California Assembly Unanimously Votes to Rename the Waldo Tunnel in Marin County in Honor of Robin Williams

Waldo Tunnel

In September 2014, Marin county resident Julie Wainwright started a petition to rename the famous rainbow Waldo Tunnel, which connects San Francisco to Marin via Highway 101, in honor of the late, great Robin Williams.

Above each of the tunnel entrances are rainbows, which I believe personify Robin in that he was so playful, fun, accessible, alive and colorful. Plus, many people first learned of Robin from his role in the 1970s TV show “Mork and Mindy,” where he often wore rainbow-colored suspenders. For these reasons, I believe changing the tunnel name would be a fitting tribute to a man who was beloved in our community and admired worldwide. Robin was a one-of-a-kind type of person, and I want him to be honored in an unconventional, everlasting and beautiful way. This is just one way that we can do that.

Wainwright directed the petition to Assemblyman Marc Levine who then brought it before the California Assembly, who unanimously approved the motion on April 24th.

The California Assembly on Thursday unanimously approved a bill to name the tunnel just north of the Golden Gate Bridge after late comedian Robin Williams. Authored by Assemblyman Marc Levine, D-San Rafael, the legislation — which passed on a 77-0 vote — now goes to the Senate’s Transportation Committee.

The bill still needs to go through further government approval before the renaming is approved, but it’s definitely off to a good start.

image via Edward Betts/Wikimedia

via SF CBS Local, SFist

John Oliver Skewers Fashion’s Obsession With Cheap Clothing and Poor Oversight on ‘Last Week Tonight’

John Oliver skewered fashion’s obsession with cheap clothing and poor oversight during the latest episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. Oliver looks at a series of incidents over the past two decades that showcase the exceedingly seedy relationship cheap fashion brands have with suppliers that leads to trouble.

Trendy clothes are cheaper than ever. That sounds great for the people who buy them, but it’s horrible for the people who make them.

What the Dark Superhero Film ‘Man of Steel’ Would Have Looked Like With Natural Color and Brightness Restored

The team of video editors and motion graphics designers from VideoLab created a great three-minute video that showcases what DC Comics and Zack Snyder‘s dark 2013 superhero film, Man of Steel, would have looked like with the natural color and brightness restored. Their short video gives the gritty film a more vibrant feel, much like the original Superman film from 1978.

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The 19th Annual Webby Award Winners Have Been Announced

The winners of the 19th Annual Webby Awards have been announced. Comedian Hannibal Buress, who will host the Webby Awards ceremony on May 19, 2015, announced that the winners have been posted in a Funny or Die parody video. In the video, Buress hosts the “Deep Webbys”, a much darker version of the real awards, with categories like “Best Graphic Design in a Blackmail Letter,” “Fakest IDs,” and Buress’ clear favorite “Leakiest Wiki.”

The winners for the Special Achievements category are:

Webby Lifetime Achievement: Louis Rossetto & Jane Metcalfe
Outstanding Comedic Performance: Chelsea Peretti
Best Actress: Ellie Kemper
Special Achievement: Jerome Jarre
Best Actor: Tituss Burgess
Webby Breakout of the Year: Tinder
Special Achievement: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Webby Agency of the Year: Leo Burnett Toronto