Animal Rescuer Gently Frees Baby Swan From Chain Link Fence While Politely Waving Off Irate Swan Father

Animal rescuer Simon Cowell, the founder of Wildlife Aid Foundation, responds to call informing him that a baby swan (cygnet) had become stuck in a chain link fence while following its mum into the River Thames. Despite the looming threat of the irate father swan (cob) who physically attacked the rescuer with several angry slaps with his wing, Simon was finally able to gently free the cygnet from the fence and reunite the little one back with its family.

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Eteo the Dog Pushes a Little Boy Around Newburyport, Massachusetts in a Cozy Coupe Toy Car

Eteo, a Belgian Malinois personal protection dog trained by Protection Dogs Plus, is having a great time while pushing little Aden around Newburyport, Massachusetts in his Little Tikes Cozy Coupe toy car. Eteo even takes a moment to turn the car and greet a fellow canine that is crossing his path.

The “Plus” means that when our trained German Shepherds & Belgian Malinois aren’t busy taking out bad guys, they’re ready to be kid-friendly companions!

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It’s Okay To Be Smart Explores the Physics of Space Battles and Explains Why Movies Get It Wrong

It’s Okay To Be Smart (see previously) explores the physics of space battles in their latest episode. Host Joe Hanson plays both the role of a space fighter pilot and his spiritual guide to explain the limitations of Newtonian physics on spaceflight, and how that translates to limitations on space battles. The episode looks at how ships might maneuver in space, and how different types of weapons would or would not work. It even questions whether or not warfare has a future in space.