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Laughing Squid Store

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Laughing Squid Store. It features an eclectic mix of awesome gear and gadgets, software, lifestyle products, web services, designer assets, eLearning services, freebies, and much more great stuff at a deep discount.

Items in the store are available for purchase for limited time and we will be adding many new things all the time, so make sure to create a store account and subscribe to our store’s Twitter account and RSS feed to hear about the latest items available. When you sign up for our store, you’ll also be added to an email list with options for daily, weekly and monthly store updates which you can configure through your account settings.

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The Laughing Squid Store is powered by StackCommerce. They handle all support issues related to the store and manage the inventory and shipping of items.

Keep an eye out for our weekly roundup blog post highlighting items in the store as well as the occasional blog post about individual items in the store.

Here are some of the items currently available in the Laughing Squid Store:

Limited-Edition Code Black HD Camera Drone – $89.00

Bedphones Sleep Headphones – $39.95

Power Vault 18000mAh Portable Battery Pack – $29.99

BOLT Portable Battery & Wall Charger – $44.99

Soma Glass Carafe & Sustainable Water Filter – $35.99

BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer – $42.99

How American Sign Language Speakers Sign the Latest Internet and Pop Culture Slang


In this fascinating article, Hopes&Fears takes a look at how speakers of American Sign Language sign various Internet and pop culture slang terms including “selfie,” “five-second rule,” and “photobomb.” According to the article, there is no consensus on these new terms, so the signs vary depending on the speaker. To illustrate this, Hopes&Fears recruited a young ASL speaker, 12-year-old Brooklyn resident Tully Stelzer, and an adult speaker, ASL artist Douglas Ridloff, to demonstrate various slang terms on camera.

“Five-second rule”

“Food coma”



Hayward, California Installs Sassy Traffic Signs in Effort to Curb Speeding and Accidents

Sassy Street Signs in Hayward California

In an effort to curb speeding along a steep stretch of Hayward Boulevard, the City of Hayward in California installed seven traffic signs that are notable for their surprising sass. The city has released images of signs urging people to use their “eyes, brakes, brain,” clarifying that the 35 MPH speed limit is “a speed limit, not a suggestion,” and encouraging pedestrians to “cross the street, then update Facebook.” It’s unclear if the signs have reduced speeding, but they have been a hit online and in the media. The sign messages were created by Hayward city spokesperson Frank Holland.

Sassy Street Signs in Hayward California

Sassy Street Signs in Hayward California

photos via the City of Hayward

via SFGate

Two Spooked Llamas Take Off From Their Trailer and Send Rescuers on a Televised Wild Goose Chase in Arizona

Llama Drama

A couple of free-spirited llamas in Sun City, Arizona sent the Maricopa Sheriff’s Posse on a televised wild goose chase throughout the city before they were finally captured by three onlookers. The llamas made for an unusual sight around the Phoenix area neighborhood and it didn’t take long for the entire country to fall in love with the camelid couple, so much so that the ensuing chase became a trending topic on Twitter.

During the hour-long chase, the animals dodged cars as they crossed Thunderbird Boulevard, disobeying pedestrian and vehicular laws and forcing those who were following them through neighborhoods to run in circles. …The pair was separated briefly during the chase, but found each other again shortly before the black llama was lassoed in by two citizens near 103rd Avenue. Alone, the ivory-hued llama fended for itself against its assailants for another 15 minutes before it was finally lassoed by an onlooker who was riding in the bed of a pick-up truck alongside the animal.

It appears that the llamas were being taken to an elder care facility in order provide animal therapy. Three llamas were being transported, but only two of them ran when the trailer door opened.

Llama Capture

Llama in Park

Llama in Parking Lot

Llamas on Sidewalk

images via AZCentral

Charming Animations That Transform Letters Into Imaginary Buildings

Animated Buildings by Florian Schommer deepblue networks

Letters are transformed into whimsical animated buildings in Das Kreative Haus (The Creative House), a promotional project for the German creative agency deepblue networks. The eight structures, which combined spell “deepblue,” were created by graphic designer Florian Schommer of kjosk in collaboration with deepblue networks. The animated GIF buildings can also be viewed on Schommer’s Behance site.

Animated Buildings by Florian Schommer deepblue networks

Animated Buildings by Florian Schommer deepblue networks

Animated Buildings by Florian Schommer deepblue networks

Animated Buildings by Florian Schommer deepblue networks

images via Florian Schommer

via Colossal

A ‘Proof-of-Concept’ Video for a Film Adaptation of the Novel ‘The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To’

Filmmakers Dan Eckman and Meggie McFadden have posted a “proof-of-concept” video for a film adaptation of the novel The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To by their frequent collaborator DC Pierson.

The video introduces the two main characters Darren Bennett and Eric Lederer, teenage outcasts who are working on a comic book that comes to life.

THE BOY WHO COULDN’T SLEEP AND NEVER HAD TO is a coming-of-age sci-fi adventure in the tradition of “Back To The Future,” with classic teen-movie themes like friendship, first love, and betrayal playing out on a superhuman scale.

Darren, a high school outcast whose only refuge is his homemade comic book, gets launched into an adventure way cooler than anything he could dream up when he discovers his best friend has no biological need for sleep and can bring their dreams into reality.