The Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer, A Phone-Sized Portable Printer That Does Not Use Ink or Toner

zip printer

The Polaroid Zip is a phone-sized portable printer that produces two-inch by three-inch full color images without the use of ink or toner. The Zip makes use of ZINK paper which contains dye crystals that become activated in the printing process.

The device connects to a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth or NFC, and pairs with an app that can be used to edit photos, add text or additional images, and add personalized QR codes. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

zip printer 2

zip printer 3

zip printer 4

photos via Photojojo

via Photojojo

LUNALUXX, A Clever Lamp With a Levitating Lighting Element

LUNALUXX Levitating Lamp

LUNALUXX is an intriguing lamp that provides light through a levitating illuminated disc. The effect is achieved through a combination of electromagnetism and remote phosphor illumination. An electromagnet is hidden in the top of the lamp and a magnet is embedded in the disc. When switched on, the disc levitates through magnetic suspension. The disc is illuminated by an LED in the base of the lamp through remote phosphor technology. LUNALUXX was designed by Netherlands-based Elivatix. The company is raising funds for the project on Kickstarter.

LUNALUXX Levitating Lamp

LUNALUXX Levitating Lamp

photos via Elivatix

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A 10-Piece Set of Brain Specimen Coasters

Brain Sections

ThinkGeek has created a nifty set of brain specimen coasters. The 10-coaster set features brain prints that make them each appear like one section of a full brain like those that might be created by a microtome. Each section is labeled, so it shouldn’t be hard to recreate the brain.

In your cerebral cortex right now, there are billions of neurons working like crazy so you exist. And the neat thing about these neurons is how we’ve hijacked a bunch of them into reading these words. Think of all the areas of your brain we are commandeering right now! Poop. We just made you read the word poop. We might also have caused memories and images of poop to plop through your brain. Whew, such power. To celebrate the power of our headiest of organs, we bring you these awesome Brain Specimen Coasters.

Brain Sections

Brain Sections

images via ThinkGeek

An Explanation for Why YouTube Video View Counters Often Freeze at 301 Views

In a recent episode of the Mental Floss series Big Questions, host Craig Benzine explains why the view counter on YouTube videos often freezes at 301 views. The freeze is an intentional step by YouTube to combat the practice of users paying for additional views. When a video hits 300 views, those views are reviewed and verified by YouTube. That process takes approximately a day.

Greg Benson Asks Fast Food Employees to Make Real Secret Menu Items and Ridiculous Food Combos That He Made Up

Internet prankster Greg Benson of Mediocre Films recently traveled to fast food joints and asked employees to make real items off of their secret menu. To throw the fast food workers off, Benson also made up some ridiculous secret menu food combos of his own and attempted to see if they would create them for him. The reactions to some of his made up items are fantastic.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

‘Paris – NewYork’, An Amusing Animated Side-by-Side Flashcard-Style Comparison of the Two Cities

The Nord Collective has taken a cue from the Vahram Muratyan book Paris versus New York: A Tally of Two Cities (previously), expanded upon the author’s original ideas, and created an amusing animation of the side-by-side flashcard-style comparison between the two wonderful cities that neither Parisian nor New Yorker can ignore.

To make this tribute real we couldn’t just use original illustrations directly, so we used Vahram’s ideas as base, completely reworked design and illustrations trying to keep visual similarity to original, animated all scenes and asked our dear friend The Cosmic Setter to write and perform original music and sound design for this project.

In 2012, illustrator Tony Miotto created his own tribute to the same theme.

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