1980s Wendy’s Employee Training Video Used Disco Song To Show the Proper Way to Prepare and Serve Their Chili Meal

In the 1980’s Wendy’s Restaurants used an interesting tactic to relate the the “young people” working in their stores – an original disco-style song with straining rhymes to demonstrate the proper way to prepare and serve a special chili meal that included a Frosty, chocolate chip cookie and milk.

Chili can be served with cheese. Fill a third cup with the grated kind. Sprinkle on the top and put the bowl on the middle of the tray every time. Now Frosties come in four sizes – large, medium, small and there’s kid’s meal. Lift the pump and fill the cup, it should be thick and creamy so it will really appeal…

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Gertjie the Orphaned Baby Rhino Adorably Tries to Imitate the Hopping Gait of His Goat Friend

Gertjie the orphaned baby rhinoceros who cruelly lost his parents to poachers, adorably tries to imitate the hopping gait of his friend Lammi, a brown and white goat who makes sure that Gertjie is never left behind on the dirt road at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) in Limpopo, South Africa.

The HESC has documented Gertjie’s story from the beginning.

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Obedient Cat Backs Away From the Dinner Table on Her Hind Legs When She Is Asked To Do So

Momotaro, a beautiful white cat with black crescent eyebrows and amazing abs, obediently backs away from the dinner table on her hind legs when her human ko tama asks her politely to do so.

It appears that Momotaro’s preference for being upright started when she was a kitten and just grew with her, allowing her to develop the muscle strength she needed to be able to walk on her hind legs.

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