Two Bright Pink Chickens Rescued on the Waterfront in Portland, Oregon

Pink chickens in Portland
photo by Emily Sinovic via Multnomah County Animal Services

Yesterday, two bright pink chickens were spotted wandering on the waterfront in Portland, Oregon. After Portland-area news organization KATU reported the runaway animals, an officer from Multnomah County Animal Services promptly picked up the chickens and brought them to the animal shelter for safe keeping.

Workers at the shelter aren’t sure what was used to dye the chickens’ feathers, but says that food coloring is often used to dye chicks, an effect that lasts until the animal’s first molting. The practice of dyeing the animals is physically harmless to chicks, but some animal welfare groups frown upon it as it may discourage pet owners from seeing dyed chickens at Easter as a pet that requires a home and care for years.

The identity of these chickens’ human companion is still unknown and the animal shelter asks for anyone with information about these chickens to call 503-988-7387.

Pink chicken
photo via Multnomah County Animal Services

Pink chickens
photo via Multnomah County Animal Services

Pink chickens on waterfront
photo via Emily Sinovic

Memorial Ash Beads, Heartfelt Handcrafted Jewelry Made From the Cremated Remains of Deceased Loved Ones

All Four

Artist Merry Coor has created a line of heartfelt handmade jewelry crafted from the cremated ashes of loved ones. Coor creates the beads one at a time from her own studio in Eureka, California and accepts long-distance requests. She also does her best to understand who the person was by learning as much as she can with whatever materials the requestor provides.

If you decide to have me create an ash bead, I will send you a padded, pre-paid envelope, along with instructions and a small tin where you will place the ashes. Send me about ½ teaspoon of ashes for each bead and any photo, letter, or story about your loved one. When your bead is complete, you will receive within 2 to 4 weeks, the bead or beads you requested and any photos and information you may have sent me. The bead will be finished with your choice of an 18 inch sterling silver or gold filled chain, and clasps. Bead caps and head pins finish the bead into a pendant. If you wish, you may send a photo of your loved one, the music that they like to listen to, and even a story about them. I will listen to their music, and look at their photo, and put good intentions, and energy, and heart into their bead.

Memorial ash beads are available either through Coor’s site or through her Etsy store.

Gold Medium Silver Medium

Gold - Small Silver Small

images via Ash Beads

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Lacuna, A Public Art Installation and Free Library Made From 50,000 Books


Lacuna is a public temple to books that is made from 50,000 books itself. The 80-foot diameter art installation acts as a free library by encouraging observers to participate by browsing and choosing free books that have been generously donated by the Internet Archive. Its design is from the Flux Foundation, a non-profit large-scale public art organization. A crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is running now to fund building materials and permits for the project’s completion.

Lacuna is scheduled to be on display and available to visit free of admission at the inaugural Bay Area Book Festival at Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley, California on June 6 and 7, 2015.

Unlike a library, the very walls of Lacuna are created from books, which means that when people remove a book from a shelf, the structure will change and morph as new gaps in the book brickwork are exposed. This is where the magic of Lacuna happens: Lacuna becomes a reflection of the community who interacts with it. It becomes a story told by the many individuals who step inside it and are swept away by the wonder of the written word.

Lacuna closer view

images via Project Lacuna

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An Amusing Line of Self-Defeating Motivational Posters That Quote Morrissey Lyrics as a Source of Inspiration

Nowhere Fast
Nowhere Fast

NME Trending has imagined an amusing line of self-defeating motivational posters that quote singer/songwriter Morrissey and his rather unique outlook as an odd source of inspiration.

I Know It's Over
I Know It’s Over

Brighter Sides
Still Ill

What She Said
What She Said

Bigmouth Strikes Again
Bigmouth Strikes Again

First of the Gang To Die
First of the Gang To Die

I Have Forgiven Jesus
I Have Forgiven Jesus

images via NME Trending

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Steve Carell Plays a Shirtless Fabio in a 1994 Sketch From The Second City

“I am Fabio, and I would like to make you my very special lady tonight.”

In a clip recently uploaded by The Second City, Steve Carell plays a shirtless Fabio Lanzoni in a 1994 sketch from the show “Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been Mellow?” Stephen Colbert voiced the character of Fabio off stage while Carell tried to lip sync along before giving up and simply opening and closing his mouth like a puppet.

