‘Movies Starring Movies’, A Web Series Featuring Original Short Movies Where All Actors Are DVD Cases

Movies Starring Movies is a clever web series by Portal Party that features original short movies where all actors are DVD cases. In their most recent Halloween-themed episode, they create a short horror film starring fifty-two literal movies.

Here is a collection of earlier episodes from Portal Party’s ongoing series:

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A Music Video For ‘Craco’ by Hauschka Featuring Animated Anthropomorphic Plant Sculptures

“Craco” is a music video for Duesseldorf pianist Hauschka directed by Tobias Stretch that features a strangely hypnotic trio of life-size anthropomorphic plant creatures. Stretch has created a number of animated music videos for prominent bands, including Radiohead.

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Adam Savage Shows Off His ‘Ghostbusters’ Halloween Costume, Including a Proton Pack That Lights Up

Adam Savage gets ready to trap some ghosts while showing off his impressive Ghostbusters Halloween costume that he assembled and made throughout the years during an interview with Will Smith of Tested. Of course, Savage’s outfit includes an awesome proton pack that lights up.



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A Look at the Inner-Workings of a Vintage, Pre-Flint Catalytic Cigarette Lighter

In his latest video, Applied Science host Ben Krasnow takes a look at a vintage catalytic lighter, which uses methanol vapor and a platinum wire to produce a large flame without sparks.

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Seth Rogen Cast to Play Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak in the Upcoming Steve Jobs Biopic Written by Aaron Sorkin

Seth Rogen at 2011 TIFF

Seth Rogen has been cast to play Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic (previously) written by Aaron Sorkin. Rogen will be starring alongside Christian Bale as Jobs in the Sony film based on the book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

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A Playlist of Ambient Music Layered on Top of San Francisco Public Safety Radio Traffic Sounds


Longtime internet radio broadcaster SomaFM has created SF10-33, a playlist of ambient music layered atop the echoing sounds of San Francisco public safety radio traffic — to a surprisingly soothing effect. Interested parties can support the station by donating to SomaFM’s site.

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A Look at the Science Behind Laser Tattoo Removal

After recently showing off super slow motion video of a tattoo being applied, Smarter Every Day took a trip to a plastic surgeon to look at how laser tattoo removal works.

Once it’s shattered, the white blood cells are going to come get those broken particles of ink, take it to the lymph-nodes, dump it into the liver and the you’re eventually going to poop out your tattoo.