Woodworking Engineer Creates An Endless Moving Set of Wooden Stairs for His Toy Slinky

Slinky Escalator

Canadian woodworking engineer Matthias Wandel recently built a wonderfully fun hand-cranked moving set of wooden stairs to create an escalator for his toy Slinky. While Wandel did all of the work, he admitted that this started out as someone else’s idea.

This project started with some idle chatter with some guys I used to work with. Eric had this idea for a “slinky machine”, which would essentially become an escalator on which a slinky continuously descends. Years passed and I occasionally teased Eric about it. Eventually, I figured he’d never build it and it was fair game for me to do it.

Once finished, Wandel demonstrated the Slinky was able to perform 140 successful steps in a row.

Slinky Escalator

Slinky Escalator

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‘Game of Thrones’ Actor Hafthor Bjornsson Wins Europe’s Strongest Man Contest for the Second Year in a Row

Former Iceland basketball player and strongman competitor Hafthor “Thor” Bjornsson, known for playing the part of Gregor Clegane (a.k.a. “The Mountain”) on Game of Thrones, recently defended his Europe’s Strongest Man competition title for the second year in a row. Bjornsson also set a personal best during the contest on the deadlift by pulling up an amazing 991 pounds. That’s quite a lot of weight for a six-foot, nine-inch tall giant to lift.

450g Deadlift

top image via Hafthor Bjornsson

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Underwater Videographer Discovers a Enormous Floating Ball of Squid Eggs off the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey

While diving off the Mediterranean coast of Fethiye, Turkey, underwater photographer and videographer Lutfu Tanriover of Derin Underwater Film discovered an enormous gelatinous mass that he named “The Thing“. Tanriover filmed the mass, set the footage to ethereal music by the band 2002 and created a stunningly beautiful video which he then posted social media. One commenter mentioned that Dr. Mike Vecchione, the Director of the NOAA Fisheries National Systematics Laboratory, had recognized the mass as a “ommastrephid squid egg case” that was “one of the largest he’d seen” in an interview with Deep Sea News.

Dr. Vecchione is an expert on squid, and to him this giant sphere looks like a huge squid egg mass, and it’s the largest he’s ever seen. In fact, egg masses like this may be floating off many major coasts, not just Turkey’s. But what kind of squid, specifically, could produce a mass this big? Dr. Vecchione best guess? A large red flying squid named Ommastrephes bartramii. These animal can grow to around 1.5 meters (~5 feet) in length. As their name suggests, red flying squid can fly, or rather glide, by jetting out of the water and flattening their tentacles and fins to make “wings”. They’ve also got arms packed with suckers complete with “teeth”

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LEGO Designer Builds a Wearable Telemetry Exoskeleton That Remotely Controls His Humanoid Robot’s Movements

Grosseto, Italy-based LEGO designer Daniele Benedettelli has created a wearable telemetry exoskeleton that allows Benedettelli to move around and remotely control his humanoid robot, Cyclops MK II. In a video from this past May, Daniele demonstrated exactly how his exoskeleton and robot worked together.

Cyclops MK II is redesigned from scratch, after suggestions by my friend Benjamin Maier, who happens to be a comic designer. He came and said “It looks like a box with legs and arms! Why don’t you make it posing like a hero?” And he sketched something on paper.

The robot now looks much more humanoid, walks with 3 NXT servo motors, that are much more robust than LAs and R/C servos. It walks and turns by shifting the NXT, (moved back as a jetpack) and rotating the knees keeping the feet parallel to ground. Legs are finally straight, no more chicken-like. The arms and hands are actuated by 8 R/C servos.

cyclops mk2 walking

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