Belgian Artist Crafts Striking Portraits Using Found and Recycled Wood From Old Doors and Furniture


Belgian artist Stefaan De Croock who also goes by the name Strook crafts absolutely striking portraits that he creates with recycled wood and other found objects, using only the color of the objects to create shading within his pieces. Strook’s most recent project “Elsewhere” can be found on the side of an old furniture building as part of a collective public art project in Mechelen, Belgium, while his mixed media mural “Wood & Paint” can be found on a building in Strook’s hometown of Bruges. Strook speaks a bit about his style on his Facebook page.

My drawings and murals are populated by urban influences, but I combine them with organic forms and lines. My artworks are a combination of improvisation and construction. Spontaneity is very important in my work.

Wood and Paint
Wood & Paint

Mister Bruce
Mister Bruce

Mister Cassidy
Mister Cassidy

Mister Mortimer
Mister Mortimer

Miss Dubois
Miss DuBois

images via Strook

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‘Jurassic Weenie’, A Parody of the ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer Where Dinosaurs Are Replaced With Adorable Dachshunds

Austin, Texas-based filmmakers Anna Schatte and Calvin Millar have created “Jurassic Weenie,” a great parody of the Jurassic World trailer where all dinosaurs are replaced with Schatte’s adorable dachshunds Helicopter and Bazooka.

The original trailer for comparison:

Jurassic Weenie

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Maymo the Lemon Beagle Gets a Big Birthday Surprise of a Homemade Ball Pit Filled With 1,000 Rainbow Colored Balls

The very playful Maymo the Lemon Beagle was given a whopper of surprise when his human decided to celebrate Maymo’s birthday with a homemade ball pit filled with over a thousand rainbow-colored balls. And Maymo really loves his ball pits.

Time to celebrate Maymo’s birthday! Since Maymo loved getting 100 balls last year, we decided to up the ante and fill a DIY ball pit with 1000+ rainbow-colored balls (because gay marriage!). At first Maymo thinks it’s just an ordinary day with us rearranging the furniture, but he perks up when he sees the box filled with 1000+ colorful balls. …#lovewins

The Walking Cube, An Air-Powered Robot That Makes Wild Erratic Movements

The Walking Cube is an air-powered robot built by 1024 Architecture that comes to life and becomes a dynamic “animal” that twitches and jumps with wild erratic movements. The device uses 12 pistons to move individual pieces of the cube and distort its shape as it jerks around.

walking cube 4

walking cube 3

walking cube 2

walking cube 1

photos via 1024 Architecture

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Superfit Hero, A Line of High Performance Active Leggings for Women of All Sizes

Superfit Hero is a line of high performance active leggings that are made for women of all sizes and shapes. Founder Micki Krimmel used her own experience playing for Angel City Girls, a competitive roller derby team, to determine what was needed and what was missing in the activewear market for women.

We believe in the power of fitness to help women build strength and confidence to succeed in all aspects of their lives. We are committed to helping women feel confident and supported in their efforts with high fashion, high performance clothing designed to make them feel like superheroes. But do we really need ANOTHER brand of activewear? YES! Most major active brands only make high performance women’s clothing up through size 12. The average American women wears size 14. Superfit Hero is a size-inclusive brand of high performance activewear for women size XS-3XL. Join us on our mission to make fitness more inclusive, body-positive, and empowering for women.

Micki and her team are currently raising funds through Kickstarter to develop and bring Superfit Hero to market.





images via Superfit Hero

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An Amusing Demonstration of Mario Running Around an Oddly Realistic Environment in Unreal Engine 4

Game developer Aryoksini has created an amusing demonstration of Mario running around an oddly realistic environment in Unreal Engine 4. The actual animations and sounds are strongly reminiscent of those found in the classic video game Super Mario 64.

Here is Mario running in Unreal Engine 4, all the environment assets were taken from the Unreal marketplace, all the character actions were scripted using blueprints only, all animations were re-created from scratch as well as the PBR ready textures.

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A Look at the Rideable Self-Balancing Electric Scooter Boards That Could Become a New Tech Trend

In a recent video for Wired, Senior Writer David Pierce explains new self-balancing electric scooter boards while riding one around the Wired offices. The boards use a gyroscope to balance the rider on two wheels, similarly to how a Segway operates, but without the handlebars.

Pierce believes that with some more innovation, the boards could quickly improve in quality and drop in price, making them a potential new tech trend.

Tiny Hands, A Creepy and Hilarious Set of Small Plastic Human Hands


Tiny Hands by Vat19 are a creepy and hilarious set of small plastic human hands. The prankster in possession of the Tiny Hands can mess with friends by “popping on a long sleeve shirt and gripping the ball handles” for plenty of laughs. They are available to purchase online.

There isn’t anything particularly funny about a person’s hands. Unless, of course, they’re about five times too small for their body.

The set includes one right and one left miniature mitt so you can make a silly salute, give a hilarious high-five, and maybe even pop some bubbles on the Lawrence Welk show.

Just pop on a long sleeve shirt and grip the ball handles with the hands your mama gave you to make the switcheroo. Now it’s time to find a partner and play a ridiculous game of pattycake.



images via Vat19

An Animated Music Video for ytcracker Inspired by the Classic Video Game ‘Leisure Suit Larry’

“feel like leisure suit larry” is an animated music video by Doctor Octoroc for the song of the same name by nerdcore rapper ytcracker that takes obvious inspiration (both in the name and the video) from the classic video game series Leisure Suit Larry. The song is off ytcracker’s recent album introducing neals.

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