Joe Cocker OBE (1944-2014), A Unique Singer Known For His Soulful Voice and Passionate Stage Presence

Joe Cocker 2010

John Robert “Joe” Cocker OBE, the English singer known for his soulful voice and passionate stage presence while performing, sadly died on December 22, 2014 from the ravages of lung cancer at his home in Crawford, Colorado. He was 70 years old.

Sir Paul McCartney, whose songs Joe covered during the course of his career, paid loving tribute his old friend.

It’s really sad to hear about Joe’s passing. He was a lovely northern lad who I loved a lot and, like many people, I loved his singing I was especially pleased when he decided to cover With A Little Help From My Friends and I remember him and (producer) Denny Cordell coming round to the studio in Savile Row and playing me what they’d recorded and it was just mind-blowing, totally turned the song into a soul anthem and I was forever grateful for him for doing that. I knew him through the years as a good mate and I was so sad to hear that he had been ill and really sad to hear today that he had passed away. He was a great guy, a lovely guy who brought so much to the world and we’ll all miss him.

Well said Sir Paul. Rest in peace Joe. We will miss your beautiful voice indeed.

Joe Cocker_1970

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How to Make a Pair of Functional Pliers From a Solid Block of Wood in Ten Cuts

In a fascinating short video, woodworker David Warther demonstrates how to make a pair of functional wooden pliers from a small block of wood in just 10 cuts. The wooden pliers are given away to children who visit the Warther Museum, a Dover, Ohio institution dedicated to David Warther’s father, master woodworker Ernest “Mooney” Warther.

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‘Neighbors’, A Web Series by Comedian Jackie Jennings About Annoying Neighbors in an Apartment Building

Neighbors is a web series by comedian Jackie Jennings about a series of annoying neighbors knocking on the door of her apartment. Jennings deals with neighbors who share garbage, overshare their evening plans, and even one who doesn’t know the differences between babies and cats.

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Chinese Artist Li Hongbo Cuts Beautiful Metal Art in the Blades of Knives

Knife Blade Art by Li Hongbo

Chinese artist Li Hongbo (previously) cuts animals, figures, and scenes directly into knife blades in his latest sculpture series. In some pieces, the sculptural forms are cut out of the blades and removed, in others, they are cut and popped up, like pop-up book art. Hongbo’s knives vary in scale from life-size Chinese cooking knives to monumental knives some 6.5 feet in length. The series was recently on display at “Shadow of Knives,” Hongbo’s solo show at Contemporary by Angela Li gallery in Hong Kong.

The initial concept of this metal series came to Li back in 2007, the same time as he developed his extremely successful expandable paper sculptures series, during his studies at Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Arts. ”Shadow of Knives” is a warning he gives the society – human beings will eventually destroy themselves because of their gluttony and their abuse of animals.

Knife Blade Art by Li Hongbo

Knife Blade Art by Li Hongbo

Knife Blade Art by Li Hongbo

Knife Blade Art by Li Hongbo

photos via Contemporary by Angela Li


A Series of Festive Facts About Holiday Songs

Mental Floss guest host Mike Rugnetta, traditionally associated with PBS Idea Channel, shared a series of facts about holiday songs in the latest episode of List Show. For example, the song “Up on the House Top” was the first to mention Santa Claus.

Esther the Wonder Pig, Over 650 Pounds of Lovable Porcine Inspiration Who Forever Changed the Lives of Two Men

In 2012, two Canadian men named Steven and Derek adopted a tiny female pig whom they they were told was a “micro-pig” and named her Esther the Wonder Pig. But when Esther started getting bigger and bigger and the two men realized that they had been duped, it was too late. Both of them, along with the rest of the family, fell in love with the giant porcine, became vegan out of respect to Esther and even raised funds to build a farm in order to accommodate her enormous girth, as well as providing a home for other pigs.

Esther is a pig, that’s really all we know since she was misrepresented as a “micro-pig”. She was born in Summer of 2012 to what we believe was a commercial farm litter. She was somehow removed, perhaps because she was a runt?, and she found her way to us. This isn’t Esther’s fault, she didn’t ask for the life she was given. We have the chance to provide her with the life she deserves, not the one she was bred for. What kind of people would we be to deny her that? She deserves everything we can ever give her.

Esther in Bed

Esther Outside

Esther and Friends

Sleepy Esther

Daddy's Little Girl

Esther the Wonder Pig Inside

images via Esther the Wonder Pig

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Live-Action Marvel and DC Comics Superheroes Face Off Against Each Other in an Epic Movie Trailer Mashup

YouTuber Alex Luthor has created an “epic” movie trailer mashup where live-action Marvel and DC Comics superheroes face off against each other. Luthor compiled footage from the live-action films and television shows from both companies to make this wishful idea into an amazing visual concept.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Why Stephen Hawking Is a Science ‘Badass’

In a video promoting the Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (previously) explains the phenomena known as Hawking radiation and why it makes Hawking a science “badass.”

The film focuses on Hawking’s life during the time he met and fell in love with his first wife Jane Wilde.

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Google Reveals the First Real Build of Their Self-Driving Car Prototype

Google Self-Driving Car

Google has revealed the first real build of their self-driving car prototype that they initially unveiled in May 2014. The prototype now includes legitimate headlights, even.

The vehicle we unveiled in May ( was an early mockup—it didn’t even have real headlights! Since then, we’ve been working on different prototypes-of-prototypes, each designed to test different systems of a self-driving car—for example, the typical “car” parts like steering and braking, as well as the “self-driving” parts like the computer and sensors. We’ve now put all those systems together in this fully functional vehicle—our first complete prototype for fully autonomous driving.

photo via Google Self-Driving Car Project

‘Waiters Who Are Nauseated By Food’, A 1996 ‘Dana Carvey Show’ Sketch Featuring Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell

In a 1996 sketch from the the short-lived Dana Carvey Show, comedians Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrell brilliantly play a couple of waiters who are extremely nauseated by food and do their best to contain themselves when reading the day’s specials to a customer. In 2008, Daily Show co-creator Madeleine Smithberg said that it was this sketch that made her want to hire each of them during a live “Inside Media” interview at the Paley Center for Media.

It was this skit from the Dana Carvey Show called “Waiters Who Are Nauseated By Food” and I get a lot of tapes, and most of them not that great, and this thing just cracked me up.

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