A Moombahton Remix of Classic Tina Belcher Moments From ‘Bob’s Burgers’ by Eclectic Method

Eclectic Method has created a catchy moombahton remix of classic Tina Belcher moments from FOX‘s animated series Bob’s Burgers in their latest music video. The song is available to download online from SoundCloud.

She is the perfect representation of the awkward hormonal teenager most of us were, and she turns down for nothing. So cue the get jiggy latin beats and funky Tina breakdowns.

Bob's Burgers Tina Belcher Moombahton Remix

image via Eclectic Method

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

The Original ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy Explained in Three Minutes

Mashable explains the original Star Wars trilogy in three minutes in the latest video in their ongoing TL;DW series (see previously). They bring up a very valid question during the video, “why doesn’t the parasitic worm-creature in the Death Star’s trash compactor die when the trash is compacted?”

Darth Vader’s just hanging out on his Death Star, blowing up planets at the behest of the government.

Using an Excavator to Stack LEGO Blocks

Finland-based excavator operator Juha-Pekka Perämäki uses a Hitachi medium excavator to stack and play with LEGO blocks in a remarkable feat of precision. Perhaps not surprisingly, when Perämäki is not working as a machine operator, he’s using his reflexes to race rally cars. For more feats of precision excavator operation, see his colleague Petri Perämäki build a tower of nuts (the fastener, not the food) with the same machine.

via Kotaku