The American Chemical Society Web Series ‘Reactions’ Explains Why Beers Become Skunked & How to Stop It

The American Chemical Society’s web series Reactions (see previously) explains why beers become skunked and how we can go about stopping it on their latest episode.

There’s nothing worse than reaching for a cold beer, taking that first sip and realizing your beer’s been skunked. Skunking is a chemical reaction that causes an awful, bitter taste. What can do to keep your brews from going bad? Quick answer: it’s all about light. Keep your beer in the dark, you won’t have to worry about skunking.

A Simple Way to Prepare and Serve a Pineapple at Parties to Share With Friends

Dave Hax (see previously) shows off a simple way to prepare and serve a pineapple at parties to share with friends. He cuts the pineapple into four quarters, slices the delicious fruit away from the skin, and then cuts fruit into tiny triangles. Hax finishes up by alternating each triangle piece to give it a stylish look.

music by Kevin MacLeod – “Look Busy

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Realistic-Looking Eagle Mask and Talon Gloves by Archie McPhee


Online novelty retailer Archie McPhee offers realistic-looking bald eagle masks and talon gloves that they say “makes you look like money (actual US currency in fact).” They also say the talons are great for perching on chairs, and the items fit most adult heads and hands.

The eagle means a lot of things to a lot of people, from being the symbol of countries (from the US to Iraq) to inspiring the name of one of the best-selling bands of all time (The Eagles). Now, YOU are the eagle and can take on whatever symbolism you choose.



photos via Archie McPhee