Pibot, A Robotic Pilot Designed to Replace Humans in the Cockpits of Planes

Pibot is a robotic pilot created by researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (KAIST) in South Korea to potentially replace human pilots in plane cockpits. The humanoid ‘bot was specifically crafted to sit in any type of plane, offering a much more diverse array of functionality than drones or autopilot programs designed for specific aircraft.

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Every On-Screen Death in the Original ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy Compiled Into One Video

Digg has compiled every on-screen death from the original Star Wars trilogy into one video. Even though Star Wars isn’t known as a particularly violent franchise, the death toll gets surprisingly high thanks to major events like the destruction of Alderaan and the two Death Stars. Digg used information found at Wookieepedia for estimates as to the population of Alderaan and the number of crew members on specific spacecraft.

‘Flesh Computer’, A Dystopian Sci-Fi Short About a Handyman With an Organic Homemade Computer

“Flesh Computer” a strange and somewhat disturbing science-fiction short film written and directed by filmmaker Evan J. Cholfin that stars NCIS: New Orleans actor Rob Kerkovich as an apartment building handyman who has built a computer out of circuits and fleshy bits. The film also features Australian philosopher David Chalmers, who raises questions regarding the nature of consciousness.

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Simpsons World, Every Episode of ‘The Simpsons’ Available for Streaming in One Place

Following its Every Simpsons Ever marathon, the FX Network has launched Simpsons World, a site and accompanying mobile app that offer every episode of the long-running, beloved animated series for streaming. The mobile version is available on both iOS and Android. You’ll need to enter your cable provider for access to Springfield’s most famous family.

Simpsons World   Simpsons World

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LudoSport International, An Italian Combat Academy Based on the Art of Lightsaber Battles

LudoSport International is a Italian combat academy that trains students in martial arts based on the lightsaber fights from the Star Wars franchise.

Lightsaber Combat does not derive from any other combat art in any way. This is because the various sports that inspired Lightsaber Combat have not been used to supply single movements or techniques, but solely aspects that could be adapted to the instrument that this sport uses.

The organization has locations in several Italian cities and has branched out into other countries, including England, Ireland and Russia.






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