Caring Human Creates a Buoyant Harness For Her Disabled Goldfish

In 2013, a caring human who goes by the name synirr created a floating harness for her disabled goldfish who couldn’t swim to the surface of the tank due to a severe bladder disease. Using cork and other buoyant materials, synirr greatly improved the quality of the goldfish’s life, especially during mealtime.

My disabled goldfish scooting around in her newly redesigned sling. She has trouble maintaining buoyancy on her own. She looks a little silly, but it is better than lying at the bottom of the tank all day!


via SWNS, Bored Panda

Maymo the Lemon Beagle Helps His Little Sister Steal a Yellow Pepper From the Coffee Table

Maymo the Lemon Beagle (previously) comes to the rescue after seeing that his little sister Penny is having difficulty getting hold of a yellow pepper despite the numerous strategies she employs. Big brother generously knocks the brightly colored capsicum to the floor, thus making it easier for petite Penny to reach.

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Actor Sir Patrick Stewart Has His Gelato Game on Fleek

gelato game on fleek

A video posted by Patrick Stewart (@sirpatstew) on

Beloved actor Sir Patrick Stewart has his “gelato game on fleek” in this adorable video he posted on Instagram.

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Amazingly Detailed Colorful Animals Crafted by Japanese Balloon Artist Masayoshi Matsumoto

Hermit Crab

Japanese balloon artist Masayoshi Matsumoto has created amazingly detailed colored balloon animals that appear as lifelike as a balloon animal can possibly get. According to Matsumoto, balloons are the only materials that he uses to create these rubber masterpieces.

(translated) The work that has been published on this page is made from all balloon only. (Adhesive, magic pen, seal, etc. are not used at all)

Flamingo Parrot


Seahorse Chameleon

images via isopresso

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A Frank But Comedic Discussion Between Emojis About Diversity

A number of emojis participate in a frank but comedic discussion about diversity in an animated sketch by CollegeHumor. As it turns out, not all emojis agree on all aspects of this.

A Look at the Weaponized Electric Vehicle Robots Created by Justin Gray

Norm Chan of Tested took a moment to chat with Justin Gray (previously) about his weaponized electric vehicle robots while at Maker Faire 2015. Gray discusses making the rusted hulks, how they move, and why he does what he does.


photos via Justin Gray

A Groovy New Short Teaser for the Upcoming Television Series ‘Ash vs. the Evil Dead’

A new super short teaser for the upcoming Starz series Ash vs. the Evil Dead (previously) features just one word: groovy. The show, based on the Evil Dead movies, is scheduled to premiere in fall 2015.

A Dissolvable Miniature Origami Robot That Folds Itself, Walks, Swims, Carries, Digs, and Climbs

MIT scientists premiered their amazing Untethered Miniature Origami Robot that is able to self-assemble, walk on various surfaces, swim in shallow water, carry small items, and climb up different grades at the IEEE 2015 ICRA Conference in Seattle, Washington.

…we present a novel single-sheet structure that self-folds into a centimeter-sized mobile robot that subsequently walks, swims, and dissolves. The robot is controlled using an external magnetic field exerted by embedded coils underneath the robot. Equipped with just one permanent magnet, the robot features a lightweight body yet can perform many tasks reliably despite its simplicity. The minimal body materials enable the robot to completely dissolve in a liquid environment, a difficult challenge to accomplish if the robot had a more complex architecture. This study is the first to demonstrate that a functional robotic device can be created and operated from the material level, promising versatile applications including use in vivo.

Miniature Origami Robot

Origami Robot

Origami Robot Specs

images via IEEE