A Pair of Maps Demonstrating the True Geographical Size of the African Continent

Africa Size

German software designer Kai Krause created a map demonstrating the true geographical size of Africa, driving the point home by fitting a number of other countries — including the US, China and most of Europe — into the outline of the continent. The Economist followed suit by creating a slightly reworked version of the concept, using different data points, but both examples drive home the same point: Africa is much, much larger than it appears on most maps. This is due to a sort of distortion that occurs when creating a two dimensional map from the global sphere.

Africa Size

images via The Economist, Mediaite

via The Economist

The Internet Archive Has Added Millions of Historic Images to Flickr

The Internet Archive Has Added Millions of Historic Images to Flickr

On Friday the Internet Archive announced that they are in the midst of uploading 14 million images from their book collection to Flickr. More than two million of the public domain images are already available on the Flickr Commons collection, Internet Archive Book Images. The images are sourced from 2 million books spanning the past 500 years and each image includes accompanying text from its source, making the entire collection searchable by keyword (for instance, “octopus”).

image via Flickr

Iris the Tiny Piglet Bounds Through the Grass, Gets a Belly Rub and Goes for a Walk Around the Neighborhood

A tiny piglet named Iris bounds through the grass, really enjoys a good belly rub, poses adorably for the camera and goes for a walk around her Miami, Florida neighborhood on a pink leash with her human Ashley Gonzalez, who rescued little Iris from a terrible fate.

For all those asking: Iris is a female piggy, a month and a half old and was rescued from near death by me – Ashley Gonzalez

via Huffington Post