Stunning Time-Lapse Footage Shows Undulatus Asperatus Clouds Rolling Like Waves Over Lincoln, Nebraska

A stunning time-lapse video captured by Alex Schueth shows an undulatus asperatus cloud formation rolling like waves over Lincoln, Nebraska. Undulatus asperatus is not yet officially recognized as a distinct classification by the World Meteorological Organization, but a petition has been filed by the Cloud Appreciation Society for its inclusion in the International Cloud Atlas.

A portion of the video was converted to an animated GIF and posted to reddit.


image via reddit

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Ping, An Incredibly Simple and Cryptic App Focusing on Content Over Design

Ping is an incredibly simple and cryptic app by the developers of Secret that focuses on content rather than design. If that seems vague, it’s because every description of the app is vague, including a lengthy post on Medium about the app by Ben Lee. The App Store’s description simply states “You’re going to like me.”

Ping was born out of a weekend hackathon where the goal was an exercise in simplicity. We were fascinated by the idea of an app that could tell you what you need to know, right when you need to know it. Why scavenge for content?—?it should come to you.

What is known, however, is that the app attempts to keep users up to date by providing handy notifications — notifications which are customized by how users use the app. Navigating between screens is accomplished via small circles which become larger portals. Ping is currently available on iOS and Android.

Ping App Ping App

images via Ping

The Dumpster Project, A Professor Living in a Dumpster for a Year in a Sustainable Living Experiment

Since February 4th, 2014, Dr. Jeff Wilson has been living in a 33-square-foot dumpster for The Dumpster Project, an ongoing experiment in minimalist living at Huston-Tillotson University in Austin. During the course of the project, Wilson and his students will be continually upgrading the dumpster through three distinct design phases: dumpster camping, average American dumpster home, and über dumpster. The current edition of the dumpster — phase two — features air conditioning, basic appliances and amenities, and water and power connections. The über dumpster, which will feature a pop-up second story and a folding balcony, is expected to launch in 2015. Wilson has committed to living in the dumpster for a full year. The project can be followed on Instagram.

The Dumpster Project

The Dumpster Project

The Dumpster Project

The Dumpster Project

photos via The Atlantic

via The Atlantic