A Mother Raccoon Patiently Teaches Her Baby How to Climb a Backyard Tree

Photographer Jeff Reid captured heartwarming footage of a mother raccoon patiently teaching her tiny baby how to climb a tree in his backyard. Despite numerous misses, the little guy finally got the hang of tree-climbing, which gave his tired mom a chance to rest for a moment.

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An Animated Version of the ‘Game of Thrones’ Intro Made With Real Board Games

As a part of CollegeHumor’s second episode of their Game of Thrones Wish-Fulfillment series, animators Bill Bergen and Michael Cisneros teamed up to make a new animated version of the Game of Thrones intro with real board games. The pyramids of Meereen are brought to life with Jenga pieces, the game of Monopoly makes up the Night’s Watch‘s colossal Wall, and more. CollegeHumor writer and performer Pat Cassels also sang a beautiful acapella rendition of the Game of Thrones theme song that goes along beautifully with Bergen and Cisneros’ animation.

Here is the second episode of CollegeHumor’s Game of Thrones Wish-Fulfillment series:

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How to Properly Prepare a Full English Breakfast

In the latest episode of Anglophenia, host Kate Arnell demonstrates how to prepare a proper Full English breakfast, which includes such greasy fare as eggs, bacon, sausages, and black pudding.

You haven’t really done the U.K. if you haven’t had a proper fry-up—or a “full English,” as it’s sometimes called. While an English breakfast won’t satisfy the American sweet tooth, its savory and salty goodness makes it utterly satisfying and perfect hangover food. There is some debate over which dishes make up the quintessential English breakfast, but the components are typically all grilled or fried (hence the name “fry-up”)

A Fascinating Time-Lapse That Documents the First Few Weeks of a Duckling’s Life

BuzzFeed Video has put together a fascinating time-lapse that documents the first few weeks of a duckling named Pip’s life, which includes the tiny bird’s initial escape from his shell. Pip has since gone on to become an unexpected crime fighter.

CollegeHumor Unveils the Next Seven Pixar Movies in an Amusing Animated Short

So strap in piss cheeks; we’re just getting started.

In a new animated short by CollegeHumor, they unveil the next seven Pixar movies to come out in the future. Their made-up movies consist of a Toy Story 4 film that is set in a post-apocalyptic world, a film titled Tiny Timber that follows the last sapling left in a desolated Brazilian rain forest, and more.

The Finger Tutting Dancer From Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ Video Demonstrates His Craft Around San Francisco

PNUT, the finger tutting dancer seen in Taylor Swift‘s “Shake It Off” video, demonstrates his craft in various locations around San Francisco in a new video by Status Silver.

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Striking Fashion Sketches That Strategically Incorporate Colorful Fruits and Vegetables

Yaas Kween

San Francisco fashion illustrator Gretchen Röehrs, who cleverly says that she’s “…Still playing with food”, has created beautifully striking pen-and-ink sketches that strategically incorporate colorful fruits and vegetables, thus creating the appearance of enviable haute couture.



Party Choke



Broccoli Rabe

images via Gretchen Röehrs

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An In-Depth Look at the Comisar Collection, A Collection of Television Props Estimated to Be Worth $100 Million

A recent video by Forbes takes an in-depth look at the Comisar collection, a collection of television props and costumes estimated to be worth $100 million. The video features collection curator James Comisar discussing his collection and his work to preserve television history with his Museum of Television.

The Tourbillon, A Theme Park Ride That Twists Riders With a Set of Spinning Concentric Squares

tourbillon 2

The Tourbillon is a theme park ride built by ABC Rides in Switzerland that twists riders through the air with a set of spinning concentric squares. The ride bears a resemblance to the space travel vehicle seen in the 1997 film Contact, though the ride is presumably incapable of interstellar travel.

tourbillon 3

tourbillon 1

photos via Airtimers

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