An Entertaining Explanation of How Certain Cheeses Got Their Names

In “24 Origins of Cheese Names” by Mental Floss, host John Green amusingly explains the provenance of a number of cheeses and how they came to be named. While most of the enumerated cheeses were named after a town or city, there were a few exceptions.

Provolone is an Italian cheese meaning “large provola.” And Provola is a DIFFERENT Italian cheese. It’s believed that it was named after a tradition where religious leaders visiting the convent of San Lorenzo in Capua would be offered a mozze o provatura…means like a sample of the main cheese. And if the word mozze sounds familiar, it should. Because it would spin off into mozzarella. The Italian word mozzare means “to cut off.” And the cheese is made by cutting curds and making them into balls.

John also provides the sordid history of “American cheese”.

finally, I return to my salon to tell you that American cheese got its name in the late 18th century because colonists in the Americas started exporting cheddar cheese back to Britain. So, it was the English who dubbed it “American cheese.” For a while, it was known here as yellow or store cheese, then about a century later it got nicknameslike “factory cheese,” “rattrap cheese,” or “rat cheese.” But you know, there’s something about the name “American cheese” that’s just a little more appetizing.

True that.

Phoenix Weatherman Hilariously Improvises When His Weather Map Begins Displaying Absurdly High Temperatures

FOX 10 Phoenix weatherman Cory McCloskey faced a potentially flummoxing conundrum when his weather map began displaying fantastically high temperatures on a recent broadcast. Rather than get flustered, McCloskey played it straight, urging people to evacuate Wickenburg (2,385 °F) and noting that “steel boils” at Cave Creek’s high of 2,960 °F. Ironically Fox 10’s weather report is called “AccuWeather.”

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Slow-Motion Footage of a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy as She Scrambles Down an Icy Hill

TJ Parker captured humorous slow-motion footage of his awkwardly beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog puppy named Quinn as she scrambles down an icy hill when he took her out to play in the snow. Parker marveled at Quinn’s grace during her frozen adventure, “Her coordination is really quite stunning.”

Quinn in Snow


image via Quinn The Berner

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Monumental 607-Foot-Long ‘Candy Carpet’ Mosaic Installed on a Sidewalk in Chengdu, China

Giant Candy Carpet Mosaic in China

A 607-foot-long “carpet” of candy, arranged into a colorful mosaic, was installed on a sidewalk in Chengdu, China as part of a recent promotion for the IFS shopping center. Made of 13 tons of candy and spanning 14,000 square feet, the installation was touted by organizers as the “world’s largest candy carpet.” The installation was created by artists Craig Redman and Karl Maier of art duo Craig & Karl, and was curated by AllRightsReserved. In addition, the candy wasn’t wasted: it was given away to underprivileged children after the close of the installation.

Giant Candy Carpet Mosaic in China

Giant Candy Carpet Mosaic in China

Giant Candy Carpet Mosaic in China

photos via AllRightsReserved

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‘Just Surf the Net’, A Musical Tribute to 1990s Internet Instructional Videos and News Coverage

Just Surf the Net” is a musical tribute to 1990s Internet instructional videos and news coverage by John D. Boswell of melodysheep (previously). The song was put together with clips from a variety of sources like The Kids’ Guide to the InternetTomorrow’s World – The Information Superhighway, and even the film Hackers. The complete list is available in the video’s YouTube description.

Boswell has also released an audio-only version of the song on his SoundCloud page.

Quick-Thinking Dog Rushes Into a Shallow Pond to Save His Human From Drowning

A quick- thinking dog rushed into a shallow pond to rescue his human whom he believed to be drowning. Once above water, the dutiful canine dragged the man to shore, gently pulling the man’s finger with his teeth.

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How to Tie a Variety of Different Tie Knots Ranging From Simple to Complex

tie knots

Custom shirt company ShirtsMyWay has compiled a handy list of 30 different ways to tie a tie knot complete with video instructions for each. The knots included range from the simple four-in-hand knot to the arguably over-complex boutonniere knot. The instructional videos are primarily pulled from the YouTube accounts of Patrick Novotny and Alex Krasny.

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How to Clean Out and Slice a Bell Pepper With Ease Using a Knife

Dave Hax (previously) shows clean out and slice a bell pepper with ease using a knife in his most recent instructional video. Dave makes it look like a super simple task as he scoops out the center with his blade and dices the pepper up in seconds.

Simple tutorial to help you when cooking with pepper. Great kitchen tip to help make food preparation easier and a useful knife skill.

music by Kevin MacLeod – “Look Busy

Inventive Slitted Snow Goggles Made of Wood by the Iñupiat People of Alaska

Snow Goggles
image via Portland Art Museum

The Iñupiat people of Alaska live in an area often covered in snow. While store-bought sunglasses are generally used today to combat snow blindness, Iñupiat people of the past creatively carved inventive snow goggles out of wood with narrow slits to protect eyes from light reflecting off snow.

The pair shown above—made around the year 1900—are available for viewing in the Native American Art collection at the Portland Art Museum in Portland, Oregon.

Snow Goggles
image via Iñupiat Heritage Center

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‘Dji. Death Sails’, An Amusing Animation About a Grim Reaper Who Is Too Distracted by a Treasure Chest to Do His Job

Dji. Death Sails, the follow up to the award-winning short film Dji. Death Fails, is an equally amusing 3D animation by director Dmitri Voloshin and simpals that tells the story of a distracted Grim Reaper who is more interested in a bulging treasure chest than he is in doing his job in regards to the life of a stubborn pirate who became shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean.

Dji is a terribly unlucky death who doesn’t seem good at his job. This time he has to take the soul of a pirate stuck in the middle of the ocean, but that is easier said than done!

Dji.Death Sails

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