A Surprisingly Quick Tortoise Can Almost Keep Up With a Playful Dog as They Chase One Another Around the Yard

A surprisingly quick-moving sulcata tortoise named Sheldon can almost keep up with a playful Pit Bull named Dolly as they happily chase one another around the yard of their new home together. Both animals had been rescued by Humane Society of Northern Texas in Fort Worth, Texas.

Their owner says they love to play chase like in this video and that Dolly even tries to get Sheldon to play with her favorite ball, though so far he’s had no interest. Look how speedy Sheldon is! These two are great examples of just how amazing rescued animals are and how friendship doesn’t see species!

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Common Misconceptions About Allergies Logically Examined, Explained, and Debunked

In the Mental Floss video “Misconceptions about Allergies“, host Elliot Morgan lists the most commonly held beliefs about allergies and examines, explains, and debunks each misconception in a logical manner.

Misconception number seven: allergic reactions come from allergens. You can actually blame your own immune system for those pesky hives. Once your body inhales, eats or comes into contact with the allergen, the immune system misidentifies it as this harmful substance. Then it makes antibodies which attack the allergen. So the allergen isn’t attacking your body, it’s actually the other way around.

An Art Print by Pop Chart Lab Imagining the Business Cards of Popular Comic Book Superhero and Villain Alter Egos

The Vocations of Heroes and Villains

The Vocations of Heroes and Villains is a new art print by Pop Chart Lab that imagines the business cards of popular comic book superhero and villain alter egos. Signed and numbered prints are available to purchase online.

From Clark Kent to Tony Stark to Bruce — both Banner and Wayne — as well as a slew of notable CEOs (Green Arrow, Green Goblin), mallet-wielding psychiatrists (Harley Quinn), and patriotic military personnel (Captain America, War Machine). The credentials of over 30 secret identities are featured here—all beautifully designed and hand-illustrated—to form a brave, bold, and business-casual Rolodex that makes for an uncanny addition to your wall.

The Vocations of Heroes and Villains

images via Pop Chart Lab

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A Seven-Foot-Long Airbus A310 Model Flying Inside an Exhibition Hall at Incredibly Slow Speeds

A seven-foot-long Airbus A310 model aircraft takes off and flies around a large indoor exhibition hall at a remarkably leisurely pace in this 2011 video shot at the Modell Hobby Spiel, an exhibition for model enthusiasts that is held annually in Leipzig, Germany. The 1/22 scale aircraft was designed and built by model aircraft designer and competitive pilot Martin Müller. It weighs just 10 ounces, which explains the model’s ability to fly at seemingly impossibly slow speeds.The extremely low weight is reportedly achieved with the help of helium inside the fuselage.

Airbus A310 Model Flying Inside

Airbus A310 Model Flying Inside

Airbus A310 Model Flying Inside

Airbus A310 Model Flying Inside

photos by Donatas Paužuolis

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‘Breaking Dogs’, A ‘Reservoir Dogs’ & ‘Breaking Bad’ Mashup in Which Mr. White Disagrees With Being Called Mr. Pink

Marca Blanca (previously) has created “Breaking Dogs,” a funny mashup of Quentin Tarintino‘s classic crime film Reservoir Dogs and AMC‘s hit television show Breaking Bad in which Mr. White (played by Bryan Cranston) disagrees with the Mr. Pink job title that he is given. Walter ends up getting his way in the end with his raw intimidation and makes Joe Cabot (played by Lawrence Tierney) say his name.

Ink the Curious Giant Pacific Octopus Comes Dangerously Close to Falling Out of His Enclosure at the Seattle Aquarium

A curious giant Pacific octopus, adorably named Ink, almost fell out of his enclosure while investigating his new home at the Seattle Aquarium, much to the delight and alarm of aquarium visitors. YouTube user IsoscelesKr4mer captured footage of the cephalopod’s daring feat, which has received lots of attention, including outcries from the public for Ink’s freedom. Tim Kuniholm, the director of public affairs at the aquarium, said that Ink was not trying to escape when he told Q13 FOX News that the video is of “one of our staff members helping Ink back into his exhibit after exploring the edge.”

The Seattle Aquarium works extensively to conserve the octopus population in Puget Sound and just last year successfully advocated for a ban on recreational octopus collection at seven popular dive sites in the area. They also release octopuses back into the wild, including the releases of octopuses Hazel and Franklin just in the last few weeks.

The giant Pacific octopus is the largest species of octopus in the world, and is known to be highly intelligent, capable of deeds such as photography and opening jars from the inside. Guests of the aquarium can see them in action and view feedings of the giant Pacific octopus twice daily.

Hazel’s release

Franklin’s release

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A New Study Says Humans Smell Their Hands After Shaking Hands With Someone, Possibly Sending Chemical Messages

A new study done by a team of researchers led by professor Noam Sobel at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel points to the newly discovered human behavior that we smell our hands after shaking hands with another person. Similar to how dogs smell each other’s butts to convey chemical messages, Sobel and his team believe shaking hands may provide a form of subliminal social chemosignaling.

Video of some of the subjects shows the behavior, as they as are greeted on camera with a handshake.

The team also studied how gender impacts hand-smelling frequency. After shaking hands with a member of the same gender, test subjects smelled their shaking hand 100% more often than a control. Conversely, handshakes with members of the opposite gender saw a sharp increase in the smelling of one’s own non-shaking hand.

An Unboxing Video of a Man Unpacking His Pet Tortoise After Four Months of Hibernation in His Refrigerator

An unboxing video created by artist Neil Slorance shows him unpacking his pet tortoise Herman after four months of hibernation in a refrigerator. In the video, Slorance explains why letting Herman hibernate in a refrigerator is a safer option than letting him hibernate outdoors as the tortoise slowly wakes up.

Herman has appeared in some of Slorance’s work, including two comic strips about his hibernation.

‘Weapon of Mass Instruction’, A Tank-Shaped Mobile Free Library

Buenos Aires, Argentina-based artist Raul Lemesoff built the Arma de Instruccion Masiva, or the Weapon of Mass Instruction, a tank-library hybrid mobile sculpture that is used to distribute books throughout Buenos Aires and the rest of Argentina. The project is run solely as a method to distribute books freely; the artist asks only that the recipients promise to read the books they receive. Donations of money or books can be coordinated through the project’s donation page.

The ADIM is… a unique piece of art, protest, encouragement, an image from another dimension in this set. It conveys a specific message that transcends the boundaries of art and traditional art, the site of action outside museums, cultural centers or libraries.

Beverage company 7 Up recently produced a short film featuring Lemesoff as he and his giant, book-covered vehicle give books to kids and adults alike in his own style of euphoric enthusiasm.

Weapon of Mass Instruction

Weapon of Mass Instruction

Weapon of Mass Instruction

images via Arma de Instruccion Masiva

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