A Festive and Edible Series of Christmas-Themed Pancake Sculptures by Nathan Shields of Saipancakes

Nathan Shields of Saipancakes (previously) has recently created a festive and edible series of Christmas-themed pancake sculptures for the holiday season. In his time-lapse video, Shields demonstrates how he skillfully creates the ornaments, snowflakes, and candy canes.

Happy holidays, and thank you for spreading pancake love in the world!

Christmas Pancakes

Bill Gates Gives a Redditor a Loki Helmet and Plush Polio Virus as Part of a Secret Santa Gift Exchange

loki helmet1

Bill Gates participated in the annual reddit Secret Santa gift exchange and gifted lucky redditor calid7 with a replica Loki helmet from Marvel’s Thor franchise. Gates also gave calid7 a plush polio virus, a coffee table book of photos from Africa, and made a donation in her name to Shot@Life, an organization that provides vaccines for children in poor countries.

The amazing human being Bill Gates sent me a Loki Helmet which i have been dying to own ever since the first Thor movie came out!! He read my “pie in the sky wish” that i filled out in my questionnaire and fulfilled it! I also got an amazing coffee table book of gorgeous pictures of Africa (somewhere i desperately want to go, its on my bucket list!) with an inscription and a Giant microbes polio virus stuffed animal!

This year’s reddit Secret Santa broke its own world record for the largest Secret Santa gift exchange with more than 200,000 users participating. Last year, Gates gave his Secret Santa partner a stuffed cow and donated an actual cow to a family in need through Heifer International.

loki helmet2

photos via calid7

An Animated BBC Promo Featuring Three Pigeons Wreaking Havoc on a Newly Washed Car

In a 2011 animated promo for BBC health program Headroom, a trio of pigeons unleash their wrath on a newly washed car.

via The Presurfer

A Compilation Video Featuring Some of the Greatest Viral Videos From 2014

World Wide Interweb has created a compilation video packed full with some of the greatest viral videos from 2014. They feature the cute and funny five-year-old “apparently” kid, Noah Ritter, the heavy metal construction workers, and more.

video via Dailymotion

The Filmmakers of the 1980 Spoof ‘Airplane!’ Discuss the Genesis of the Movie’s ‘Jive’ Language

The filmmakers behind the 1980 disaster film spoof Airplane! discuss the genesis of the memorable “jive” language spoken between two passengers and later translated to a flight attendant by Leave it to Beaver actor Barbara Billingsley.

We got to the point where, in order for it to be consistent, we need to have a key or a code so we could actually be able to have a sense of rhythm.

via Nate Bolt

‘Hardcore DEVO’, A Concert Film Highlighting a 10 Show Tour by the New Wave Pioneers

Hardcore DEVO is a new concert film directed by Los Angeles filmmaker Keirda Bahruth that highlights new wave pioneers DEVO, focused a ten show tour in the summer of 2014, in which the band performed its earliest songs. The documentary will premier at the Roxie movie theater in San Francisco on Feb 20, 2015.

via Val Vale

Evil Christmas Pranks That People Can Play on Family and Friends

Household Hacker (previously) shows off six evil Christmas pranks that people can play on family members and friends in their latest video. They demonstrate how to turn someone’s toilet water the festive color of red with Kool-Aid mix, how to properly present someone with a fake MacBook Air, and more.

An Unaired 1974 Pilot for an Animated ‘Mad Magazine’ Television Series

The 1974 pilot for a proposed animated series based on Mad Magazine has surfaced online. The show, which featured animation based on the work of iconic Mad artists like Don Martin, Mort Drucker, Al Jaffee and Dave Berg never actually made it to television due to the perceived crude nature of its subject matter.

via Open Culture

Mike Myers Returns to ‘Saturday Night Live’ as Dr. Evil to Send a Message to North Korea and the Sony Hackers

Mike Myers returned to Saturday Night Live for their last episode of 2014, hosted by Amy Adams, to reprise his Austin Powers role as Dr. Evil and send a message to both North Korea and the Sony hackers.

The cold open began with Sam Smith (Taran Killam) singing an odd Christmas tune and Dr. Evil rudely interrupting him. Dr. Evil then gave his two cents on the North Korea and Sony hackers situation where Sony Pictures Entertainment was digitally attacked and threatened to cancel the release of The Interview, a comedy film starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, or else.

‘Self-Assembly’, A Comedy-Horror Short Film About Parents Who Adopt a Monster Baby

“Self-Assembly” is a mildly-disturbing short comedy-horror film in the vein of Eraserhead directed by Dublin filmmaker Ray Sullivan that centers on a couple who adopt a monster baby while mourning the loss of their own son.

via Short of the Week