Cartoonist Ellen Forney Documents Her Struggle with Bipolar Disorder in ‘Marbles’, An Illustrated Graphic Memoir

BiPolar Disorder

Cartoonist Ellen Foley has illustrated her struggle with finding a way to treat her diagnosis of bipolar disorder without sacrificing her creative process in her self-described graphic memoir Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me.

Shortly before her thirtieth birthday, cartoonist Ellen Forney was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Flagrantly manic and terrified that medications would cause her to lose creativity and her livelihood, she began a years-long struggle to find mental stability while retaining her passion and creativity. Searching to make sense of the popular concept of the crazy artist, she finds inspiration from the lives and work of other artists and writers who suffered from mood disorders, including Vincent van Gogh, Georgia O’Keeffe, William Styron, and Sylvia Plath. She analyzes the clinical aspects of bipolar disorder as she struggles with the strengths and limitations of a parade of medications and treatments.

Crazy Artist

Bipolar Carousel

Mania Pole

images by Ellen Forney

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‘Bust’d’, A Solo Art Show of Pop Culture Character Busts by Tom Whalen at Gallery1988 West in Los Angeles


Bust’d is an upcoming solo art show by artist Tom Whalen at Gallery1988 (West) in Los Angeles featuring a collection of his pop culture character busts inspired by comics, films, and television shows. The solo show will open on Friday, October 3rd, 2014 from 7 – 10 PM and be on display until the end of the month.

All pieces will be 8″ x 8″ screen prints with low editions. There will be 1/1 metal editions available for some of the characters as well as the original sketches I used to create the prints. I’ll also be bringing a few original pieces that I’m finishing as I speak.






images via strongstuff

The GoPro HERO4, A New Line of Cameras by GoPro Featuring Better Performance and Image Quality

The GoPro HERO4 is a new line of cameras by GoPro that features better performance and image quality than the previous generation, the HERO3+ Silver and HERO3 White. The HERO4 line is split into Black and Silver, with Black having ultra high-resolution video and a vastly improved processor, and Silver having a built-in touch display and improved — though not as improved as the Black version — processing and image quality. The HERO4 line of cameras is scheduled to be available on October 5th, 2014.

The HERO4 features ultra high resolution quality of 4K at 30 frames per second + high frames rates at 1080p120. Incredible low light capabilities, including our new nightlapse setting. 2X the high fidelity sound. Faster processing. Protune settings that unlock manual control of many of your GoPro’s features, and so much more.

HERO4 Black

HERO4 Silver

images via GoPro

22 Daredevils Lounging in Hammocks Suspended Between Two Cliffs in the Italian Alps

Hammock Stunt in the Italian Alps

Back in September, 22 daredevils lounged in hammocks suspended between two cliffs in the Italian Alps in a hair-raising stunt that took place at the Monte Piana Highline Meeting. The hammocks (16 in total) were suspended from a 164-foot-long double line, with two additional backup lines. Participants appear to have been tethered to the line with safety harnesses. The photos — taken by Sebastian Wahlhuetter — give a good sense of the gorgeous surroundings and the terrifying view down.

Hammock Stunt in the Italian Alps

Hammock Stunt in the Italian Alps width=

Hammock Stunt in the Italian Alps

photos by Sebastian Wahlhuetter

via KNSTRCT, My Modern Metropolis