NYC Bicycle Delivery Man Wears a Camera on His Helmet to Provide a First Hand View of a Typical Work Day

Gabriel Martinez Rios, a bicycle deliveryman for the New York City restaurant S’MAC agreed to wear a GoPro camera on his bike helmet for The Huffington Post and provided a first hand view of a what a typical day at work looks like to him.

Gabriel Martinez Rios is one of thousands of restaurant workers who are responsible for your gastronomical delight. He delivers meals to hungry New York City residents by way of his bicycle, spending approximately 40 hours of his week transporting orders for S’MAC, a New York City restaurant that specializes in macaroni and cheese dishes. On a rainy afternoon shift in March, Rios strapped a GoPro to his bike helmet and captured what he says is a typical workday.

Gabriel Rios by Irina Dvalidze

photo by Irina Dvalidze

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

‘The Beth Project’, A Playful Photo Series in Which a Woman Poses With Her Smaller Self After Losing 150 Pounds

Beth Beach

Canadian photographer Blake Morrow has created The Beth Project, a wonderfully playful photo series in which he posed his friend Beth interacting with herself by pairing together images taken before and after she lost an incredible 150 pounds. The series took two years to complete.

Morrow photographed Beth posing as two characters, her “Before” and “After” selves two years apart, and seamlessly integrated them so they appear to interact with each other within each scene. To properly communicate and celebrate Beth’s accomplishment, her body has not been digitally altered in any way.

Beth vs. Beth

Beth Boxing

Beth - Space

Beth TShirt

Beth Prison

Beth Diva

Beth - Frida and Diego

images via Blake Morrow

via PetaPixel

‘An Object at Rest’, An Animated Short Film Telling the Story of a Stone Over Geological Eras

An Object at Rest” is an animated short film by Seth Boyden that tells the story of a stone over geological eras and the eventual interruption of the stone’s peaceful slumber caused by humans. The beautiful watercolor backgrounds set an organic tone that highlights the earthy, natural feel of the film.

Boyden also created a series of adorable miniatures from scenes in the film.

An Object at Rest miniature rock and tree

An Object at Rest miniature rock and man

An Object at Rest miniature rock

photos via Seth Boyden

via Vimeo Staff Picks

The New Host of ‘Anglophenia’ Introduces Herself by Giving a Tour Around a Typical British Home

In the episode “Confusing Things About British Homes” of Anglophenia (previously), new host Kate Arnell introduces herself by giving a tour around her London apartment, explaining the notable differences between British and American homes particularly when it comes to the lavatory.

This is worth getting right before you’re in too much of a hurry. Should you need to use the conveniences, ask for a bathroom and you may be directed to a room with a bath in it, but no toilet. The Brits are terribly literal like that. By all means, ask if you can use the toilet, or the lavatory, or the loo, and they will immediately direct you to the nearest room in which you can do your business. Due to a healthy fear of electrocution, British bathrooms don’t tend to be wired up for electricity, as it does not play nicely with water. …Some bathrooms don’t even have the light switch in the room: It’s out in the hall or landing, just by the door. It’s worth checking this before you find yourself feeling a wall in the middle of the night while busting for a pee.

Rémi Gaillard and His Friends Cause Trouble Around Town While Dressed Up as Different ‘Tetris’ Bricks

French prankster Rémi Gaillard (previously) and a group of his friends recently pulled off a new prank where they caused trouble around town while dressed up as differently shaped Tetris bricks. The group of bricks worked as a team while blocking escalator entrances and exits, linking up with other brick-like objects to irritate strangers on the streets, and knocking people’s food off tables.

Dressed in brick, Remi Gaillard teleports the video game “Tetris” into the real world. He is crazy, he is not alone, he is back.