An Animated Music Video for ytcracker Inspired by the Classic Video Game ‘Leisure Suit Larry’

“feel like leisure suit larry” is an animated music video by Doctor Octoroc for the song of the same name by nerdcore rapper ytcracker that takes obvious inspiration (both in the name and the video) from the classic video game series Leisure Suit Larry. The song is off ytcracker’s recent album introducing neals.

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Sierra Nevada Announces Partnership With German Brauhaus Riegele for Their 2015 Oktoberfest Beer

Ocktoberfest Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Brewery announced yesterday that they will be partnering with a different German brewery every year to create their seasonal “Oktoberfest” beer. The first of these partnerships is with Brauhaus Riegele, a famous 600-year old brewery based in Augsburg, Germany (In 2013, Laughing Squid partner David Klass helped launch Riegele in the United States). The collaborative Oktoberfest will be available in August, 2015.

We are beyond excited to officially announce our partnership with Germany’s 600-year-old Brauhaus Riegele on our brand new Oktoberfest beer. This beer marks the start of our annual Oktoberfest beer program, which will feature a different German collaboration partner each year. Watch out for our authentic Oktoberfest brew later this summer. Prosit!

image via Beer Street Journal

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Artist Imagines Pages for George R. R. Martin’s Actual Upcoming Adult ‘Game of Thrones’ Coloring Book

Game of Thrones Coloring Book

Barnes & Noble and The New York Times recently announced that Bantam Books will be publishing George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones Coloring Book, an actual adult coloring book authored by George R. R. Martin that will feature over forty-five illustrations based his A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy novels and HBO’s hit Game of Thrones television series. In honor of the news, Barnes & Noble tasked artist Grant Lindahl with imagining what the pages from the real book might look like. They are also offering seven blank pages from Lindahl’s made up illustrations, available to download as a .zip file, for fans to print off and color while waiting for the real book to release on October 27, 2015.

George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones Coloring Book is currently available to pre-order online from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Game of Thrones Coloring Book

Game of Thrones Coloring Book

Game of Thrones Coloring Book

Game of Thrones Coloring Book

Game of Thrones Coloring Book

images via Barnes & Noble

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LiquiGlide, A New Surface Coating Developed to Let Food and Other Products Slide Easily Out of Their Container


LiquiGlide is a new surface coating system developed at MIT that lets food and other products slide easily out of their containers, eliminating waste. The team that developed the system was led by Kripa Varanasi and David Smith who are working to bring the system to market.

A particularly interesting aspect of LiquiGlide is that it is not one material, but rather a system for creating a coating that can use different ingredients. That means different products will have different LiquiGlide coatings. To ensure that the coating is safe, LiquiGlide coatings can be made from food materials, and sometimes can even be made of the ingredients found in the product the LiquiGlide is helping slide out of the container.

photo via MIT News

‘Colors’, A Vivid Short Film Celebrating the Many Shades, Hues, and Tones That Exist in Everyday Life

Colors” is a vivid short film that celebrates the many shades, hues, and tones of different colors that exist in everyday life. The film was made by by Mill Valley, California-based production duo The Mercadantes, who also created the short film “Breath” earlier this year.

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The Dino Pet, A Toy Dinosaur That Comes to Life With Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates

dino pet 2

The Dino Pet is a toy dinosaur that comes to life with bioluminescent dinoflagellates. When the microorganisms are agitated, they glow brightly and swirl around inside the polycarbonate Apatosaurus shell.

dino pet 1

dino pet 3

dino pet 5

images via Vat19

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Quasi Modo, A Short-Spined Florida Dog Who Resembles a Hyena, Wins the 2015 World’s Ugliest Dog Contest

2015 World's Ugliest Dog

An unusual-looking, short-spined dog named Quasi Modo from Loxahatchee, Florida was named the 2015 World’s Ugliest Dog at the Sonoma – Marin County Fair in Northern California this past weekend due to his remarkable resemblance to a hyena. In a contest of 26 other dogs, Quasi Modo stood out amongst his peers

After much deliberation, worthy of a national beauty contest, and tabulation by an independent auditor, Quasi Modo, who looks like a hyena to some, was selected because he“epitomized excellence in ugliness” according to Chief Judge Brian Sobel. …The judges score the dogs on their first impression, unusual attributes, natural ugliness (cannot have been altered for purposes of the contest), personality and audience impression. A good many of the contestant dogs have been rescued from shelters and puppy mills and the Contest has done much to raise awareness for adoption of dogs and how no matter their physical detractions, these animals are loving companions.

Quasi Modo 2015

Quasi Modo



Some of the other contestants.








photos by Kira Stackhouse

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Father-Daughter Team Build Air-Powered ‘Musical Stairs’ and Surprise a Pizza Delivery Man

Inventor Ivan Owen and his daughter built air-powered “musical stairs” using pressure plates and antique organ pipes. After their build was complete, the pair ordered a pizza to see how the delivery man would react to the sound.

Owen has created a number of interesting inventions in the past like a steak knife weed-whacker, a cornstarch flamethrower, and his daughter helped him build an electric cereal-eating machine.

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The Bottle Boys Perform Johannes Brahms’ Song ‘Hungarian Dace No. 5′ Using Beer Bottles as Instruments

The five Denmark-based members of The Bottle Boys recently performed a fast-paced cover of the famous “Hungarian Dace No. 5” dance tune, created in the mid 1800s by German composer and pianist Johannes Brahms, using beer bottles as instruments.

For this video we decided that we wanted to challenge ourselves musically. We wanted to play something that would demand us playing really fast and still musically intriguing.

While brainstorming which song to play we found that we had made all too few interpretations of classical pieces of music which can be quite challenging. So we chose one of the most virtuosic pieces of classical music and made a bottle interpretation of it: Brahm’s Hungarian Dance No. 5.

It was quite hard and extremely fun to play, since there are a lot of changes in tempo and dynamics throughout the piece. The most well-known interpretations of it are played by a symphony orchestra lead by a conductor who makes all the interpretational musical decisions. So we had a lot of fun practicing to play this piece as “one mind” like a (bottle) chamber music quartet.

The original song for comparison: