‘People Are Awesome (Xpogo Edition)’, An Impressive Video Compilation of Extraordinary Tricks Done on Pogo Sticks

People Are Awesome (Xpogo Edition)” is an impressive video compilation by People Are Awesome showcasing extraordinary tricks done on Xpogo pogo sticks. People Are Awesome also included some incredible Xpogo tricks in their “People Are Awesome 2014″ supercut, and regularly release videos showing people doing remarkable things in a variety of ways like this one from 2010.

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‘Doom’ Designer John Romero Plays Through the First Episode of the Video Game, Provides Commentary on Its Development

Part 1

Legendary video game designer John Romero, perhaps best known for his work on Doom and Wolfenstein 3D while at developer id Software, plays through the first episode of Doom“Knee-Deep in the Dead”–in its entirety while providing commentary with the help of game designer JP LeBreton.

Doom history enthusiast and Spacebase creator JP LeBreton joins id Software co-founder John Romero as the two play though the first episode of Doom, “Knee Deep in the Dead,” in its entirety. John Romero’s run through each level turns up fresh and encyclopedic insight into how this genre-defining title was designed and set the stage for first-person action games for years to come.

The 10-part playthrough is part of the Devs Play series by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions that subverts the traditional structure of Let’s Play videos by including the developers of the games being played.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

A Simple Way to Make Doughnut-Waffle Hybrid Krispy Kreme Waffles

Krispy Kreme Waffles

Amy Erickson of Oh Bite It came up with an incredibly simple way to unite doughnuts and waffles into a stack of a sweet, sweet excess in her recipe for Krisy Kreme waffles. The waffles are made by gently placing glazed doughnuts from popular doughnut chain Krispy Kreme in a standard waffle iron, removing them when warm and toasted, then topping with butter and syrup.

The stack of four pictured above packs a whopping 760 calories according to Krispy Kreme’s nutritional data–or a little over 800 calories when adding a pat of butter and a tablespoon of maple syrup. For more efficient doughnut-waffle hybrids, the syrup step can be skipped by swapping Krispy Kreme maple-glazed doughnuts for the plain-glazed variety.

Krispy Kreme Waffles

Krispy Kreme Waffles

Krispy Kreme Waffles

Krispy Kreme Waffles

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Mental Floss Washes Away a Series of Crazy Hair Myths

Craig Benzine fills in for regular host John Green to wash away a series of crazy hair myths in a recent episode of the Mental Floss series List Show. The episode is the second in a series produced in collaboration with Head and Shoulders that focuses on the science of hair.

‘NYC, 1981′, A Documentary Short About One of the Most Statistically Violent Years in New York City’s History

“NYC, 1981″ is a documentary short created by A24 Films that explores one of the most statistically violent years in New York City’s history with the people who lived through it.

What I remember about 1981 is it was epitomized by the film with Kurt Russell, “Escape From New York,” because if you had the wherewithal, you were getting out of here as quick as you can.

The short was created to help promote the new film A Most Violent Year, a drama set in the in New York in 1981. The subject is also explored in the blog, NYC, 1981.

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‘A Chronological Compendium of Watches’, A Chart by Pop Chart Lab Featuring 47 Varieties of Laudable Timepieces

A Chronological Compendium of Watches

A Chronological Compendium of Watches” is a new chart by Pop Chart Lab featuring 47 hand-illustrated varieties of laudable timepieces throughout “horological history from 1530 to present day”. Signed and numbered prints are available to purchase online.

From the Rolex Submariner to the Audemeras Piguet Royal Oak to the Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre, this array of accoladed analogs & digitals features coveted cog-run keepsakes, revealing centuries of meticulous design and precise, to-the-second engineering—a crowning testament to how we like to keep time on our side—or more precisely, on our wrists.

A Chronological Compendium of Watches

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A Google Maps-Style Mockup of Middle-Earth From ‘Lord of the Rings’ With Walking Directions to Mordor

Middle Eart

reddit user mbingcrosby created a Google Maps-style mockup of Middle-earth from The Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R. Tolkien, including walking directions from the Shire to Mordor. As the map notes, orcs and trolls present serious potential traffic delays. That’s why, as Google Maps itself insists, “One does not simply walk into Mordor.”

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Bill Nye the Science Guy Tackles DeflateGate and Promotes Climate Change Awareness in a Funny or Die Sketch

In a recent sketch by Funny or Die, Bill Nye the Science Guy tackles the issue of DeflateGate by scientifically testing New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick‘s claims about change in temperature deflating footballs. To do this, Nye shoves properly inflated balls into a refrigerator to match the supposed temperature differential during the 2015 AFC Championship game.

While Nye’s balls cooled down, he took the time to get fired up and remind viewers that unlike football inflation, climate change is real issue that should be taken seriously.

Conan O’Brien Plays ‘Mortal Kombat X’ With NFL Players Marshawn Lynch & Rob Gronkowski on His ‘Clueless Gamer’ Series

On a recent segment of his Clueless Gamer series, host Conan O’Brien sat down with NFL players Marshawn Lynch (Seattle Seahawks) and Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski (New England Patriots) to play the violent upcoming fighting video game Mortal Kombat X. Lynch and Gronk will be facing off once again during Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, February 1, 2015. Mortal Kombat X is scheduled to release for the PC and video game consoles on April 14, 2015 and is currently available to pre-order from Amazon.

Pilot Creates a Flying Pyrotechnic Show Above Sweden by Launching Fireworks From the Wings of a Glider

Caters TV created a short video capturing the antics of Swedish pilot Johan Gustaffson as he put on a one-man pyrotechnic display, launching fireworks from the wings of his colorfully lit glider above his hometown of Dala-Järna. Gustaffson has more shows planned for locations across Europe.

Most people are already very amazed and say that they have never seen anything like it before. I’m planning on developing the show and adding even more effects too.




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