‘Coda’, A Beautiful Short Animated Film in Which Death Pursues a Drunken Man’s Evasive Soul

In “Coda“, a beautiful animated film by and maps and plans, Death pursues the evasive soul of a drunken man and shows him as much as he wants to see of the man’s life before they disappear into the darkness.

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Tiny Orange Kitten Quickly Befriends a Famous Wildlife Photographer

While on location in the Aegean Islands, photographer Mitsuaki Iwago became the object of curiosity, interest, and affection for a tiny orange kitten who bravely wandered away from his mom. Mitsuaki had been filming a segment for an NHK television special about cats of the world.

Wildlife photographer Mitsuaki Iwago photographs charming cats he meets on streets around the world. In the first episode, on islands in the Aegean Sea, he joins the cats promenading and captures beautiful images of them jumping from roof to roof against the backdrop of a blue sky. “To live is to move!” comments Iwago. The second episode is set in ancient Marrakech in Morocco, where craftsmen treat the mice-catching cats tenderly, and a mother cat can safely raise her kittens on the street.

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The Wave, A Beautifully Fluid Cabinet That Opens With a Series of 100 Hinged Slices

The Wave is a beautifully fluid cabinet created by Sebastian Errazuriz Studio that opens with a series of 100 hinged slices. The connected slices move in a wonderful cascade as the cabinet opens, creating a piece of functional art.

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Whimsical Photos That Capture a Pair of Hands Performing a Variety of Tasks Under Different Circumstances

Hands - Pottery

Indonesian artist Romo Jack literally gets his hands dirty with the whimsical #whatmyhandsdoing, a project in which he photographs his own hands performing a variety of tasks under varying circumstances. Romo Jack talked about his creative concept in an interview with the Instagram Blog.

Just like how my eyes are always seeing from the time I wake up from bed to the time I fall back asleep, my hands are also doing something every second. There might be thousands, even millions of things our hands have got to do. …I’m a sucker when it comes to secondhand items, I believe they can be recreated into something more valuable, and the important thing is to collect them first. …I found out that you don’t need to spend too much time just imagining about a concept, which might lead you to do nothing in the end. The more important thing is to take a look around us and just do it!

Hands - Puppets


Hands - Tattoo

Hands - Socks

Hands  - Colored Stripes

images via Romo Jack

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A Detailed Look at How an Oscilloscope Works and When to Use One

Creative engineer Collin Cunningham gives a detailed look at how an oscilloscope works and when to use one in a recent video by Adafruit Industries.

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Scientists Film Beautiful Fluorescent Coral Deep in the Red Sea

Scientists from University of Southampton and Tel-Aviv University have filmed beautiful fluorescent coral deep in the Red Sea at a depth of 50 meters, deeper than similar coral have previously been found. The coral glow under ultraviolet light due to a protein that the scientists hope could be used to improve medical imaging technology.

A Dunk Tank That Uses Fire Instead of Water Demonstrated at Kansas City Maker Faire

flambe 3

Two Bit Circus recently demonstrated the Flambé, a dunk tank that uses fire instead of water, at the Kansas City Maker Faire. The device aims 15 propane burners at its victim, who for obvious safety reasons wears a protective fireproof suit as people throw softballs at the machine’s target trigger.

flambe 2

flambe 1

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A Wonderful Series of Themed Photo Portraits Complemented By Colorful Paper Props

Chef Rubio

Set designer Adriana Napolitano has created a wonderful series of themed photo portraits that are heavily complemented by colorfully detailed props made out of paper. Napolitano wrote that she really hopes “some of them will make you smile.”

I’m a set designer and I use paper and stuff to create very stupid self-portraits and beautiful (I hope) portraits to people I know. Sometimes also to people I don’t know whom I find on the bus.

Dad at Work

Grapevine and Lace

Sweet Dreams



images via Adriana Napolitano

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A Pop Chart Lab Art Print Using Famous Figures From Movies, TV, Music, and Books to Illustrate the Parts of Speech

A Pop Culture Primer On Parts Of Speech

A Pop Culture Primer On Parts Of Speech” is a new art print by Pop Chart Lab that uses famous figures from movies, television shows, music, and books to illustrate the different parts of speech. Signed and numbered prints are available to purchase online.

A pop-cultural grammar cheat sheet, this chart brings together famous figures from cinema, television, music, and literature to help illustrate the parts of speech—let Walter White break down concrete/abstract nouns; allow Dr. Who take you on a tour through prepositions of time; watch (carefully) as Gizmo the Mogwai takes you on a transformative tour through adverbs.

With an all-hand-illustrated cast that includes ET, Robocop, Holly Golightly, Ice Cube, and Nic Cage (hey, he’s in everything, isn’t he?), this media-spanning lexical primer goes to infinitives–and beyond!

A Pop Culture Primer On Parts Of Speech

images via Pop Chart Lab

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