‘Keep On Loving You’, A Musical Supercut Tribute to AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ That Focuses on Walt & Skylers Relationship

Video editor Robert Jones (previously) has created “Keep On Loving You,” a musical supercut tribute to AMC‘s popular television show Breaking Bad that focuses on Walter (Bryan Cranston) and Skyler White‘s (Anna Gunn) relationship throughout the series. The supercut is appropriately set to REO Speedwagon‘s 1980 power ballad, “Keep on Loving You“.

An Infographic Ranking Marvel’s Deadliest Characters by the Number of People They Have Killed

Marvel Murderers

The creatives at MorphCostumes have recently made “Marvel Murderers“, an infographic that ranks some of Marvel‘s deadliest characters by the number of people they have killed.

We’ve had furious debates over this in the MorphCostumes office, pitting characters against one another in imaginary fights to the death.

This month, we decided to settle the argument once and for all. We combed our comic archives and ranked the deadliest Marvel characters, based on the number of people they’ve killed. From dangerous and deadly to downright lethal, here are the biggest killers in the main Marvel universe! (read more)

Marvel Murderers

Marvel Murderers

images via Tell Me Morph

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A Live-Action Special Effects Video of Popular First-Person Shooter Video Games Recreated With LEGO Minifigs

Filmmaker Andrew McMurry of AndrewMFilms (previously) has created a live-action special effects video of popular first-person shooter video games recreated with LEGO minifigs. The video includes LEGO versions of games like Portal, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Bioshock, and Counter-Strike.

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The Feline Duo of Cole & Marmalade Explain the Things That They Have in Common With Big Cats

The wonderful feline duo of Cole and Marmalade (previously) explain the habits and routines that domestic and big cats have in common, with the one extremely notable difference that, unlike domestic cats, big cats don’t make for such great household pets.

A Touching Animation Made With a Single Piece of Blue Yarn That Tells the Story of a Child Growing Up

MysteryGuitarMan aka Joe Penna has created a wonderfully touching animation that depicts a child growing up to adulthood with the love of her father all throughout her life. The story was amazingly created with a single piece of blue yarn that was positioned and repositioned 703 times.

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Man Attempts to Take a Simple Drink While Experiencing Extremely Windy Conditions in Iceland

While staying at Hotel Búðir in Iceland in March 2014, Mark Tretter attempted to take what would usually be a simple drink of water in extremely windy conditions. Needless to say, Tretter’s attempt was about as successful as he suspected it would be.

For those of you wondering, I was in the (wind) shadow of the fantastic hotel at Budir Iceland, I had already lost my pair of eyeglasses in a prior venture into the wind, then decided to make this scene inspired by a video I saw made at the top of Mount Washington decades ago where a couple was served breakfast out on the patio of the observation deck in a holwing 100+ MPH wind. I estimate the wind this day was about 75-80 MPH.

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Nick Gray of Museum Hack Gives a TEDx Talk About His Non-Traditional Tours of Famous NYC Cultural Institutions

Nick Gray, the founder of Museum Hack, recently gave a talk at a TEDxFoggyBottom event during which he explained his love for museums but his disdain for traditional museum tours, how he went about changing the experience, and what people can expect when they go on a tour through the museum with him.

Tired of the traditional way that museum tours are given, Nick Gray created his own company of renegade tour guides called Museum Hack. In his talk, Nick explains how these interactive, engaging tours will make you fall in love with museums as you experience them in a completely new way. Nick Gray loves museums but hates how most museum tours are given. He founded Museum Hack, a company of private tour guides offering unconventional museum tours. Nick has lived in New York City for the past seven years, with his favorite place being the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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A Fun Photo Series of Food Expertly Styled to Represent Easily Recognizable Objects

Banana Shoes

German photographer Martin Roller has created a fun series of portraits in which common foods are expertly styled to represent other easily recognizable objects. For example, a pair of bananas becomes a pair of shoes, a strategically peeled orange is turned into a world globe, a plate of spaghetti is shaped like a gun with the sauce representing the subsequent blood.

Grape Wine Orange Globe

Spaghetti Gun

Pickle Charger

Slingshot Bra

Vegetable Plate

Meat Shoe

images via Martin Roller

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