Jerome Jarre Gets Interrogated by the FBI After Changing Into a Speedo and Pool Toy on a Flight

YouTube star Jerome Jarre (previously) staged a silly prank in which he changed into a Speedo and inflatable turtle pool toy on a flight from Mexico to Miami. In a video that also shows the prank itself, Jarre says he was escorted from the plane by police and interrogated by the FBI who told him, “This is the silliest thing I’ve had to work on in my entire career.”

Although Jarre says he was threatened with arrest and revocation of his U.S. visa, it appears he has not faced any serious legal action since the incident.

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An Interactive Literary Map of the San Francisco Bay Area

Literary City San Francisco Map

The San Francisco Chronicle has created an interactive literary map of the San Francisco Bay Area, complete with location-specific book excerpts, the locations of independent bookshops, and other literary landmarks. It also includes a gallery of around 300 Bay Area authors.

image via San Francisco Chronicle

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About.Me Launches Intro, An App That Functions as a Simple Digital Business Card has launched Intro, an app that functions as a simple digital business card. Users can send their information to an email address, a phone number, or an profile, and the app keeps track of sent and received digital business cards. More information about the app is available at TechCrunch. Intro is currently available on iOS.

Intro by Intro by

Intro by Intro by

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A Clever Interactive Honda Commercial That Simultaneously Tells Two Different Stories

The intriguing interactive Honda UK commercial “The Other Side” tells two different tales simultaneously. One story follows the humdrum day of a mild-mannered dad driving a Honda Civic, the other, an action-packed caper starring the same man in a high performance Civic Type R. The videos for each story have nearly identically framed shots, albeit with totally different content. Viewers can toggle between the stories by pressing the “R” key while watching the interactive video.

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Space Sushi, A Bizarre New Meme That Superimposes Photos of Sushi Over Photos of Space


Space Sushi is a Twitter account and Tumblr that superimposes photographs of sushi and sushi-related items over images of space by the National Sushi and Space Administration.





images via Space Sushi

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Vsauce3 Explores the Cultural History of Ghosts and Suggests We All May Be Ghosts Already

Vsauce3 host Jake Roper explores the cultural history of ghosts and suggests we all may be ghosts already in a recent episode. The video looks at ghosts in literature and how belief in ghosts impacted society with things like séances.

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A Cosplay Music Video From Dragon Con 2014 in Atlanta Featuring a Massive Collection of Marvel Characters

Cosplayers showcase the many hours that they put into dressing up as famous Marvel comic book characters in a new music video created by Beat Down Boogie (previously) at Dragon Con 2014 in Atlanta. Beat Down Boogie recently released two other music videos from Dragon Con 2014 that feature a larger assortment of costumes based on famous characters from television shows, films, video games, and more.


Infinity Glove


Iron Thing

photos via Beat Down Boogie

music by Francesco D’Andrea – “Hero’s Last Call

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