Mixology Expert Explains the Importance of Choosing the Correct Glassware for the Specific Cocktail Being Crafted

On the most recent episode of “The Cocktail Spirit” on the Small Screen Network, mixology expert and historian Robert Hess (previously) explains the importance of choosing the proper glassware for each specific cocktail being crafted, using the wonderful Sazerac as an example.

Wine drinkers have long known that different wines taste better in particularly shaped glassware (Thank You Riedel!) In much the same way choosing the right glass for your cocktail can make a big difference in the final results. With cocktails it isn’t so much the nuances of the flavor profile, but instead it is the functionality of the form, the visual presentation, size of the drink, comfort, and elegance as well. Drinks that need to be served with ice obviously need to be in a larger glass than those that don’t. Iced drinks should also be served in glasses with more vertical sides like a typical “Rocks” glass as opposed to an angle-sided “Martini” glass.

PBS Idea Channel Explores the Connection Between Horror Movies and Cable News

PBS Idea Channel host Mike Rugnetta explores the connection between horror movies and cable news in their latest video. Specifically, Rugnetta notes that horrifying elements — and especially violence — are prevalent in both.

Halloween is almost here, and ’tis the season for copious horror movie viewing!! Lots of awesome smart people have talked about the reasons we love horror films. But why do we like to watch horror films with others? There seems to be a social nature to horror viewing, way more than other genres. It’s gotta be more than just safety in numbers, right? And does this apply just to movies, or does this social experience of horror seep into other aspects of culture?

Hungry Chinchilla Gleefully Gobbles Up the Meaty Almond He Holds In His Hand

A hungry, fuzzy chinchilla named Mittenmaus gleefully gobbles up the meaty almond that he’s holding in his hand. According to his human Lisa Yang, the almond was a special treat.

Roundest cutest perspective! PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT endorse over-treating chins, nor do I endorse over-treating chins with nuts especially, as they are high in fat and can cause health problems down the road. I do, however, allow them treats on occasion – sparingly, and with careful monitoring.

Lisa prefers instead to provide her chinchillas with shredded wheat and dried apple slices, both much healthier snacks.

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A Windowless Aircraft Concept That Features High Definition Displays Instead of Passenger Windows

The UK-based Centre for Process Innovation has developed a proposal for a windowless commercial aircraft that would feature high definition displays in place of passenger windows. According to the innovation center, a windowless cabin would be stronger and lighter, thus saving weight and more importantly, fuel. Flexible screens lining the interior of the cabin would provide views of the outside as well as entertainment and in-flight information.

Windowless Aircraft Concept

Windowless Aircraft Concept

Windowless Aircraft Concept

Windowless Aircraft Concept

Windowless Aircraft Concept

images via Centre for Process Innovation

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Jerome Jarre Gets Interrogated by the FBI After Changing Into a Speedo and Pool Toy on an American Airlines Flight

YouTube star Jerome Jarre (previously) staged a silly prank in which he changed into a Speedo and inflatable turtle pool toy on a flight from Mexico to Miami. In a video that also shows the prank itself, Jarre says he was escorted from the plane by police and interrogated by the FBI who told him, “This is the silliest thing I’ve had to work on in my entire career.”

Although Jarre says he was threatened with arrest and revocation of his U.S. visa, it appears he has not faced any serious legal action since the incident.

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An Interactive Literary Map of the San Francisco Bay Area

Literary City San Francisco Map

The San Francisco Chronicle has created an interactive literary map of the San Francisco Bay Area, complete with location-specific book excerpts, the locations of independent bookshops, and other literary landmarks. It also includes a gallery of around 300 Bay Area authors.

image via San Francisco Chronicle

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About.Me Launches Intro, An App That Functions as a Simple Digital Business Card

about.me has launched Intro, an app that functions as a simple digital business card. Users can send their information to an email address, a phone number, or an about.me profile, and the app keeps track of sent and received digital business cards. More information about the app is available at TechCrunch. Intro is currently available on iOS.

Intro by about.me Intro by about.me

Intro by about.me Intro by about.me

images via Intro