Parents Build a Working Optimus Prime Cake That Transforms From Truck to Robot for Their Son’s Sixth Birthday

Russell Munro and his wife created a working Optimus Prime cake that transforms from a truck into a robot for their son’s sixth birthday party. Munro posted a video of the cake in action at the party to the delight of the crowd, and also posted a separate video that shows the platform itself in action with the cake.

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Leaving Everywhere, A Tool to Randomly Generate ‘Why I’m Leaving [City]’ Style Essays Using U.S. Census Data

Why I'm Leaving Tucson randomly generated essay

Internet artist Darius Kazemi has created an online tool called Leaving Everywhere that randomly generates “Why I’m Leaving [City]” style essays using United States Census data. The tool pulls data like population, industry statistics, average income and uses them to justify why a person would decide to leave a city.

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Korean Designer Creates a Novel Coffee Cup Lid With Full Lips That Are All Puckered Up for a Kiss

Kiss 5

Korean industrial designer Jang WooSeok has created “Kiss When Coffee“, a wonderfully novel disposable coffee cup lid that features a protruding nose and big full lips that are all puckered up for a big kiss. The designer said that he “loves coffee and kisses” and wanted to combine the two.

I love both coffee and kisses. I always have coffee a day, but not a kiss. So I began to sketch the idea at the cafe. Funny, I imagined people have a pure joy when walking around kiss lid in hand. Different from the other coffee lids which have a usual hole to put a straw or to drink directly, Take ‘Kiss’ Out looks like a human face. Therefore, a coffee drinker experiences a visually funny and emotionally different coffee-drinking when drinking. This is a disposable cup& lid for B2B (Cafe franchise) product. Polystylene Material. And It will produce first this week. There is only mouth on the lid to start with prototype. However I felt like there was something missing in our early design concept. I realized that touch the noses is essential point in order to feel realistically while i kissed. So I add the nose and face muscle to the lid. Finally, It has the lineaments of that of a Greek statue as well as a friendly face.

Kiss Coffee Lid

Kiss Coffee Lid

Kiss Coffee Lid

Kiss Label

Kiss 1

images via Jang WooSeok

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Two Man Team Sets New World Record for Furthest Distance Traveled in a Tesla Model S P85D on a Single Charge

Bjørn Nyland and Morgan Tørvolt of Norway have set a new world record for the furthest distance traveled in a Tesla Model S P85D on a single charge. The team traveled 452.8 miles in the vehicle using hypermiling techniques to get the most distance out of their charge.

Nyland and Tørvolt caught the attention of Tesla Motors and founder Elon Musk, who shared their video documenting the journey on the Tesla Twitter account.

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Taylor Swift and Lisa Kudrow Perform a Live Version of the Song ‘Smelly Cat’ From the TV Show ‘Friends’

While performing at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, pop phenom Taylor Swift invited actress Lisa Kudrow, as her Friends character Phoebe Buffay, on to the stage to perform a live rendition of Pheobe’s signature song “Smelly Cat“. A good time was had by all.

Phoebe’s original version of the song.

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Creator Kurt Sutter to Develop a New ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Series Centering Around the Mayans Bike Club

Emilio Rivera

Kurt Sutter, the brilliant mind behind the incredible Sons of Anarchy has announced that he is planning to develop a new series that focuses on The Mayans, often depicted as a rival club to the Sons.

The Hollywood Reporter recently spoke with Sutter and the people who work with him on the set of his new series The Bastard Executioner, which premieres on September 15 on F/X.

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