Rowlf the Dog of The Muppets Sings “Just A Friend” by Biz Markie

Rowlf the Dog of The Muppets sings the 1989 hit song “Just A Friend” by Biz Markie in this wonderful remix video by Mylo the Cat.

Facebook Stalking (My More Successful Friends), A Funny Song Illustrating the Truth About People’s Facebook Lives

Singer/Songwriter Pat Regan performs his hilarious song, “Facebook Stalking (My More Successful Friends)” in which he laments about staying up way too late, spending too much time on social media to see what his friends are doing and feeling inadequate in comparison, that is until he realizes that it’s all an illusion.

I stayed up til 5 am again
Fa fa fa fa fa fa Facebook stalking my more successful friends
Jack’s got a house, Jane’s in Tangiers
I made 11 thousand dollars last year
Your girlfriend’s a 10 and mine’s not even real
Facebook stalking my more successful friends
Jeff just got cast on an HBO show
I’m on my ass watching HBO Go…

But I only get half the story when
I’m Fa fa fa fa fa fa Facebook stalking my more successful friends
Cuz Jack’s new house just got repossessed
Jane’s in jail in Tangier for writing fake checks
HBO got Zach Braff and fired poor Jeff

‘Obama Mixtape: 1999′, The ‘State of the Union Address’ Remixed Into a Very Catchy Tune

The Gregory Brothers have hilariously remixed the 2015 State of the Union Address given by President Obama into the very catchy “Obama Mixtape: 1999″.

Here’s the original unmixed version.

Hershey Lawsuit Prohibits Importer From Bringing British-Made Cadbury Chocolates Into the United States

Cadbury Bubbly

The disappointing settlement of a trademark infringement suit between The Hershey Company and the New Jersey-based import company Let’s Buy British (LBB) has disallowed LBB from bringing British-made chocolates into the United States. Hershey claimed that the British made chocolate confections too closely visually resembled their own brands.

It is important for Hershey to protect its trademark rights and to prevent consumers from being confused or misled when they see a product name or product package that is confusingly similar to a Hershey name or trade dress. Our iconic brands are among our company’s most important assets. We have spent decades investing in building these brands with consumers so that they stand for an assurance of high quality, consistency and great taste. Given the immeasurable value of our brands, we work hard to protect these important intellectual assets and defend them against infringement.

Perhaps the products resemble each other visually, but the ingredients and taste differ greatly, a fact to which Scott and I can personally attest.

Chocolate in Britain has a higher fat content; the first ingredient listed on a British Cadbury’s Dairy Milk (plain milk chocolate) is milk. In an American-made Cadbury’s bar, the first ingredient is sugar. American Cadbury bars also include PGPR and soy lecithin, both emulsifiers that reduce the viscosity of chocolate, giving it a longer shelf life. British Cadbury bars used vegetable fats and different emulsifiers.

Cadbury Starbar

Cadbury Crunchie

Cadbury Flyte

Cadbury Mini Eggs

photos by Scott Beale

via The New York Times

Joe Franklin (1926-2015), Pioneering New York City Radio and Television Talk Show Host

Joe Franklin

Joe Franklin (born Joseph Fortgang), the pioneering radio and television talk show host who earned a Guinness World Record for being the “longest running continuous on-air TV talk show host”, logging over 21,000 episodes of his late night talk show between 1950 and 1993, died in Manhattan after a long battle with prostate cancer. He was 88 years old.

Rest in peace Mr. Franklin. You will be missed.

image via New York Daily News

via The New York Times

Unconventional Ways To Open a Bottle of Beer When a Proper Bottle Opener Isn’t Available

The Watercooler offers a number of unconventional and surprisingly effective ways to open a bottle of beer when a church key isn’t available. Examples include a mailbox, a fire hydrant, a urinal, a coin and even an eyelash curler.

Artist Uses Paint, Hair, and Plastic to Transform Models into Creepy Living Replicas of Pop Culture Figures

Creepy Living Sculptures of Pop Culture Icons
Ronald McDonald

Canadian artist Marie-Lou Desmeules slathers paint, hair, fabric, paper, and plastic on models, transforming them into garish, wonderfully creepy living replicas of famous people and pop culture characters. Photos of her wondrous pop culture replicants can be viewed on her Behance portfolio and her Instagram account.

Creepy Living Sculptures of Pop Culture Icons
Steve Jobs

Creepy Living Sculptures of Pop Culture Icons

Creepy Living Sculptures of Pop Culture Icons
Kim Jong-un

Creepy Living Sculptures of Pop Culture Icons
Andy Warhol

Creepy Living Sculptures of Pop Culture Icons

Creepy Living Sculptures of Pop Culture Icons
Bert/Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver)

photos by Marie-Lou Desmeules

via designboom

KQED Series ‘Deep Look’ Examines How Electric Light Has Fundamentally Changed Our Lives and Our Bodies

In their latest episode, the KQED science series Deep Look examines how electric light has fundamentally changed our lives, our sleep, and even our bodies.

Humorous Antique Movie Theater Slides From 1912 Inform the Audience of Basic Theater Etiquette

Silent Movie Theater Etiquette Slides 1912

These humorous photographic slides, circa 1912, kindly inform movie theater audiences of basic theater etiquette. It turns out that even a century ago, talking was a problem at movie theaters (even though the films were silent). The slides reside in the collection of the Library of Congress.

Silent Movie Theater Etiquette Slides 1912

Silent Movie Theater Etiquette Slides 1912

Silent Movie Theater Etiquette Slides 1912

Silent Movie Theater Etiquette Slides 1912

photos via Library of Congress

via reddit, Visual News