Obvious Plant Leaves Hilarious Fake Descriptions for Ordinary Animals at Local Pet Store


Jeff Wysaski of Obvious Plant (previously) recently roamed around a local pet store and left hilarious fake descriptions for ordinary animals. A regular old pet lizard became a “Baby Godzilla Lizard,” a cute little rat turned into a “Gym Rat” that enjoys getting swole, and many others.





photos by Jeff Wysaski

Nine Cats Thoroughly Enjoy the Cardboard Maze That Their Creative Human Made For Them

The very creative human behind 9 Cats (previously) has created a wonderful maze out of cardboard boxes for her multiple playful felines who appear to thoroughly love this idea.

Cardboard Maze

Cardboard Maze

Cardboard Maze

Cardboard Maze

Perhaps this was the impetus for the maze.

images via 9 Cats

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‘Flower House’, An Abandoned Detroit Area Home Filled Top to Bottom With Fresh Flowers

Flower House ceiling

Lisa Waud of Pot & Box Floral Design purchased two abandoned Detroit area homes from a Hamtramck city auction and plans to fill them from top to bottom with fresh flowers in her art installation Flower House. After the exhibition period ends, the artist plans to have Reclaim Detroit demolish the house and the clear the land to make room for a flower farm. Heather Saunders visited Flower House during a trial run of the project and captured stunning photos.

The project is scheduled for October 2015 and donations to help fund Flower House can be made through Indiegogo.

Flower House

Flower House wall

Flower House corner

Flower House woman

photos by Heather Saunders Photography

via Huffington Post, My Modern Met

Big Bird Performs the Hip-Hop Song ‘Still Not a Player’ by Big Pun

Big Pun Bird” is a video edited by Benjamin Roberts that combines the Sesame Street character Big Bird and the rapper Big Pun by having Bird perform Pun’s classic “Still Not a Player.” To create the mashup, Roberts pulled clips from Big Bird’s Sesame Street video “That’s Cooperation” and synced his mouth movements to the lyrics of “Still Not a Player.”

For comparison, here are the videos for “That’s Cooperation” and “Still Not a Player.”

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100 Years of Beauty in India Shown Decade by Decade in a One-Minute Time-Lapse Video

In the seventh episode of their “100 Years of Hair and Makeup” series, Cut Video shares the visual history of the past 100 years of Indian beauty as demonstrated by a model named Trisha Miglani, whose hair, henna, and makeup are styled in correlation with the style of each decade.

South African Man Performs Near-Perfect Impressions of Various Farm and Domestic Animals

While traveling through South Africa, videographer Chris Schofield encountered William Jafta, an amazing impressionist who performed for him near-perfect imitations of various farm and domestic animals.

Jafta also performed his routine for Brian Hill while riding the train in Cape Town.

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‘Mad Max’ Video Game Trailers Drive Home the Reality of the Wasteland

The upcoming Mad Max video game, which is related though not entirely based on the recent Mad Max: Fury Road film, has released a couple trailers that drive home the reality of the wasteland. Mad Max features hand-to-hand combat, gunplay, and car battles. The game, developed by Avalanche Studios, is scheduled to release on September 1, 2015 and is available to pre-order on Amazon.

Mad Max Video Game

image via Amazon

Tiny Baby Grasshopper Gives a Woman a Tiny High Five

A baby grasshopper gives Kelea Martin the tiniest of high fives in this short video.

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