Super Slow Motion Video of the Flint From a Disposable Lighter Exploding

“Amazing Lighter Show & Flint Explosion,” the latest video from Slow Mo Lab, features Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrating some spectacular super slow motion tricks with a standard disposable lighter. He kicks things off by showing viewers (along with a “don’t try this at home disclaimer”) how to enlarge the lighter’s flame and then lights and tosses a flint, causing a fiery explosion.

A Compilation Video of Five Clever Life Hacks

Grant Thompson (a.k.a. “King of Random“) shares five clever life hacks in his latest compilation video (see previously).

In this video you’ll see how to:

- Unclog a sink or bathtub without chemical cleaners
- Use honey to heal cuts and blemishes
- Add protection and style to your trampoline with pool noodles
- Create makeshift handle tie trash bags from cheap trash sacks
- Use a juice bottle to help prevent food poisoning

music by Scott & Brendo – “Photographs

Supercut of ‘Bring the Noise’ by Public Enemy and Anthrax Sung By the Movies

Don Draper Says What has pulled together dialog snippets from 263 movies to create a supercut video of the lyrics to “Bring the Noise,” the 1991 collaboration between hard rock group Anthrax and Chuck D of Public Enemy. Turning on the video’s closed captions will display the name of the each of the movies as they pop up. Previous movie supercuts by Don Draper Says What include “Ice Ice Baby” and “Baby Got Back.”

Man Cracks 150 Walnuts With His Head in One Minute, Setting a New Guinness World Record

The Guinness World Records series Spotlight posted the official video showing Muhammed Rashid of Pakistan as he claims the world record for “Most Walnuts Cracked Against the Head in One Minute” at a head-crushing 150 nuts. Rashid performed the incredible feat on February 26th, 2014 at the Punjab Youth Festival where more than 30 Guinness world records have been broken in the last three years. Rashid’s record crushed the previous one which was set at only 44 walnuts.