itself depicts the front of a Nissan LEAF, created by spreading splattered paint across the canvas with the car’s wheels. Cook’s work traditionally uses far smaller radio controlled vehicles as brushes.





images via Nissan

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

‘Taking Pictures’, A Delightful Computer Animated Short Film About Love Through the Lens of a Camera

“Taking Pictures” is a delightful short film created by London-based computer animator Simon Taylor that follows a love story between two photographers. Taylor explained in a recent interview that the short was inspired by an incident in his own life.

I decided to do a “boy meets girl” type story but wanted it to be as unique and un-cliche as possible but still feel genuine. I remembered a moment between my girlfriend and I where we were waiting in a queue and both had our cameras, we started popping the flashes up at each other like a quickdraw.

The artist also details his process in a short behind-the-scene video.

via PetaPixel

Dame Helen Mirren Performs an Impromptu Acceptance Speech While Sucking Helium With Jimmy Fallon

On a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the incredible Dame Helen Mirren performed a hilarious impromptu award acceptance speech while her voice was altered due to the effects of the helium that she inhaled alongside host Jimmy Fallon.

Later on in the show, Dame Helen spoke with Jimmy about her experience riding the New York City subway system, her annoyance with the “man spread” and the time she unintentionally got a well-meaning man kicked off a train.

‘Green Dragon’, A Documentary About Attempting to Break a Land Speed Record in a Carbon-Neutral Car

Green Dragon is a forthcoming documentary directed by Seattle-based filmmaker Bill Kinnon about a team’s attempts to break a land speed record in a carbon-neutral, gasification-modified pickup truck. The film, which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, documents the record attempt while shining a light on broader pushes to popularize clean-burning fuel sources.

Gasification technology can address the issue of disposing of these waste materials in an environmentally friendly manner while simultaneously providing a sustainable source of green energy.

Green Dragon

Green Dragon

Green Dragon

Green Dragon

images via Green Dragon

via Chicken John Rinaldi

A Remake of the 1988 Sci-Fi Film ‘Alien Nation’ in the Works With ‘Iron Man’ Writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway

Alien Nation
photo via Photofest

20th Century Fox recently announced a remake was in the works of director Graham Baker‘s 1988 sci-fi film Alien Nation. The writers behind Marvel’s 2008 Iron Man film, Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, will be writing the script for the upcoming remake according to the Hollywood Reporter. A release date has not currently been issued for the upcoming film.

Art and Matt
photo of Matt Holloway and Art Marcum by Frazer Harrison for Getty Images

via The Hollywood Reporter

‘I’m a Coward’, A New They Might Be Giants Dial-A-Song Track About Self-Doubt

For week 13 of their year-long Dial-A-Song project (previously), They Might Be Giants explore the world of self-doubt with the track “I’m a Coward.”

I need a confidant who can see past my faults
And take the time to save me from myself
I need a confidant. A co-conspirator
To turn the tide on my losing side

The corresponding music video, created by production team Work-Order, highlights the song’s lyrics through a series of card tricks.

A Compilation of Ominous Time-Lapse Video Featuring Storms Developing Overhead

Nebraska-based photographer Ryan McGinnis has created a compilation video featuring his best time-lapse storm video from 2014. The video highlights the ominous formation of a number of storms overhead, largely taken from his home state.

I am mostly new to time-lapse and am still trying to learn the craft. Music is “Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor)” by John Murphy. Storms included are the Mother’s Day Nebraska storm, Burwell, NE on June 16, Chugwater, WY funnel, the hail monster that wrecked Gibbon, NE, and some minor misc other storms.

Even more stunning are the McGinnis’ still storm images.





images via Ryan McGinnis

via PetaPixel

Speeches of British Politicians Running for Prime Minister Remixed Into a Rap About Income Inequality

“Take every penny from the hands of the many, And give everything to the few.”

A recent video by Cassetteboy remixes speeches by British politicians David CameronEd Miliband, and Nick Clegg running in the upcoming election for Prime Minister into a rap about income inequality in the country. The song, titled “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” is meant to promote the upcoming documentary of the same name.

The Emperor’s New Clothes is a documentary by comedian and activist Russell Brand and director Michael Winterbottom. It focuses on the issue of income inequality in the United Kingdom. It is scheduled to be released in theaters in the United Kingdom on April 21, 2015. Special screenings held that day will also feature a Q&A with the filmmakers.

The Emporer's New Clothes

image via The Emperor’s New Clothes