SSIK a Teenage KISS Cover Band From Toronto

SSIK is a teenage KISS cover band based in Toronto, that performs shows in full costume, including an appearance at the Oak Ridges Fair in Ontario when the band member ages ranged from 12 to 14.



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The 1996 Film ‘Trainspotting’ Condensed Into a One-Minute Animated Speedrun

1A4 Studio has condensed the 1996 British crime comedy drama film Trainspotting, directed by Danny Boyle, into a one-minute animated speedrun (previously).

Nordnet Bank Commercial Offers a Comically Transparent Look at Bank Commercials to Promote Their Transparent Banking

Nordnet, a bank based in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, has created a commercial that offers a comically transparent look at bank commercials to promote their transparent banking. The commercial features an actor who explains the fact that he is a paid actor and narrates every action he makes in the commercial to an absurd degree.

Nordnet has released two other commercials with the same actor in a similar comedic style. One commercial highlights that the actor can’t say Nordnet is, “The gratest [sic] place to save and invest in the world,” and the other commercial encourages viewers to trust random people with all of their savings.

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‘MinuteEarth’ Explains How Rivers Develop Curves

MinuteEarth (previously) has a new video explaining how rivers develop curves. Given a long enough time, even the smallest of factors can have a major effect on the flow of a river.

All it takes to turn a straight river stream into a bendy one is a little disturbance and a lot of time, and in nature, there’s plenty of both.

Music for the video was created by New York City-based folk artist Nathan Shroeder.

An Undead Set of Four Zombie Christmas Ornaments

Zombie Ornament Set

ThinkGeek has created an undead set of four zombie Christmas ornaments (Santa, snowman, reindeer, and an elf) that are dying to be hung from a tree for the holidays. Each resin ornament, which is available to purchase online, comes “splattered with blood, gore, and features a golden hanging cord”.

Each ThinkGeek Zombie Ornament Set come with four different ornaments. There’s an undead elf, ready to nip at your nose a bit more than Jack Frost; a reindeer, with a horrible hunger for your flesh; a snowman, covered in the frozen blood of his victims; and Santa, waiting to give you a present, before ripping out your spleen. Each one is coated in blood and gore, which will make your holiday tree more festive! Just don’t place your ThinkGeek Zombie Ornament Set under the mistletoe (they won’t kiss you, but they will try to eat your face).

Zombie Ornament Set

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A Supercut of Babies Stumbling and Spilling Like Tiny Drunk Adults

BuzzFeedVideo teamed up with America’s Funniest Home Videos to create a supercut of babies–taken from videos submitted to the show–proving they are just tiny drunk adults. The finished product shows children stumbling, spilling, and falling asleep at inopportune times.

‘A Whole New World’, A Supercut of Computer Hacking Scenes From 1990s Films

FoundItemClothing has created a followup to its 1980s hacker movie supercut, delving into the 1990s with “A Whole New World,” which features entertainingly dated hacking scenes from a number of movies, from Terminator 2: Judgment Day to Office Space.

Movies sprinted to make the most of the potential wonders and horrors of cyberspace. For your entertainment and viewing pleasure, this supercut brings you the best of 90s computing in all its grandiose and cringeworthy glory.

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