‘It’s Okay To Be Smart’ Explains Whether Flowers or Bees Came First

It’s Okay To Be Smart host Joe Hanson explains whether flowers or bees came first in a recent episode. According to Hanson, bees essentially exist because of flowers.

Bees and flowers have an amazingly close relationship. Flowers need bees in order to reproduce, and bees need flowers to feed their colonies. Take away one, and the other would disappear too. It begs the question: When it comes to evolution, which came first, the bees or the flowers?

Black and White Tabby Cat Plays Dead When Shot With a Finger Gun

Italian comedian Carmine Migliaccio demonstrates how his beloved tabby cat plays dead with just a single “shot” from a finger gun.

Finger Shot

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Head-Banging Cockatoo Dances in Perfect Time to the Classic Queen Song ‘Another One Bites the Dust’

In 2007, Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo kept perfect time as he danced on the back of the couch, banged his head, and generally stomped to the fabulous beat of the classic Queen song “Another One Bites the Dust“.

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A Profile of the Life and Inevitable Death of AIBO, A Robotic Dog No Longer Produced by Sony

A recent episode of The New York Times series Robitica–titled “The Family Dog”–profiles the life and inevitable death of AIBO, a robotic dog no longer produced by Sony. Now that Sony finally closed the last of its AIBO repair centers in March 2014, it is only a matter of time before there are no more parts to repair the critters.

They didn’t shed, chew the sofa or bite the postman, but for thousands of people Sony’s Aibo robotic dog was the closest thing to a real canine companion. So when the Japanese company stopped servicing the robots last year, eight years after it ended production, owners faced a wrenching prospect: that their aging “pets” would break down for good.

‘Rock Feast’, A Display of Rocks That Resemble Food Arranged With Dishes and Silverware

rock feast 4

Rock Feast is a series of photos taken recently at the San Diego County Fair that show rocks that resemble food arranged with dishes and silverware.

rock feast 1

rock feast 3

rock feast 5

rock feast 2

photos via Weird Universe

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How to Light-Paint a Skeleton Using Long-Exposure Photography

Darren Pearson, a Los Angeles based light-art photographer who creates amazing light-paintings, has made a video showing how to light-paint a skeleton using long-exposure photography. The entire process takes around two minutes.

A Wonderfully Surreal Video That Features a Mother Pig Blowing Up Her Babies as If They Were Balloons

piggy“, the latest surreal video by animator Cyriak Harris, features a mother pig blowing up her piglets one-by-one as if they were balloons, while the other porcine youngsters dance around waiting for their turns.

Two Little Girls Teach Their Energetic Dog How to Jump Up and Down On the Bed

In 2013, Gil Abramov captured adorable footage of two little girls teaching their very perceptive and energetic pit bull named Loco how to jump up and down on the bed. The girls first taught by example and then repeatedly encouraged him to continue on.

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A Tiny Kitten and a Baby Owl Happily Snuggle and Play Together at Japanese Cafe


A tiny calico Scottish Fold kitten named Marimo snuggles and plays with an equally tiny baby owl named Fuku at the Hukulou Coffee House in Osaka, Japan. While the cafe is primarily focused on all things owl, the kitten is certainly getting a great deal of attention, particularly from Fuku.

Kitten and Owl

Kitten Kiss

Owl and Kitten

Side by Side

Kitten and Owl Playing

images via Hukulou Coffee

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