Beautiful Black Jaguar Kitten Leaps Into the Pool and Goes For a Swim on a Hot Summer’s Day

When a beautiful black jaguar kitten named Cielo saw that her human caretakers at the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation were enjoying themselves in the pool on a hot summer’s day, she decided to take a running leap into the pool and go for a swim with a little help from her friends.

Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation was founded in 2013 with the discovery of Cielo, the first rescue the foundation made.

Cielo is a Black jaguar. The original people who “cared” for her at birth, planned to sell her to a pet shop owner whose mission was to drug her to take photos with the public for profit. We were so lucky to have intercepted her from a life (if one could call it that) in confinement. She was our first baby and the cornerstone of the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation. Cielo is a force of nature to be dealt with and she loves to exhibit her power, beauty, and grace whenever possible. …Allow us to tell you that taking care of any of these animals it is not for the faint of heart. These are powerful and unpredictable children of nature, not a pet or a toy. Do not underestimate the commitment, work, energy, strength, and resources that are necessary to care for just one of these incredible beings.

The foundation currently needs financial assistance and accepts donations through their site.

The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation will soon plead for your economical help in rescuing our planet and raising awareness regarding the care of our environment and that of the innocent creatures that us humans are forcing into extinction. If we don’t begin to change, then who will?

‘Words That Aren’t Words’, An Explanation of Sounds Used to Convey Meaning In Different Languages

In “Words That Aren’t Words” by Quartz features different people explaining the phonosemantic phrases that are specific to their native languages. In English, the sound “tsk” expresses disapproval, “meh” expresses apathy and “hmm” can express a variety of meanings including complete disinterest. Such is the same with every language in the world.

OCH (Scotland), it’s like “oh”, och aye – oh yes. … Ech (Poland), it’s a sigh of resignation, of apathy, of indifference. It can mean a lot of things. “Do you like that borscht I just gave you? Ech.

The KQED Series ‘Deep Look’ Explores the Capability of Harvard’s Swarm of 1,024 Autonomous Kilobots

In a recent episode of the KQED and PBS Digital Studios series Deep Look, writer Amy Standen explores the capabilities of the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering‘s swarm of 1,024 autonomous kilobots.

The quarter-sized bots are programmed as a group, and must work together to execute their orders. In the episode, Standen gives a number of examples of the kinds of tasks the kilobots can perform, and the ways researchers can learn from them.

A Student-Built Electric Car Breaks the World Record for Accelerating From 0 to 100km/h in 1.779 Seconds

An electric car built by students at the University of Stuttgart in Stuttgart, Germany recently set a new world record for “Fastest 0-100km/h Acceleration – Electric Car” with a time of 1.779 seconds. This broke the previous record of 1.785 seconds set in 2014 by AMZ Racing who supplied the motors for the Stuttgart car.

The team expects Guinness World Record certification within the next few weeks.

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Stunning Photo Series That Feature the Delicate Alien Beauty of Carnivorous Sundew Plants


In the gorgeous photo series “Drosera“, Finnish nature photographer Joni Niemelä has captured the incredible up-close beauty of the colorfully tentacled carnivorous plants commonly known as Sundews. Sundews are also featured in his newest series “Other Worldly Blues“, where Niemelä played upon their alien-like appearance and their predatory nature.

Sundews have always fascinated me, and I have been photographing these alien-like plants for several years now. My first first photo series ‘Drosera’ was mostly bright and vibrant, so I wanted to have some contrast to that in my second series of Sundews. I think the colors and the mood of ‘Otherworldly Blues’ reflect aptly the true nature of these carnivorous plants.



Other Worldly Blues

Other Worldly Blues

Other Worldly Blues

images via Joni Niemelä

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An R2-D2 USB Desktop Vacuum Cleaner That Can Help Tidy Up a Dirty Computer Desk

R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

The R2-D2 USB Desktop Vacuum Cleaner is an officially licensed, handheld version of the famous astromech droid from Star Wars designed to either play with or tidy up a dirty computer desk. It is available to pre-order online from TheFowndry and scheduled to release on September 4th, 2015.

The Force is strong with this one. Sorry! Couldn’t resist. But if your workstation is dustier than a Tatooine picnic, this R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum Cleaner is the droid you’re looking for.

Pootle your way around your workspace with the iconic astromech droid, hoovering up dust, crumbs and stray hairs as you go. A great office toy and handy way to keep the dark forces of grubbiness at bay.

R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

photos via TheFowndry

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‘Tiny Road Sign’, Photos of Animals by Small Road Signs to Remind City Residents That Gentle Wildlife Lives There Too

Tiny Road Signs
Crosswalk for Hedgehogs

Tiny Road Sign is a photo project by the Vilnius, Lithuania-based CLINIC 212 creative agency where gentle woodland animals are posed by small road signs all over Vilnius to remind city residents that they “not the only ones living in the city.” All photos were taken by freelance photographer Greta Gedminaite. The entire series of images and behind-the-scenes shots are available to view on the CLINIC 212 website.

Tiny Road Signs
Rest Area for Cats

Tiny Road Signs
Airport for the Birds

Tiny Road Signs
Duck Swimming Pool

photos via Clinic News

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