‘Fabled Whiskers’, Stop-Motion Video Where a Man’s Magnificent Beard and Hair Grow When He Reads a Magical Book

Pete Simon (a.k.a. “Petey Boy“) has created “Fabled Whiskers,” a stop-motion video where his friend Tom Offer-Westort‘s magnificent beard and hair wildly begins to grow as he reads a magical book full of adventure and wonder. In 2013 we wrote about Simon’s stop-motion video “Ballpoint Barber.” Fans of Pete can help support him and his imaginative videos on Patreon.

Here is a behind the scenes look at “Fabled Whiskers”:

music by Paul Otteson – “Follicle Fables

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Kentucky Distillery Makes Their Signature Spirits Sing With Flavor Through the Use of ‘Sonic Aging’

The Copper & Kings Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky have a unique weapon when it comes to making their signature spirits sing with flavor through the use of “sonic aging”, a process that uses sound vibrations to excite the maturing liquid within the barrels. Music blasts at the distillery all day and all night, all different varieties, genres and styles. In an interview with Munchies, founder Joe Heron talks his belief that “happy brandy makes happy drinking”.

Heron …believes that the gentle vibrations of the music assist in the aging process for his craft spirits, absinthe, and brandy. By pushing frequencies inside the barrel, liquid constantly circulates, causing more surface contact with the oak barrels. Unlike bourbon, which moves in and out of the oak due to changes in temperature, his nuanced indie brandy calls for finesse and tender coaxing.

Copper and Kings

image via Copper & Kings

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‘Nat & Lo’s 20% Project’, A Video Series That Takes a Behind-The-Scenes Look at Side Projects Created at Google

“Nat & Lo’s 20% Project” is a new YouTube video series created by Google employees “Nat” (Natalie Hammel) and “Lo” (Lorraine Yurshansky) who are documenting side projects at Google created as part of the company’s 20% time policy that allows Google employees to work on independent projects 20% of the time. Subscribe to the “Nat & Lo’s 20% Project” YouTube channel for all the latest videos in the series.

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A Mathematical Explanation of the Number of Possible Chess Games

A recent episode of Numberphile gives a mathematical explanation of the number of possible chess games. In the episode, Dr. James Grime calls into question the Shannon number of 10120, the commonly accepted number of chess games, but one that was reached without much careful thought.

Grime takes a more measured approach to explain both the total possible games based on the longest possible chess game, but also calculates the arguably more important distinction of the number of possible sensible chess games where both players are making thoughtful moves, and arrives at the number 1040.

Musician Marco Parisi Proves That a ROLI Seaboard Grand Keyboard Can Sound Just Like an Electric Guitar

Musician Marco Parisi and Paul in the guitar department at Anderson’s Music in London recently played a wonderful game of call and response with Paul on electric guitar and Parisi on a ROLI Seaboard Grand keyboard. Paul would play a short phrase and Parisi would respond, repeatedly mimicking the sound of the guitar almost perfectly, until Paul was convinced.

Paul in our guitar department didn’t think a keyboard player could match his riffs, but look at his face when he’s proved wrong! Thanks Marco Parisi for putting Paul in his place!

In May of this year, Parisi played a tribute to the late, great B.B. King on his ROLI.

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‘We Call This Home’, A Short Time Lapse Video of a Photographer’s 3-Year Trip Around the World

In 2011, Photographer Walter Chang quit his job, took all of his savings and backpacked around the world. Since returning, Chang took his 3 years of documented travel and created “We Call This Home“, a wonderful time lapse video that captures bits of the 60 countries he visited.

3 years – 60 countries. In 2011 I quit my job after saving up and started to travel around the world. I trekked amazing landscapes, checked off the bucket list, hitchhiked, slept anywhere I could, and made countless friends. These are my memories. … I never once imagined myself traveling like this before I set out. I always thought globetrotting was only possible for the rich and adventurous, but this isn’t true. Traveling around the world with nothing but a backpack can be done with less money than you think and becomes easier everyday through online traveling tools.

Chang is currently raising funds through Kickstarter in order to create a hardcover book of the photos he took during his trip.

..traveling in this manner is really an educational experience and an investment in yourself. You get to see how other people live and how they view life. You also get time to reflect on your own issues from an altogether different perspective. In the end you may just come out wiser, more confident, and laid back. Then there’s the interaction with people vastly different from you who time after time are willing and eager to accommodate complete strangers, yet expecting nothing in return. The whole experience is incredibly humbling and urges you to give back in the same way.

We Call This Home

image via Walter Chang

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Lexus Teases a Luxury-Built Hoverboard Using Magnetic Levitation and Nitrogen-Cooled Superconductors

lexus hoverboard

Lexus has teased a luxury-built hoverboard called the Slide that they claim floats using magnetic levitation and nitrogen-cooled superconductors. The hoverboard is seen floating without a rider in a teaser video, and in a separate video, professional skateboarder Ross McGouran talks about what it’s like riding the device.

The Slide hoverboard is built from many of the same materials as Lexus cars, and the company promises to show it in action with McGouran riding on August 5, 2015.

photo via Lexus International