Sleepy Cat Makes Adorable Quacking Noises Each Time His Human Coughs

A very sleepy cat makes adorable quacking noises each time his human Paul Sutyrin coughs. According to Paul, the cat quacks whenever he coughs or sneezes and that this odd habit does not require any human intervention.

This happens almost every time the cat sleeps or just rests. It’s also an answer to sneezing. It’s fun particularly when you are ill for real…No, I do not pull His tail Behind the Scenes

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A ‘My Little Pony’ Edition of the Classic Board Game ‘The Game of Life’

My Little Pony LIFE Box

The classic board game The Game of Life now has a special My Little Pony edition thanks to the company USAopoly, which releases brand-licensed versions of popular board games. The set comes with four collectable pony figurines and replaces the game’s traditional play money with “Friendship Points.” The set is available from ThinkGeek.

My Little Pony LIFE Set

My Little Pony LIFE Board

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MIT Graduate Student Proves the Benefit of Wearing Crying Babies Into Battle at BAHFest

MIT graduate student Tomer Ullman proved the benefits of wearing a crying baby into battle in a 2013 presentation titled, “The Crying Game: Infant distress vocalization as competitive advantage during violent conflict,” at The Festival of Bad Ad Hoc Hypothesis, or BAHFest. BAHFest celebrates well-researched and presented, but still ultimately wrong, hypotheses about evolutionary theory.

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