‘Haynes Guide to Sonic Screwdriver’, An Owners Manual For Doctor Who’s Favorite Tool on a T-Shirt

Haynes Guide to the Sonic Screwdriver

The “Haynes Guide to Sonic Screwdriver” is a clever t-shirt from ThinkGeek that imagines what an owner’s manual for Doctor Who‘s most reliable and favorite tool would look like.

Ready to build your own Sonic Screwdriver? If there really was a Haynes Manual for it, you would be able to do it in your own backyard or workshop. Maybe. If you knew enough about all the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey, glowy-flowy, screwdriver-screwdriver stuff inside. Unfortunately, though, this is just a shirt; but a pretty nice one, you have to admit!

There’s also a “Haynes Guide to Dalek” t-shirt available.

Haynes Guide to the Dalek

Haynes Guide to the Sonic Screw Driver Tee

Haynes Guide to Dalek

images via ThinkGeek

‘Mr. Happy’, A Startling Short Film About a Man Who Tries to Stop the Contracted Suicide He Put Out on Himself

Mr. Happy” is a startling short film from director Colin Tilley that focuses on a depressed young man played by Chance the Rapper who doesn’t want to live his life anymore, but cannot take it himself. The young man becomes so desperate to commit suicide that he pays an outside service called Mr. Happy to kill him on February 14th with the only caveat being that once he agrees to the non-refundable, non-cancelable service, it can’t be stopped—even if he doesn’t want it anymore.

This video contains graphic depictions of suicide that may not be appropriate for everyone. Almost everyone has found themselves depressed at a point or two. Maybe in the midst of the depression you thought about doing something drastic—something life-changing—something that might make you happy. That could be nice, but it’s scary to actually take the leap and do it. Well, what if there was a service that took care of all the hard stuff for you? …Director Colin Tilley asks some serious questions in this short film, questions even he’s not able to answer. Life, love, happiness, sadness, and death are all connected, and the question Mr. Happy asks is “Is it worth it?”

via Vice

University of Texas at Austin Is Crowdfunding a Public Domain Collection of High-Resolution Insect Photos

Insects Unlocked Crowdfunded Public Domain Photos

The University of Texas at Austin recently launched Insects Unlocked, an initiative to produce an online collection of high-resolution public domain images of insects. The photographs, which will focus on insects native to Texas, are being produced by students at the university’s Insect Image Lab. The lab is raising funds for the project online.

Insects Unlocked Crowdfunded Public Domain Photos

Insects Unlocked Crowdfunded Public Domain Photos

Insects Unlocked Crowdfunded Public Domain Photos

Insects Unlocked Crowdfunded Public Domain Photos

photos via University of Texas at Austin

via PetaPixel

Archival Crime Scene Photos From the New York City Police Department Will Soon Be Available Online

New York City Crime Scene Photos Online

The New York Times reports that a trove of 30,000 police photos from the New York City Municipal Archives will soon be available online as part of an impending digitization project. The photos were originally taken by detectives from the New York City Police Department Photo Unit between 1914 and 1975. They include images of crime scenes, accidents, and historical events. The digitization project, which will begin in July, is being funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

New York City Crime Scene Photos Online

New York City Crime Scene Photos Online

New York City Crime Scene Photos Online

New York City Crime Scene Photos Online

photos via New York City Municipal Archives

via The New York Times, PetaPixel

‘The Ballad of Russell and Julie’, A Musical Tribute to the Creators of the Rebooted ‘Doctor Who’ Series

During a Doctor Who wrap party in 2011, actors David Tennant, Catherine Tate, and John Barrowman performed “The Ballad of Russell and Julie,” a musical tribute to Russell T. Davies (RTD) and Julie Gardner, the creators of the new version of Doctor Who, which was first broadcast ten years ago today. The tribute pokes gentle fun at RTD’s smoking uncertainty and Gardner’s incredible confidence.

Let’s do it, let’s do it. We’ll make a brand new Doctor Who. We’ve got Chris in, all’s missing is a sightly onboard crew. It’s not silly to ask Billie with women all from here to Porthilly, let’s do it, let’s do it tonight. …My decision to use your vision will make the show the best thing on television. Let’s do it, let’s do it tonight.

The 12th Doctor Recalls How He Felt Watching the First Broadcast of the New ‘Doctor Who’ Series on March 26, 2005

As part of the tenth anniversary of the new Doctor Who series, actor Peter Capaldi, who currently plays the magnificent 12th incarnation of “The Doctor”, recalls how he felt when he first watched the broadcast of the relaunched series simply entitled “Rose“.

And there it is, thank goodness, a blue police box just like you remember. …But of course the most dazzling thing is The Doctor who appears in the person of Christopher Eccleston and when he does the speech about the turn of the earth and being able to feel it, I thought, yeah, this guy is Doctor Who.

Capaldi also surprised visitors at the Doctor Who Experience to wish a very happy birthday to Doctor Who.

Scientists Discover the Reason That Indian Food Tastes So Good and How It Differs From Western Cuisine

Indian Spices

A new study by Anupam Jaina, Rakhi N Kb, and Ganesh Baglerb published on Cornell University‘s arXiv.org explains why Indian food is so delicious, and how it differs from Western cuisine. The study looked at over 2,000 recipes from the site Tarla Dalal to examine what ingredients were used together. What they found was that Indian recipes rarely utilize ingredients with overlapping flavor compounds while Western cuisine was much more likely to use similarly flavored ingredients together.

photo by Sara Marlow

via The Washington Post

Determined Man Who Lost 390 Pounds Through Diet and Exercise Is Raising Money to Remove Over 30 Pounds of Skin

Brian Flemming is a very determined man who has amazingly lost over 390 pounds solely through sheer motivation, diet, and exercise over the course of three years. Flemming began his weight loss process in 2012, just after he hit his high of 625 pounds. At the time, he was consuming over 6,000 calories a day and was drinking a fifth of vodka every night. It took a stern verbal lashing from a British woman named Jackie, whom he befriended online, to put him in gear and start losing weight.

By this point, Jackie and I had grown to be very good friends. I was expecting sympathy from her, but what I got surprised me. She was angry with me. She told me that I was wasting my life and that I should be ashamed that I was throwing it away when there are so many people out there who are fighting to stay alive. Jackie has myotonic muscular dystrophy and has to stay very healthy in order to keep her symptoms in check. She seemed to be losing patience with me, and I was afraid I was going to lose her. Soon after that, I decided to quit drinking. I quit cold-turkey. It was quite difficult for me, and I did suffer withdrawals for the first few days. I ran through the full gamut of emotions during this period. I felt self pity mostly, some desperation, and also anger. I was angry at the world. I was angry at the way my life turned out. I was angry that I never did anything about it. I was also angry that I was 30 years old and had basically wasted a decade of my life.

Flemming’s friends are currently helping him raise funds to help pay for surgery that would rid him of over 30 pounds of excess skin that remained behind.

Over the last year and a half Brian has lost an amazing amount of weight through good old fashion determination, healthy eating and exercise . He is looking to cover medical costs relating to his weight loss such as skin reduction surgery and with all his followers and supporters I know we can help him with this. We are all so proud of him. …He doesn’t let anything hold him back, including excess skin/medical issues. He has become a mentor and motivator to many throughout his journey and plans to continue paying it forward in the future with the hopes of going back to school to become a therapist specializing in weight loss, depression and anxiety. If we manage to exceed Brian’s goal he has graciously offered to donate funds to Muscular Dystrophy charities in honor of his mentor.

Brian Front and Side

Brian Before and After

images via Brian Flemming

via Boing Boing