One Week-Old Pygmy Goats Meet the Protective Resident Barn Cat For the First Time

Lady Bug and Princess Leia, the tiny baby goats at Sunflower Farm who taught themselves to leap within the first 24-hours of their lives, are now a week old and discovering new things, including the Moo, the resident barn cat.

Moo is the best barn cat and walks the perimeter of the fence all day long. When she walks past her goat friends, she rubs her tail under their chin. When a goat is about to deliver, she knows and sits with them in the stall. She is not quite sure about the very bouncy new kids yet, but knows it is her job to watch out for them when they are out.

An Adorable Photo Series That Features a Boy and His Two Dogs Growing Up Together in the Pacific Northwest


Photographer Stasha Becker of Whidbey Island, Washington has been documenting her son Julien and his two beautiful Newfoundlands named Bruce and Max throughout the years, growing up together. In a conversation with the Instagram Blog, Becker spoke about how she started the series.

Long time ago I began to take a photo of my son often in the same spot in front of our garage door. If you scroll through my photos you can see our child growing up, our dogs getting older and our garage door getting dirtier. For me it has become an essential part of my family’s story and an evolving record of our happiness together.

Julien and Max at Tea

Julien and Dog

Julien and Dogs

Last Day of School



images via northwestmommy

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Charlie Pellett, The Voice Behind New York City Subway Announcements

David Watson directed a really great New Yorker profile of Bloomberg Radio news anchor Charlie Pellett, the voice behind New York City Subway announcements.

Anyone who rides the New York City subway system is familiar with the friendly-yet-firm command to “stand clear of the closing doors, please.” This deep, sometimes vexing voice—which also apologizes for “unavoidable delays”—belongs to a man named Charlie Pellett. A radio anchor for Bloomberg News, Pellett was raised in London but cultivated an American accent by listening to the radio. His work for the M.T.A., which is done on a volunteer basis, is the only non-reporting voice-over work that he’s done.

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How To Correctly Verbalize Commonly Mispronounced Foods


DigToKnow has put together a list of commonly mispronounced foods, specifying the wrong way and the right way to verbalize each item on what appears to be a crumpled napkin.

We may have all the knowledge of the world about food and cuisines, but there is one place where we are lagging and that is pronouncing them correctly. After a lot of brainstorming we bring to you these minimalist designs that will give you 15 Mispronounced Food Words along with their correct pronunciations. These will help you to say it correctly the next time you are ordering your favourite dish.






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