‘Listen Alert’, A Device That Calls Someone to Listen to Stories When Nobody Else Will From ‘Inside Amy Schumer’

Listen Alert” is a sketch from Inside Amy Schumer that highlights emergency response devices that call someone to listen to boring stories when nobody else will. Amy Schumer plays a spokesperson for the company and explains how the service can be used, as well as its limitations.

Alfred Points Out to Batman All of the Problems With Having Real Bats Flying Around the Batcave in an Animated Short

In a new animated short by Andrew Bridgman of Dorkly, Alfred Pennyworth points out to Batman all of the nasty problems that come with having real bats flying around in the Batcave.

Most of Batman’s whole persona doesn’t make much sense – being a billionaire who dresses up like a flying rodent is more than a little silly. But hanging out in a gross cave filled with bats all the time? That’s INSANE. You’re a billionaire! You own a mansion! Why are you chilling in a dank cave filled with disease-ridden bats instead of enjoying some champagne in your ultra-fancy house?

A Super Cobra 6 Firework Sends a Wheelbarrow Flying Into the Air

A Super Cobra 6 firework sends a wheelbarrow flying into the air in a 2013 video uploaded by YouTube user bra1Nphuk. The wheelbarrow, which does not appear worse for it, even manages to land upright.

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Tocky, A Musical Alarm Clock That Rolls, Jumps, and Runs Away to Wake Its Owner Up

tocky alarm clock 2

Tocky by Nanda Home is a musical alarm that rolls, jumps, and runs away to wake its owner up. The motion of the clock forces the user to physically get up and chase the clock rather than simply pressing a snooze button.

For a limited time, the Tocky is available in our Laughing Squid Store at a 20% discount in both aqua and red.

tocky alarm clock 4

tocky alarm clock 3

tocky alarm clock 1

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American Robot Builders MegaBots Inc. Publicly Challenge Japan to a Giant Robot Duel

MegaBots Inc. founders Gui Cavalcanti and Matt Oehrlein have publicly challenged Japanese robot makers Suidobashi Heavy Industries to a giant robot duel on behalf of America.

MegaBots recently completed construction on their Mark II giant fighting robot, which we’ve previously shown destroying a car with massive paintballs, but Suidobashi Heavy Industries beat them to the punch by finishing their own giant fighting robot called Kuratas.

Cavalcanti and Oehrlein have challenged Suidobashi to pick a venue for the fight for one year from June 30, 2015, which they say will give both teams time to modify their fighters for the challenge. So far there appears to be no response on the Suidobashi YouTube channel.

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Excited Scientist Inflates the Arms of a Laboratory Glovebox and Pretends to Cross the Finish Line

An excited scientist inflates the arms of a laboratory glovebox and pretends to cross the finish line in a video uploaded by YouTube user zBriGuy. The device is intended to provide separate atmospheres for conducting experiments, though it does seem to provide sweet high fives.

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Illustration of George W. Bush Skydiving Out of Air Force One While Riding on a Deadly Shark and Shooting His Pistols

George DUBYA Bush

George DUBYA Bush is a fantastic illustration by Walnut Creek, California-based artist Jason Heuser (a.k.a. “SharpWriter“) created in honor of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. Heuser‘s artwork depicts George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, skydiving out of Air Force One while riding on a deadly shark and shooting his pistols into the air. Prints are available to purchase online from his Etsy store.

image via Jason Heuser

Photographer Captures Incredible Images of a Crow Riding on the Back of a Bald Eagle Mid-Flight

Eagle and Crow 1

Photographer Phoo Chan has captured some incredible images of a crow riding on the back of a bald eagle mid-flight. Chan explains that crows are territorial birds who will attack and harass much larger birds who invade their space. In this case, the attack included a slight pause as the crow perched itself on the eagle’s back for a brief mid-air ride.

More of Chan’s wonderful wildlife and bird photography can be seen on his Flickr page.

Eagle and Crow 2

Eagle and Crow 3

Eagle and Crow 4

Eagle and Crow 5

photos via Bored Panda

via Bored Panda

Batman and Captain America Battle the Joker and His Goons in a Stop-Motion Animation Made Using Action Figures

Taiwanese animator John Huang has created an intense stop-motion animation using action figures that has Batman and Captain America teaming up to battle the Joker and his clan of goons. The animation took Huang about 20 days of production time to complete, and he ended up taking nearly 3,500 pictures.

Batman vs Joker

Batman vs Joker

Batman vs Joker

Batman vs Joker

images via John Huang

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