‘Happy Birthday to My Loose Acquaintance’, A Song by Garfunkel and Oates About Birthday Messages on Facebook Walls

Happy Birthday to My Loose Acquaintance” is a song by the musical comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates (previously) about leaving birthday messages on the Facebook walls of casual relationships. The duo has their own self-titled television show on IFC.

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A Line of Incredible Suits Inspired by Ugly Christmas Sweaters


Shinesty has released a line of three incredible suits inspired by ugly Christmas sweaters. The three designs are The Ugly Christmas Sweater Suit, the Holiday Tree Suit, and The Rudolph.

Do you remember all those Christmas parties you went to last year dressed in your mom’s baggy vintage 88′ Christmas sweater complete with shoulder pads and shedding small trinkets from holidays past with each step you took? Do you remember going home to your sad, cold bed a little tipsy and utterly alone? Thought so. But what is there to do? You don’t want to be the stiff who shows up dressed all “normal and boring” to a holiday party. Well luckily for you, daddy (that’s us) went up North and got some of Ole man Nick’s hobbit friends to whip up something a bit more… dapper. You’re welcome. And no we don’t want milk and cookies, just give name your first born in our honor.





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‘Man at Arms’ Forges the Double Helix Sword From the ‘The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask’

Man at Arms forged the Double Helix Sword from the video game The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask on a recent episode, which was filmed on location at Baltimore Knife and Sword. The Double Helix Sword is wielded by Link after donning the Fierce Deity’s Mask within the game.

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‘GAMEBOY’, A Short Documentary That Profiles Austrian Video Game Expert Andranik Ghalustians

“GAMEBOY” is a short documentary by filmmaker Carlo Hoffman that profiles Andranik Ghalustians, an Austrian video game expert. The documentary specifically focuses on Ghalustians’ massive collection of games and the fact that he continues to play many of them, contrary to the popular conception of video game collectors.

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A Pou~Pourri Toilet Spray Christmas Commercial Featuring Santa Claus Caught on the Toilet

A Pou~Pourri (previously) toilet spray Christmas commercial features children catching Santa Claus using the toilet. The children offer Santa the product as well as a number of euphemisms for going to the bathroom. Pou~Pourri is designed to prevent odors from escaping the toilet.

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Budsies, One-of-a-Kind Plush Toys Based on Children’s Artwork


Budsies are custom handmade plush toys based on drawings and photos of children’s artwork submitted by customers. Once a customer places an order with attached artwork, Budsies staff creates a one-of-a-kind pattern based on the drawing, selects matching fabric, and sews each toy together.

Budsies founder Alex Furmansky was inspired by his younger sister’s drawings.

My sister Michelle was born when I was already 16 so I had the privilege of seeing her art evolve throughout her childhood. She brought home dozens of drawings each week from pre-school, camp, and a host of art classes. But sadly, the drawings went from being displayed on the fridge to being buried in a dismal box in the basement. From wacky shapes to advanced illustrations, Michelle’s creativity was getting forgotten.

The idea for Budsies came when I saw Michelle hugging her stuffed animals and tucking them in at night. What if I could turn a drawing into a stuffed animal friend that would last forever? Quite literally bring her drawings to life!




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‘Electric Love’, An Animated ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Music Video Featuring a Love Story Between Thomas Edison and an Elephant

“Electric Love” is an animated music video for the television show Bob’s Burgers that features Stephin Merritt and Kenny Mellman singing a love song about inventor Thomas Edison and an elephant named Topsy–which the show alleges Edison had electrocuted—but the actual history of the event is a bit more complicated. The video is part of a series of animated music videos featuring songs from the show being covered by other artists.

The song was originally performed by the characters Mr. Fischoeder (as Edison) and Gayle (as Topsy) with Gene and Tina acting out the voices as part of the third season episode “Topsy,” which aired in the United States on March 10, 2013.