Sportsball, A T-Shirt for Anyone That Doesn’t Follow Traditional Sports


Sportsball is a T-shirt by designer Jory Raphael for anyone that doesn’t follow traditional sports. The T-shirt isn’t currently available for purchase, but Cotton Bureau may reprint it in the future.

Celebrate your love of sportsball with this officially sanctioned National Sportsball Association League shirt. Just in time for the Super World Bowl Series Championships.



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Bad British Commentary for NASCAR Race Highlights

Number 17, tired of being in the lead, lets someone else have a go. How charming.

In this video, Anthony Richardson of The Exploding Heads comedy group provides his own bad British commentary for NASCAR race highlights. We’ve previously written about Anthony and his ongoing series of “Bad British Commentary.”

What happens when a British guy who knows nothing about NASCAR tries to commentate on racing highlights?

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Not Mine, A Designer’s Wonderfully Chaotic Animation Composed Entirely of Other Artists’ Images

Designer Guy Trefler created “Not Mine,” a wonderfully chaotic motion graphics animation, entirely out of art, logos, photos, and graphics created by other artists. The animation was his graphic design graduate project at Holon Institute of Technology in Israel. The animation illustrated his graduate thesis, that “nothing is original.”

Not Mine by Guy Trefler

Not Mine by Guy Trefler

Not Mine by Guy Trefler

GIFs by Guy Trefler

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Clever Calico Cat with a Fascination for Refrigeration Opens Freezer to Grab Wrapped Fish Filets

A calico cat named Lux, who seems to have a real fascination for refrigeration, cleverly opens up the freezer door to get at the wrapped fish filets inside in this amusing video posted in 2012 by miranda m.

Lux used to open our freezer as seen above. She would try to get any fish she could get her paws on. Her favorite was salmon! We had to use all kinds of methods to keep the freezer door shut.

Lux’s fascination is further demonstrated by her eagerness to climb in to the open refrigerator as well as the open freezer in these additional videos, also posted in 2012.

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