Jaxson Rose the German Shepherd ‘Dances’ to Flo Rida’s ‘Low’

With the assistance from Stephanie Walton, German shepherd Jaxson Rose patiently performs a goofy and adorable dance to Flo Rida‘s song “Low.” Jaxson will appear tomorrow night on FOX‘s “Cause For Paws” television special, hosted by Jane Lynch and Hilary Swank.

Flo Rida Dog

animated GIF via FOX 59

An Honest Movie Trailer for the Christmas-Themed Romantic Comedy Film ‘Love Actually’

Screen Junkies has created an honest movie trailer (previously) for the Christmas-themed romantic comedy film Love Actually.

Ring in the holiday season by revisiting the darkest, most depressing romantic comedy of all time – ‘Love Actually’.

‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ Presents ‘Juggling Flyer’, A Sketch Cut From ‘SNL’ on Second Chance Theatre

On a recent episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, host Seth Meyers presented another installment of “Second Chance Theatre,” a recurring piece on the show where former Saturday Night Live cast members are given the chance to revive a sketch they could never get on air.

In this installment, Jason Sudeikis presents the sketch “Juggling Flyer” about a juggling instructor having no luck getting interest in his flyer offering juggling lessons. The sketch stars Sudeikis as the juggling instructor as well as former SNL cast members Fred Armisen and Mike O’Brien.

For the first installment of “Second Chance Theatre,” Meyers let Will Forte present his sketch “Jennjamin Franklin” about a female Benjamin Franklin on a date.

A Detailed Set of Instructions From an Architect Demonstrating How to Build a Proper Pillow Fort

Pillow Fort

New York City architect Ben Pell has created a detailed set of instructions for parenting site Fatherly demonstrating how to build the best living room pillow fort possible.

We try to make sure the dog isn’t in the room, because if he gets interested he knocks things over. But he’s a lazy old lab, so sometimes we just tuck the sheets under him while he’s sleeping. They make good weights.

image via Fatherly

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A Fully Functioning Nintendo Game Controller Coffee Table Designed After the Classic NES Controller From the 1980s

Functioning NES Controller Coffee Table

Logan Miller of MillerWoodshop has created an impressive and fully functioning NES game controller coffee table designed after the classic Nintendo Entertainment System controller from the 1980s. The table, which is available to purchase online from Miller’s Etsy store, comes equipped with a built-in retractable cable for plugging into any original NES console.

This table was built to scale with the original NES controller. This fully functional controller’s buttons have been tuned up for easy play. A heavy coat of clear polyurethane has been added to protect the table from scratches or rings from a glass. It’s a great item for children and adults. The NES coffee table has a modern style and a retro feel. It also comes with 6 spacers that have matching gray paint and gray felt on top and bottom of the cylinder shaped spacers.

Functioning NES Controller Coffee Table

Functioning NES Controller Coffee Table

Functioning NES Controller Coffee Table

Functioning NES Controller Coffee Table

photos via MillerWoodshop

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An Artisan Crafts a Horse From Molten Glass With a Few Swift Movements

Barcelona resident Francisco Lopez Serrano captured video of an artisan crafting a horse from a piece of piping hot molten glass. While the artist uses great care, he’s able to make the animal almost instantly recognizable with a few swift motions.

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Vsauce3 Host Jake Roper Looks at Human Digestion, Answers How Much Humans Can Eat, and Eats a Sentient Taco

In a recent episode of Vsauce3, host Jake Roper looks at the process of human digestion, answers how much humans can actually eat, and eats a sentient talking taco. Roper introduces the video by talking about playing the video game Super Smash Bros using the character Kirby, known for swallowing his enemies whole to gain their attributes.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips