Newly-Discovered Frog Species ‘Hyalinobatrachium dianae’ Bears a Striking Resemblance to Kermit the Frog


photo via Brian Kubicki

The newly discovered frog species Hyalinobatrachium dianae, with its bright green skin, protruding eyes, and oblong pupils bears a striking resemblance to famous Muppet Kermit the FrogH. dianae is a type of glass frog, frogs known for translucent skin that makes their organs visible, and it was discovered in the Talamanca mountain range of Costa Rica.

The discovery of H. dianae is detailed in a paper in the journal Biotaxa, and BBC News put out a report on the animal.

For comparison, here is a photo of Kermit the Frog.

kermit muppet

photo via Kermit the Frog

via Tico Times, Discovery

Marvelous DB, A User-Friendly Website Filled With Information About Almost Any Marvel Character and Comic Book

Marvelous DB

Marvelous DB is a user-friendly website, powered by the Orchestrate database service, that allows users to search for information about almost any Marvel character and comic book. Users have the option to adventure around in the “characters” and “comics” menus or use the search field to look up exactly what they want to see. The online database includes a vast collection of Marvel comic books and variations of Marvel superheros and villains to learn more about.

Guardians of the Galaxy


Deadpool Comics


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‘Man at Arms: Reforged’ Forges a Real-Life Version of Loki’s Deadly Chitauri Scepter From ‘The Avengers’ Film Series

In a recent episode of Man at Arms: Reforged (previously), the skilled team of blacksmiths and craftsman from Baltimore Knife and Sword forged a real-life version of Loki‘s (Tom Hiddleston) magical Chitauri Scepter from Marvel‘s ongoing Avengers film series. They test out the deadly weapon by slamming it through a plastic Captain America shield, chopping the head off of a Spider-Man pinata, and stabbing an Iron Man helmet.

Chicago Cubs Pitcher Jon Lester Gets a Baseball Stuck in Glove and Throws the Entire Glove to First to Make the Out

During a game between the Chicago Cubs and the San Diego Padres on Sunday, Cubs pitcher Jon Lester got a comebacker hit by Clint Barmes stuck in his glove and quickly decided to toss the entire glove to first baseman, Anthony Rizzo, to make the out. That was some fast and creative thinking by both Lester and Rizzo.

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NASA Astronaut Leland Melvin Was Photographed With His Two Rescue Dogs During His Official Portrait Shoot

leland melvin 1 large

NASA astronaut Leland Melvin was photographed with his two rescue dogs, Jake and Scout, during his official astronaut portrait shoot. Two photos were taken with the dogs. One features the two dogs excitedly jumping onto Melvin, and the other shows them calmly sitting at his site.

Melvin uses the photo of the dogs jumping on him as his Twitter profile photo, but NASA still uses a dogless photo of Melvin from 2009 on his official astronaut bio page.

leland melvin 2 large

leland melvin 3

photos via NASA

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