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A Computer With a LEGO Case Shaped Like a LEGO Block

LEGO Computer

Mike Schropp (previously) has created a computer with a LEGO case that is shaped like a large LEGO block. This isn’t the first time Schropp has created a LEGO computer, however, as he made one from a similar design in 2011.

The more I thought about the Lego computer over the last year, the more I started wondering how I could design and build a system that wasn’t so difficult to reproduce, one that could be bought by anyone looking for a new computer with a unique twist, a Lego twist. I don’t really need to explain how widespread the appeal of Lego is – we’ve all played with it, and many of us still do. Lego has the power to turn imagined forms into tangible things, conceived in the wonders of your imagination built with your own hands. And it appeals just as much to a 5 year-old as an 85 year-old.

The new LEGO computer features multiple SSD drives and 8GB of RAM at minimum with a design focused on cooling the components hidden within. Schropp has the full technical details in a post summarizing the build on his website.

LEGO Computer

LEGO Computer

LEGO Computer

LEGO Computer

LEGO Computer

photos by Mike Schropp

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Former FBI Profiler Analyzes Walter White’s Journey From Struggling Chemistry Teacher to Wealthy Meth Kingpin

In the latest episode of Vanity Fair‘s Psych of a Psycho, former FBI profiler Candice DeLong, who is a regular commentator on the Investigation Discovery (ID) channel, uses her skills to analyze and profile the Breaking Bad character Walter White. DeLong looks at what motivated him to go from a financially struggling high school teacher to an incredibly wealthy “meth king pin” and how it eventually led to his complete demise.

In any ongoing criminal enterprise the person at the top is getting plenty of money. Power is what is really propelling them, the money is secondary. How does this relate to Walter? He feels that he was screwed over by his buddies Elliott and Gretchen and he saw all the money he should have had taken away. …Once he got a taste of the money in that first sale, it was no longer enough for him to be the meth cook – make the product, take the money and stay in the background. He had to possess the entire process. He had to be the boss. …It was an ego thing and it was his ego that was his undoing.

‘Menace II Middle-Earth’, A Comedy Sketch That Brings Guns & Rap Battles to ‘The Hobbit’ Film Series

Menace II Middle-Earth” is a special effects-filled comedy sketch, created by PistolShrimps, that brings guns and Middle-earth rap battles to Peter Jackson‘s The Hobbit film series. Members of the comedy group digitally insert themselves into scenes from The Hobbit movies and throw down with some of the main characters like Gandalf, Smaug the dragon, and more.

An Intriguing View Inside an Electric Arc Furnace With the Power Turned On

A video by Sentinel76 gives an intriguing view inside an electric arc furnace with the power turned on. The furnace works by running a powerful electrical current through an electrode to heat its contents into liquid steel.

What you’re seeing here is the arc between the tip of an electrode and liquid steel, which is hidden under nearly a foot of slag (the bubbling liquid you see here). This video was recorded entirely by chance, I was videoing other things when I realised that I had a clear view of ‘A’-phase. I had to use two crossed polarised filters in order to block out enough light to see things clearly – and yet the arc itself is still blue-white and indistinguishable!

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Colorado Students Create a Bright Red 3D-Printed Exoskeleton for a Malnourished Tortoise With a Damaged Shell

Tortoise prosthetic shell

When design students at Colorado Technical University (CTU) in Colorado Springs learned that a rescued female tortoise named Cleopatra at Canyon Critters had a severely deformed shell due to malnutrition, they set about finding a solution with a 3D printer. The result was a bright red exoskeleton that would lay atop the tortoise’s damaged natural shell, allowing Cleopatra to right herself and keep infection out. CTU student Roger Henry spoke with the Denver Post about creating a new shell for Cleopatra.

“This is a very good feeling,” said Colorado Technical University design student Roger Henry, who spent 600 hours tweaking software and assembling prototypes of the custom 3-D-printed shell for the malnourished Cleopatra. Made with a plastic derived from corn, Cleopatra’s new shell will protect her from other tortoises and allow her to right herself if she flips. After years of a protein-heavy diet, the herbivore’s shell had weakened with deep valleys and pyramid-type peaks. Holes had formed that threatened the shell’s ability to protect her from infection. …”It’s fantastic to know this tortoise is going to be able to recover from its malnutrition”

Tortoise prosthetic shell

Tortoise prosthetic shell

Tortoise prosthetic shell

photos by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post

via RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post, Huffington Post