Outtakes From Season Seven of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Featuring Riker Chasing a Shipmate

Uproxx has released a short collection of silly outtakes from Star Trek: The Next Generation. In this gag reel, Geordi and Data get silly, Picard curses, and Riker chases a shipmate.

Riker Running

Season seven of Star Trek: The Next Generation will be released on Blu-ray in the United States on December 12, 2014.

gif via Uproxx

via Uproxx

‘All About That Ace’, A ‘League of Legends’ Parody of the Meghan Trainor Song ‘All About That Bass’

All About That Ace” is a parody by The Warp Zone of the Meghan Trainor song “All About That Bass” that focuses on the popular video game League of Legends (previously). Trainor’s song has already sparked a number of other clever parodies on topics ranging from science fiction to Thanksgiving.

For comparison, here is the original music video.

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Canadian Hockey Fans Help Finish Singing the American National Anthem After Audio Glitch at a Hockey Game in Toronto

During the singing of the American national anthem at a Toronto Maple LeafsNashville Predators hockey game at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre on Tuesday, the singer was interrupted when the microphone abruptly cut out. In an adorable demonstration of the good-natured politeness of Canadians, the Toronto crowd spontaneously (and flawlessly) sang the remainder of “The Star-Spangled Banner”. The neighborly moment was captured on video by Ontario-based hockey fan Eric Bosman.

For Americans who would like to return the favor–should the need arise–here are (the rest of) the lyrics to O Canada.

‘Pancake Breakfast Critic’, A Delightful Web Series by Joe Pera That Rates Charity Pancake Breakfast Events

Pancake Breakfast Critic is a delightful web series by MTV Other where comedian Joe Pera rates charity pancake breakfasts and similar events on a scale of zero to 10 okays. The show capitalizes on Pera’s dry, relaxed demeanor to create humor from simple events like a rhubarb festival or charity motorcycle ride.

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Animations of Personal Secrets Recorded as Voice Messages From the PostSecret Out Loud Project

Back in March we posted about the launch of PostSecret Out Loud, a community art project in which people anonymously submit their personal secrets in voice messages. Selected messages are then released in animated videos. PostSecret Out Loud has since released two animated compilations of secrets. The videos are produced by The Glossary.

PostSecret Out Loud is an extension of PostSecret, a community art project by Frank Warren in which people anonymously mail in personal secrets that are then published online.

The World of PostSecret, a collection of PostSecret postcards edited by Frank Warren, was released earlier this month.

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‘A Brief History of Graphics’, A Five-Part Video Series Examining the History of Graphics in Video Games

A Brief History of Graphics

“A Brief History of Graphics” is a five-part video series by Stuart Brown of XboxAhoy that examines the history of graphics in video games from pixels to polygons and beyond.

Pixel Pioneers: A Brief History of Graphics, Part One

Sprite Supreme: A Brief History of Graphics, Part Two

Polygon Realm: A Brief History of Graphics, Part Three

Voodoo Bloom: A Brief History of Graphics, Part Four

Future Crisis: A Brief History of Graphics, Part Five

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The Singapore Broadway Harmonica Ensemble Hauntingly Performs Classic Music Using Only Harmonicas

Harmonica Ensemble

The Singapore Broadway Harmonica Ensemble is composed of six harmonica players and has performed for 19 years out of Singapore. The ensemble’s eerie, old-timey sound is accentuated by the selections they play, such as the classic bolero song “Bésame Mucho” and Jacob Gade‘s famous tango “Jalousie ‘Tango Tzigane.’

Here is a recording of the same song performed by Leo Resiman‘s Orchestra for comparison.

photo via Singapore Broadway Harmonica Ensemble

via Lisa Hendrix