The Velvet Ape by They Might Be Giants

“The Velvet Ape” by They Might Be Giants, the week 27 video for their ongoing Dial-A-Song Direct series.

Startling Ink Illustrations of Animal Skeletons Attempting to Escape From Their Own Bodies

Lioness and Skull

Artist Paul Jackson, who describes himself as a full-time daydreamer and his work as “the weirder, the better”, has created intensely detailed and startling ink illustrations that feature the skeletons of various different animals attempting to escape from their own bodies, leaving skin and a fur behind. These prints and other merchandise are currently available for purchase through Jackson’s official store.

Bear Skull

Chimp Skull Extraction

Jackal Skull


Resurrection of the Wolf

images via Paul Jackson

via deMilked, Bored Panda

Animated Explanation of How Pregnancy Tests Work

Tien Nguyen explains how pregnancy tests work in the latest TED-Ed video animated by Andrew Foerster.

Over-the-counter pregnancy tests give potentially life-changing results with a pretty high rate of accuracy. But how do they work? Tien Nguyen explains how each test performs a scientifically rigorous, multi-stage experiment that goes from start to finish in the time that it’ll take you to watch this video.

Supercut of Jim Carrey Falling Down Over the Years

As an expression of love for Jim Carrey and his physical humor, Shawn Kohne created a supercut tribute to him falling down throughout his career.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

A Glorious New 720p HD Version of the Surreal Cows vs Aliens Animation ‘MOO’ by Cyriak

Cyriak Harris has re-uploaded his classic 2007 surreal cows vs aliens animation “MOO” to YouTube in glorious 720p HD.

When I first uploaded it in 2007, youtube had a maximum video quality of 240p, and the compression looked like someone had chewed up the video and spat it out. That has always bothered me with this video, so here it is again with more pixels. I also went to the trouble of extending it to 16:9 and fixed a few bits, which was a lot more work than I anticipated.

– Cyriak Harris

An Explanation Why Pepper Makes You Sneeze

Hank Green provides an explanation why pepper makes you sneeze on the latest episode of SciShow.

An Animation Explaining How Feet Help Us Sleep

The first animated episode of the new New York Magazine series The Science of Us–animated by Fly Machine Picture Co.–explains how feet help us sleep.

Artist Draws Gorgeously Detailed Portraits On His Hand That Can Be Transferred Onto Paper

Vintage Marilyn Monroe
Vintage Marilyn Monroe

California artist and teacher Russell Powell has created a series of gorgeously detailed portraits that he’s drawn onto his hand and can be transferred onto paper while the ink is still wet, thus creating a mirror image of the stunning artwork.

Vintage Marilyn Monroe Print
Vintage Marilyn Monroe Print

Bob Marley
Bob Marley

Bob Marley Print
Bob Marley Print

Sinead O’Connor

Lisa Bonet
Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet Print
Lisa Bonet Print

images via Russell Powell

via My Modern Met

A Project That Uses a Markov Chain Process to Create Surreal ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ Remixes

Calvin and Markov

Calvin and Markov is a project by Josh Millard that uses a Markov chain process to remix classic Calvin and Hobbes comic strips into something even more surreal. Millard details the process behind the project in a lengthy blog post on his site.

So far I’ve marked up the 1985 and 1986 strips, or about 14 months total. That adds up to about 1300 separate lines for Calvin (I peeked, it’s 1,268 lines containing 10,832 words total), a few hundred for Hobbes, 100+ each for Calvin’s mom and dad, and on the order of dozens for the other recurring characters.

This isn’t Millard first foray into weird Markov chain-based projects–Garkov is a similar project from several years ago that uses Garfield as a base.

Calvin and Markov

Calvin and Markov

Calvin and Markov

images via Calvin and Markov