Richard Scarry’s Beloved ‘Busytown’ Characters Humorously Reimagined for the 21st Century


Tom the Dancing Bug cartoonist Ruben Bolling has taken it upon himself to update the characters of children’s author Richard Scarry’s beloved Busytown world with jobs like “Rage Pundit” and “Fart-Sound App Maker.”

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Vimeo on Demand Adds the Cult Classic Series ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000′ With Three Exclusive Episodes

Vimeo on Demand has added the cult classic series Mystery Science Theater 3000 with a catalog of 83 episodes including three exclusives: “The Painted Hills,” “Jungle Goddess,” and “The Screaming Skull.” Individual episodes can be rented for $2.99 or downloaded for $10.99, and the full collection can be purchased for $299.99 through the Vimeo on Demand MST3K site.

painted hills



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Interactive 360-Degree Video of Action Sport Windsurfers in Hawaii

Red Bull
employed panoramic video company Veja360 to capture video of Jason Polakow and a group of fellow windsurfers taking on Hawaiian surf. The video was created by attaching the camera to the end of a long pole mounted to Polakow’s back. A fully interactive version can be viewed on the Veja360 site.

‘King Snare’, An Ad for British Brewer Greene King Featuring Jazz Drummer Steve Noble

“King Snare” is a two-minute ad for brewer Greene King directed by filmmaker George Belfield that features veteran British jazz drummer Steve Noble improvising an impressive solo behind his 40-year-old drumset–stopping only to take a drink from a pint of IPA.

The two-minute film dramatises the intuitive craft that goes into brewing beer.

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Gorgeous Samoyed Dog Happily Performs the Wonderful Tricks That He’s Learned Over the Past Year

A gorgeous white Samoyed named Vasko happily performs a series of the wonderful tricks that he’s learned over the past year. According to his to human, Vasko was having a lot of fun, particularly in the snow.

(translated) A new Vasko video which took one year as of 16 November. He has made progress in obedience and agility and learned new tricks. It snowed a little here, he was all happy as you can see. Not everything is in the video but I tried include the main ones.

Here’s some footage of Vasko training with his human in May 2014.

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The Gute Shepherd Hut, A Small Prefabricated Trailer Hand Built From Wood

Sheperd Hut

The Shepherd Hut is a prefabricated mobile trailer hand built from wood by Ontario small house designers Gute. The little homes ship fully furnished and are modular, making it possible for their owners to continually upgrade them.

Sheperd Hut

Sheperd Hut

Sheperd Hut

Sheperd Hut

images via Gute

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Tested Profiles the Work of Creature Portrait Sculptor Mike Hill

Tested paid a visit to British artist Mike Hill, who designs highly detailed and extremely lifelike creatures. Hill creates many realistic portraits, but his true passion is for movie monsters.

I deal with hyper-realism, and my love is the classic Universal Monsters. I like to remake these guys from the old movies, and I always say that I want it to be like they’re meeting a friend for the first time.

Mike Hill

Mike Hill

Mike Hill

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