Customer Has a Hilarious Norse Mythology-Themed Chat with an Amazon Customer Service Person

A Norse Mythology-Themed Chat with an Amazon Customer Service Rep

According to redditor UranusExplorer, this hilarious Norse mythology-themed chat conversation actually took place between him and an Amazon customer service representative. UranusExplorer initiated the chat after his Amazon package failed to arrive. A representative named Thor responded, and the two discussed the package issue in mythological terms as Thor and Odin.

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It’s Okay To Be Smart Explains the Complex Science Behind Goats in Their New Episode “GOATS!”

It’s Okay To Be Smart tackles the complex scientific topic of goats in their latest episode. Host Joe Hanson explains why goats’ pupils are horizontal lines and not round like ours, why some goats “faint,” and also how and why they climb.

“I bet you can’t make an entire science video about goats,” they said.

“It will never work,” they said.

They were wrong.

Indian Woman Creates the ‘Rice Bucket Challenge’ to Help Address the Hunger Issue in India

Rice Bucket Challenge

Inspired by the popularity of the “Ice Bucket Challenge“, an Indian writer named Manju Latha Kalanidhi decided to create “The Rice Bucket Challenge“, which directly helps address the issue of hunger within India. The rules are simple, just pick up a bowl of rice, bring it to a person in need, post a picture of doing this to Facebook with the hashtag #ricebucketchallenge and tag your friends to do the same.

Desi Challenge for Desi Needs, Cook or buy one bucket of Rice / Biryani and feed the needy…Indian version for Indian Needs, Lets challenge our friends to take up the #RiceBucketChallenge. Take a Picture or Video of your challenge and tag all your friends.

Rice Bucket Challenge Navya

Rice Bucket Challenge Photo

Rice Bucket Challenge Navya

Home Guards Rice Bucket Challenge

photos via Rice Bucket Challenge

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Austin Beerworks Creates Ridiculously Long 99-Pack of Beer for Their Peacemaker Ale

Austin Beerworks has designed a 99-pack of beer to help reintroduce their Peacemaker Ale as “Anytime Ale.” The idea being that if it’s a beer for any time then one should always have a few on hand. According to their video the cases will sell for $99, but in a tweet from the company they say only 20 of the cases were made with more to follow later.

The 99-packs of beer will be delivered August 28th to yet-to-be-disclosed locations in Austin, Texas. Austin Beerworks suggest following them on Twitter and Instagram to get the locations of the deliveries as they happen.

Peacemaker was the very first beer we decided to brew. It’s balanced, refreshing, and very sessionable. Peacemaker is simple, but we take it very seriously — a bold and clean beer with nothing to hide behind. It’s the beer we drink the most at the brewery. And at home. And on the river. When you have a cold, bright, well-balanced beer like Peacemaker on hand, anytime is a good time to enjoy it.

Peacemaker 99-Pack of Beer

Peacemaker 99-Pack of Beer on Floor

Riding the Peacemaker 99-Pack

photos via Austin Beerworks

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Couple Finds Out the Importance of Feeding Their Cat the Right Kind of Food During a Zombie Apocalypse

In “Feeding Your Cat In The Zombie Apocalypse“, by the web series CATastrophes, a courageous young man braves the perilous streets of Chicago during a zombie apocalypse in order to find food for his cat. Unfortunately, upon his return he found out that he got the wrong kind of food. Rather than face the hunger of his beloved feline, the hapless young man goes back out into the zombie-infested streets in search of the “right” kind of cat food.