MinutePhysics Explains How Airbus Designs and Builds a Commercial Airplane

MinutePhysics (previously) takes a behind-the-scenes trip to the offices of Airbus to explore how the company designs and creates a commercial airplane, including some of its more unorthodox procedures.

They even shoot several dead ducks into the engine at high speed to make sure it can continue to provide thrust if it encounters a flock of birds.

SoundWorks Collection Speaks With the Sound Team Behind the 2014 ‘Godzilla’ Reboot

In its latest video, SoundWorks Collection (previously) speaks with Sound Editor Erik Aadahl and Sound Designer Ethan Van der Ryn about the sounds of the recent Warner Brothers Godzilla reboot.

Obviously for sound people, with “Godzilla” there’s so much history and it’s so iconic, sonically.

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Time-Lapse Video of Building Projections and Illuminated Sculptures in the Amsterdam Light Festival

London photographer Jack Fisher traveled to the Netherlands to shoot time-lapse video of the Amsterdam Light Festival, a multi-month-long event that fills the Western European city full of illuminated sculptures, building projections and other on-going light shows.

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VHX Video Distribution Platform Introduces a Mobile App for Streaming and Sharing Videos


VHX (previously) has launched an iOS app companion to its premium video sharing platform that makes it possible to watch videos on the go, stream them to other Apple devices via AirPlay and share them through social media sites like Twitter. The app offers up access to the new VHX Library, which culls together all of the videos purchased through the service.



images via VHX

‘SNL’ Parodies the Popular Podcast ‘Serial’ by Investigating Whether Kris Kringle Can Magically Deliver Toys

Saturday Night Live parodied the popular podcast Serial (previously) with a sketch where the show’s host Sarah Koenig (played by Cecily Strong) investigates a child’s claim that an elf named Kris Kringle (Kyle Mooney) magically delivered him a Nerf N-Strike Mega Magnus Blaster on December 25th, 1999.

‘The Art of the Marbler’, A Fascinating 1970 Educational Film About Paper Marbling

The 1970 British educational film “The Art of the Marbler” offers an in-depth look at paper marbling, a centuries-old technique for creating beautiful marble-like patterns on paper. The film was directed by one K.V. Whitbread (yes, really) and was produced by the Bedfordshire County Council. It was posted online by the Bedfordshire and Luton Archives.

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Wind-Powered Strandbeest Kinetic Sculpture Model Kits by ThinkGeek

Theo Jansen Strandbeest Model Kits by ThinkGeek

Over the years we’ve posted many times about Strandbeests, the wondrous large scale wind-powered kinetic sculptures created by Dutch artist Theo Jansen. Anyone who has ever wanted their own Strandbeest is in luck–ThinkGeek has released two miniaturized Strandbeest sculptures as snap-together plastic model kits. The Strandbeest kits include a Rhinocerous Mini-Beest and a propeller-driven Strandbeest.

Theo Jansen Strandbeest Model Kits by ThinkGeek

Theo Jansen Strandbeest Model Kits by ThinkGeek

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USGS Creates Incredibly Detailed Geological and Structural Map of the West Candor Colles Area of Mars

The United States Geological Survey has created an incredibly detailed geological and structural map of the West Candor Chasma area of Mars. The map is the most detailed ever of an area of Mars and was constructed by Dr. Chris Okobu using data taken from the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

The USGS also released a map flyover animation of the region.

mars candor map 3 mars candor map mars candor map 2

images via USGS

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Man Uses Wooden Spoon to Gently Shoo a Hungry Possum Who Stole a Yummy Sandwich Roll From His Kitchen

When a hungry possum came into his kitchen through an open window, resident Alex Steel used a wooden spoon to gently shoo the stubborn critter who was busy munching on a stolen sandwich roll, back out the very same window. At first the possum was a little confused, but eventually made it safely onto the outside ledge, with the stolen bread in tow.

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Blink, A News Ticker That Generates an Unending Stream of Sensational Nonsense Headlines

Nonsense New Ticker by Jim Buell

London-based artist Jim Buell has created Blink, an electronic news ticker that algorithmically generates an unending stream of sensational nonsense headlines like “Justin Bieber Executes Dog in America” and “Medical Suspect Marries Radical Tree.” According to Buell, Blink is a commentary on the pervasive addiction to low quality news and dubious information in contemporary culture. Buell imagines that such a device might be used in the near future to algorithmically generate junk news for public consumption.

Nonsense New Ticker by Jim Buell

photos via Jim Buell

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