Remarkably Detailed Carved Pumpkin Rind Sculptures by Scott Cummins

Pumpkin Carvings by Scott Cummins

Artist Scott Cummins creates remarkably detailed pumpkin sculptures of pop culture characters. Cummins focuses almost exclusively on the pumpkin’s rind, carving three-dimensional renderings that maintain detail when illuminated from within. Among his recent works: a fantastic sculpture of Davy Jones from The Pirates of the Caribbean film series, an “Imperial Stormpumpkin,” and “Weird Al” Yankovic. Cummins has posted a pumpkin carving tutorial on his site.

Pumpkin Carvings by Scott Cummins

Pumpkin Carvings by Scott Cummins

Pumpkin Carvings by Scott Cummins

Pumpkin Carvings by Scott Cummins

Pumpkin Carvings by Scott Cummins

photos via Scott Cummins

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‘Panqueques de los Muertos’, Sugar Skull Pancakes by Saipancakes for the Day of the Dead

Washington-based dad, math teacher, and illustrator Nathan Shields recently cooked up some festive sugar skull pancakes for the Day of the Dead for the latest installment of his Saipancakes (previously) videos, “Panqueques de los Muertos.” Shields demonstrates how he carefully creates each intricate design using pancake batter in a plastic squeeze bottle to create beautiful, edible art.

Skull pancakes

image via Saipancakes

Japanese Entertainer Matsuko Deluxe Appears to Lose an Enormous Amount of Weight Through the Magic of Photoshop

An image of the wonderful Japanese cross-dressing TV personality Matsuko Deluxe was subjected to a Photoshop makeover in which the rotund entertainer was made to be thin and petite in just a matter of minutes by the digital artist realretouch.

realretouch has also used Photoshop to give Justin Bieber a virtual sex change and transform Angelina Jolie into an Asian woman.

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Guinness World Record Holder Paul Hunn Demonstrates His Record-Setting Loudest Burp

Paul Hunn recently demonstrated his Guinness World Record-setting loudest burp at an incredible 109.9 decibels. Guinness shared video of the belch on Vine, so it can be enjoyed on a constant loop.

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Catnip Joints, Cigarette-Style Catnip Toys for Those Kitties Who Wish to Partake

Cat Joints on red Tray
“Catnip is legal in all 50 states…”

Stark Raving Cat, a feline-focused company based in Austin, Texas, has designed a creative line of hand-rolled catnip joints made specifically for kitties who wish to partake, without the mess or the irritating smoke of that stinky stuff that humans use to get high. Just don’t bogart that joint, my friend…

Contains 100% premium catnip, no fillers, just leaves and buds. Toss them like little prey and watch your cats play. Hand rolled and sealed in a cloth wrapper and made in the USA. Each set is packaged with a color card, making catnip joints a great gift for your favorite feline…

To use: Wake up your cat. Run a joint under your cat’s nose, like a fine cigar. Toss a joint toward your cat, high in the air, like prey. Then toss another, and another, and another…


Three Cat Joints Gift Set

Tamale and Plant

Meatloaf with Catnip Joints

Chloe the cat demonstrates her love for her Cat Joints.

Chloe grooves on her first Catnip Joint from Legal in all 50 states. No fillers, just 100% premium catnip to drive cats stark-raving-nuts!?

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Reddit Launches Redditmade, A New Crowdfunding Platform With a Focus on Privacy and Community


reddit has launched a new crowdfunding platform called redditmade that focuses on privacy and building community around subreddits. The platform works by allowing reddit users to create a range of products like T-shirts, pins, and stickers through reddit and set a financial goal for the campaign. Other users can back the project by purchasing those items, but no money changes hands and no products are physically created until that goal is reached.

Where redditmade differs from other crowdfunding options is that reddit handles everything on their end including payment processing, item production, and shipping. This allows them to manage campaigns without giving any user information to the campaign creators. Any reddit user can create a campaign, but moderators of official subreddits will have additional perks like having their campaigns featured on redditmade and the potential for free advertising on their subreddits.

redditmade is now live and in an open beta.

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Sneaky Squirrel Uses a Stolen Jack-o’-Lantern as a Makeshift Halloween Mask

Pumpkin Mask - Max Ellis

British photographer Max Ellis captured these wonderful images of a sneaky squirrel attempting to spirit away a jack-o’-lantern from his backyard. In doing so, the furry rodent amusingly holds the pumpkin in such a way that it appears that he’s using the gourd as a make-shift Halloween mask.

Squirrel Puts on Pumpkin Mask

Squirrel and Pumpkin

Squirrel Steals Pumpkin to Use as Mask

photos by Max Ellis

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