Tiny Cockatiel Plays an Adorable Game of Peek-a-Boo With His Encouraging Human

A tiny cockatiel named Apollo played an adorable game with his encouraging human Kris P, chirping out the word “peek-a-boo” in a lyrical voice each time he rose above his Kris’ hand.

Apollo is also quite an accomplished whistler, as demonstrated with his extended version of “If You’re Happy and You Know It

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Curious Kitten Gets Quickly Overwhelmed By a Boxful of Eager Ducklings

A very curious kitten innocently climbed into a box of weeks-old ducklings and very quickly became overwhelmed by the eager anatine babies who were just too young to know that they should probably be afraid.

Kitten and Ducklings

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Silly Pug Navigates Slippery Hardwood Stairs By Climbing the Steps in Reverse

An silly pug named Otto carefully climbs the slippery hardwood steps of his home by going up backwards, taking one step at a time. According to his human Chris Schnyder, “This is how my pug navigates slippery hardwood steps”.

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Feisty Tabby Cat Without Front Legs Topples a Village Made From Building Blocks While In Pursuit of a Laser Beam

Mercury, the feisty tabby catwho never lets the fact that he doesn’t have front paws stop him from doing anything he wants to do, successfully toppled a building block village with just a few swipes of his adorable head while in pursuit of a frantic laser beam in 2014 at his home at the Community Cat Coaliton of Edmond in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Mercury is about 14 weeks old in this video, and due to requests for him to go on a rampage we made a little block village for him to destroy. Rawr!

Almost a year later in 2015, Mercury tried to teach a group of unsure foster kittens how to play with a spinning cat toy, before retreating quietly when a few larger cats came jumping into the scene.

Mercury tried to show his foster kittens how to work the new toy, though they weren’t completely sure at first how to go about it. The first 4 kittens are from the shelter, and were picked up with calici virus. It took weeks of medication, breathing treatments and tube feeding to get them healthy, but now they are on their way to being big and healthy kittens.

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HBO Officially Releases the Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer After It Was Leaked Online

HBO has officially released the first trailer for the fifth season of their incredibly popular series Game of Thrones after it was surreptitiously leaked online through various sources. It looks like HBO may have had the last laugh, however, by embracing the leak wholeheartedly.

Send a raven. The Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer is here. Watch and share it across the realm. #GoTSeason5

Varys and Peter

Cersei and Meryn Trant

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Maymo the Lemon Beagle Conquers an Advancing Army of Robot Toys and Goes Nuts For a Bag of Ice

Maymo the Lemon Beagle—whose silly adventures we’ve posted in past—takes on an advancing army of robot toys, challenging each of them until they all fall down, including Maymo himself.

my signature combat maneuvers have prevented yet another robot apocalypse. all i ask in return is 500 tuna fish sandwiches

A few days earlier, Maymo went absolutely bananas over a bag of ice, running in and out of the living room while his sister Penny looked calmly on.

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London Design Studio Opens a Room-Sized Ball Pit for the Winter Months

London Design Studio Ball Pit

To add a bit of whimsy to the English winter, the London office of design studio Pearlfisher unveiled Jump In!, a room-sized ball pit installation in their gallery space. They’ve documented their excellent idea in this delightful slow motion video. The ball pit is open to the public until February 13, 2015 and reservations can be made through the Pearlfisher website. And for every guest who visits the ball pit, the studio will donate £1 to the charity Right To Play.

London Design Studio Ball Pit

photos via Pearlfisher

A Fun Line of Custom LEGO Friends Mini-Dolls Turned Into Characters From Film and Television

Doctor Who 9 through 11
Doctor Who

Jon Lazar (previously), a New York-based social media consultant, has created a fun line of customized LEGO Friends mini-dolls (which have different proportions from LEGO minifigures) turned into recognizable characters from such television series as Doctor Who and The Walking Dead and such films as Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and The Hunger Games. Some of Lazar’s custom minifigures are available for purchase through his Etsy store.


Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones

Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

Katniss Everdeen

photos by Jon Lazar

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The Main Drain, A Simple Urinal Attachment for Home Toilets

The Main Drain is an adjustable urinal that can be attached to an existing toilet. The urinal attaches to the toilet bowl (no tools are necessary) and can be used even when the toilet lid is down. An articulating hose allows it to be adjusted to different heights and orientations, and it is made of hydrophobic materials to ensure easy cleaning. The easy-to-clean aspect is key, since the device appears to be near face level for someone seated on the toilet. The Main Drain’s creator, inventor Dan Garvin, is raising funds for the urinal on Kickstarter.

The Main Drain

The Main Drain

photos via The Main Drain

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Microsoft Releases Outlook for iOS and a Preview of the Email Client for Android

Microsoft recently announced in a blog post that they have released their email client Outlook for Apple’s iOS and a preview of the program for Android. The new version of Outlook is based on Acompli, an email client Microsoft acquired last year. Outlook is now available for free in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

The company released a detailed look at Outlook for iOS along with some frequently asked questions about the app. They have also released Android Tablet versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that are currently available for free in the Play Store.


outlook4 outlook3

outlook2 outlook1

images via Microsoft