The World’s Tallest and Longest Tunnel Slide to Be Installed in the ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower in London

ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower slide 2

The world’s tallest and longest tunnel slide will be installed in the ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower sculpture by artist Anish Kapoor at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. The slide will start 80 meters up the 114 meter sculptured, and will loop around in a spiral five times before a final straight shot of 50 meters. The slide will feature clear sections to give riders a unique view of the sculpture during their 178-meter, 40-second ride to the bottom.

The slide is expected to be installed by the spring of 2016.

ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower slide 3

ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower slide 1

images via Metro

via Metro

Brightly Colored Hand-Crafted Lifelike Animal Cling Rings Whose Paws and Tails Curl Around the Finger


Japanese artist and sculptor Jiro Miura has created a line of brightly colored lifelike animal cling rings that use the animal’s paws or tails to just curl around one’s finger. Jiro hand-crafts each of these and his other figurine jewelry out of clay, so each ring of the same animal can slightly different from another. The rings are currently only available in Japan through Jiro’s Rakuten store , but hopefully these adorable cling rings will make it to the U.S. soon.



Cheetah Back





Cling Ring Collection

images via Jiro Miura

via Artist Database, Rocket24News

‘Pooping Is Logical’, A Potty Training Book Based on Vulcan Principles Established in ‘Star Trek’

Pooping is Logical 1

Pooping Is Logical is a potty training book by Gary Whitta (Star Wars: Rogue One) and his wife Leah Whitta based on Vulcan principles established in Star Trek. The book was inspired by the couple using Vulcan wisdom to potty train their own three-year-old daughter.

In a post to his Tumblr, Whitta writes about the problems he’s having getting the book published because, as he put it, “We can’t get anyone to take this seriously.” Whitta is encouraging potential book buyers to RT his tweet about the book to show potential publishers that there is interest in a logic-based potty training book set in the Star Trek universe.

Whitta was a recent guest on The Great Big Beautiful Podcast where he also discussed some of his other work.

Pooping is Logical 2

images via Gary Whitta

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Fiery Drone Resembling the Human Torch Flies Around New York to Promote ‘Fantastic Four’ Film

The Thinkmodo advetising agency and 20th Century Fox teamed up and built a flying drone that resembles the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) to promote the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot film. With the Nassau County Fire Service Academy on standby, the lightweight dummy attached to a drone was lit on fire and launched safely into the New York skies to fly around. The fiery drone did numerous tricks before finally hovering above a version of the Fantastic Four logo that was purely made of fire.

What would the Human Torch look like in real life?

The Human Torch Drone

The Human Torch Drone

The Human Torch Drone

The Human Torch Drone

The Human Torch Drone

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A Compilation of Celebrities Whose Careers Were Launched By ‘The Daily Show’

Digg has put together a pretty thorough compilation of celebrities whose careers were launched by being a correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and what they are doing now

As “The Daily Show” winds to a close, lets look back at some of its most distinguished alumni, from their first appearance on the show to the trajectory their careers have taken since departing.

Development of a ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Film Resumes at Warner Bros. After a Years-Long Lawsuit Ends

Dungeons & Dragons

Warner Bros. has resumed development of a new Dungeons & Dragons feature film after a years-long lawsuit over the rights to the franchise came to an undisclosed settlement. The screenplay for the film was written by David Leslie Johnson (The Conjuring 2).

Dungeons & Dragons film was released in the year 2000 produced by Sweatpea Entertainment, but was not very well received critically or at the box office.

image via Dungeons & Dragons

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A Remarkable Photo Series That Captures Flying Food in Mid-Air Just Before It Lands

Weight Loss Burger

In a remarkable food series that he shot for Men’s Health magazine, photographer Piotr Gregorczyk literally tossed combined recipe ingredients and then captured them in mid-air photo, just before the whole mess landed. This unique method used the perceived buoyancy of the images to express the lightness of healthy eating. Gregorczyk explained a bit about his goal in an interview with Feature Shoot

The goal, explains Gregorczyk, was to make the meals look buoyant and light to compliment a feature about healthy eating. Before shooting, he came in with a clear idea of what could be done in studio and what needed to be done post-production; in the end, he reports that about sixty percent of it is true to real life, with the remaining forty having been cleverly manipulated afterwards.

Blinis in Space


One Pot Fish

One Pot Sausages

One Pot Wonder Risotto

photos by Piotr Gregorczyk

via Feature Shoot