Meticulous Gamer Skips From the First Level of ‘Super Mario World’ to the Credits Using a Clever Sequence of Events

Super Mario World — Credits Warp in 4:49.8

YouTube gamer SethBling recently performed a fascinating feat by meticulously recreating a sequence of events to skip from the first level of the 1990 video game Super Mario World to the credits sequence for the game, effectively beating it without actually beating it. The method used–known as a “credits warp”–was initially discovered by Twitch user Jeffw356 using an emulator. Considering that SethBling made his run on a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) video game console, he holds the world record for such an attempt by some definitions with his run of 4:49.8.

Super Mario World — Credits Warp in 5:59.6

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Mental Floss Rings in With an Answer to the Big Question, ‘Why Are My Ears Ringing?’

In a recent episode of the Mental Floss series Big Questions, host Craig Benzine rings in with an explanation of tinnitus, that annoying ringing in the ears experienced by as many as 50 million Americans.

An Animated Short Reimagining the Television Sitcom ‘Family Matters’ as a Deadly Japanese Anime

Animation Domination High-Def (ADHD) has created a new animated short that reimagines the television sitcom Family Matters as a deadly Japanese anime. Characters Carl Winslow and Steve Urkel engage in a battle that is filled with life-saving power-ups and bloody deaths.

This is what Family Matters would look like as an anime. Urkel-San!

Whittier, Alaska, A Small Town of Less Than 300 Residents All Living in the Same Building

Erika Thompson, an elementary teacher from the community of Whittier, Alaska, talks about life in a small town of less than 300 residents who all live in one building in a video produced by Indie Alaska. The residents live in Begisch Towers, former United States Army barracks that were converted into condos. A post office, bed and breakfast, church, medical clinic, grocery store, video store, police department, and city offices all are inside the building as well. The nearest big city is Anchorage—an hour-long drive accessible only by a tunnel that closes at 10:30 each night.

Thompson speaks about how school and home exist together as one unit for the students she teaches, and how the close surroundings create a family-like intimacy.

My first year or two, I had a hard time separating that I was a teacher and knowing sometimes what’s happening in some students’ lives. But I’ve always had the rule that no matter what time of day, what time of the night, if a student knocks at my door, I will always answer. You are always welcome. They know that.

While sharing one building may sound strange, Thompson emphasizes that Begisch Towers isn’t too different from any other apartment building.

What people don’t realize is that it’s just like an apartment building or it’s just like a high-rise condo in a large city. So for me, it’s not that strange. It’s where I grew up. I grew up in a big city; everybody lived in an apartment building, but not the entire town.

photo by Reed Young via The California Sunday Magazine

Whittier, AK
image via Google Maps

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Tom Scott Discusses the Visible and Invisible Colors of the Rainbow

In the latest episode of Things You Might Not Know, host Tom Scott discusses the colors of the rainbow, which greatly exceed the seven colors typically associated with rainbows, and include colors outside the visible spectrum.

The Song ‘Tank!’ From the Japanese Anime ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Played on Eight Floppy Drives and a Digital Keyboard

Anand Jain, aka “MrSolidSnake745” (previously), has created a fantastic rendition of the song “Tank!” from the popular Japanese anime series Cowboy Bebop using eight floppy drives and a digital keyboard.

The original version of the song for comparison:

Mimal, The Elf Hidden in the Map of the United States


A map of the contiguous United States posted by Futility Closet highlights Mimal, the elf created by the borders of the states that make up its name (Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana). The Futility Closet graphic also includes Kentucky and Tennessee to make it appear that Mimal is cooking chicken, with Kentucky serving as the chicken and Tennessee as the pan.

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Timo the Ragdoll Cat Shares His Beloved Hammock With a Giant Teddy Bear

Timo, the wonderful Ragdoll cat who spent months mastering his beloved hammock, is now sharing his hanging bed, along with all his other resting places, with a giant teddy bear who appears to have become his best friend. According to his human, “Timo got a new big Teddy Bear and he loves him. He’s even allowed in his hammock!”

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Photographer Documents Book Reading Commuters on the New York City Subway in ‘The Last Book’ Project

The Last Book by Reinier Gerritsen
God’s Gift to Women by Michael Baisden

For the past 13 years, photographer Reinier Gerritsen has been documenting book reading commuters on the New York City subway in his project, The Last Book. Gerritsen began the project in an effort to record the decline of books in the public sphere as e-readers and smartphones continue to proliferate. But the project has also become a thoroughly fascinating visual catalog of the surprisingly diverse books and readers found on the subway. Gerritsen has turned the project into a book, which is available on Amazon. The project is also currently on display at the Julie Saul Gallery in New York City through February 7, 2015.

The Last Book by Reinier Gerritsen
The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White

The Last Book by Reinier Gerritsen
The Barracks Thief by Tobias Wolff

The Last Book by Reinier Gerritsen
Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell

The Last Book by Reinier Gerritsen
1Q84 by Haruki Murakami

photos by Reinier Gerritsen

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Artist ‘Sleevebucks’ Transforms the Mermaid Logo on Starbucks Coffee Cup Sleeves Into Pop Culture Characters

Sleevebucks Starbucks Mermaid Transformed Into Pop Culture Characters

Since last November, a mysterious artist going by sleevebucks has been transforming the iconic Starbucks mermaid logo on the company’s coffee cup sleeves into delightful pop culture characters. It turns out the mermaid is a surprisingly versatile template–sleevebucks has rendered everyone from Harry Potter to Wonder Woman. The project can also be followed on Instagram.

Sleevebucks Starbucks Mermaid Transformed Into Pop Culture Characters

Sleevebucks Starbucks Mermaid Transformed Into Pop Culture Characters

Sleevebucks Starbucks Mermaid Transformed Into Pop Culture Characters

Sleevebucks Starbucks Mermaid Transformed Into Pop Culture Characters

photos via sleevebucks

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