A Look at the High-Intensity Workouts Firefighters Use to Stay Fit in the Line of Duty

The New York Times takes a look at 555 Fitness, a charity organization designed to help keep firefighters in shape. At present, four-fifths of American firefighters are overweight, while around half of deaths in the line of duty are due to heart attacks. The group’s workout is similar to the sort of high-intensity functional fitness training cropping up in gyms across the country.

Functional fitness training is the newer trend in the American fitness craze, and it works out great for our particular job, because it involves full body movements. There’s no bicep curl at a fire-ground. You all are depending on each other and you all are suffering together.

Photographer Snaps Stunning Shots of a Camping Trip on Top of a Frozen Lake Erie in the Dead of Winter

Lake Erie

Cleveland-based photographer Mike Sutadji snapped some stunning photos of a camping trip he and his friend Ariel Travis took on top of Lake Erie in the dead of winter, setting up a tent on the ice of the fourth-largest Great Lake. The campers experienced temperatures as low as nine degrees during the night.

Lake Erie

Lake Erie

Lake Erie

Lake Erie

images via Scene Magazine

via Scene Magazine

New Research by NASA Says Mars Once Had More Water Than the Earth’s Arctic Ocean, But Lost Most of It to Space

wet mars

Mars once had an ocean that held more water than the Earth’s Arctic Ocean, but lost most of that water to space says new research by NASA. The NASA researchers believe Northern plains of the Martian surface are a likely candidate for the location of the ancient ocean which would have covered 19% of the planet’s surface. Compare that to the Arctic Ocean which covers just 17% of the Earth’s surface.

NASA researchers studied two types of water, H2O and the less commonly known HDO–or semiheavy water. They compared respective H2O and HDO levels on Mars now with a Martian meteorite dating back 4.5 billion years to measure the change in atmosphere and the rate at which the planet lost its water.

The new research says Mars was wet much longer than previously believed and for a longer period of time than it took life to develop on Earth, raising new questions about whether Mars ever supported life. NASA produced two videos explaining the ancient Martian ocean and how it was measured.

image via NASA/GSFC

An Artist Builds a ‘Deep-Time’ Camera Designed to Develop a Single Photograph Over 1,000 Years

Millenium camera

Conceptual artist Jonathon Keats has created a “deep-time” camera that is specifically designed to develop a single picture over the course of 1,000 years. The camera begins its work on March 6, 2015 on the third floor terrace of the ASU Art Museum in Tempe, Arizona. The Museum has already planned a month-long exhibition celebrating the photo’s unveiling in Spring 3015. Keats was understandably somewhat dramatic when discussing the scope of the millennium-long project.

The first people to see this picture will be children who haven’t yet been conceived. They’re impacted by every choice we make, but they’re powerless. If they can’t influence our decisions, at least they can bear witness.

image via PetaPixel

via PetaPixel

An Honest Trailer for the Mobile MMO Strategy Video Game ‘Clash of Clans’

It’s a 24/7 commitment that will slowly become the only reason your phone notifies you anymore.

Voice actor Jon Bailey of Screen Junkies and Smosh recently created an honest trailer (previously) for Clash of Clans, a mobile MMO strategy video game developed and published by Supercell.

From the developers of the Clash of Clans ripoff with army soldiers, and the Clash of Clans ripoff with… chickens, comes the cancerous mobile game built of grinding, OCD, and stealing your parents’ credit card.

Detailed Instructions for Creating an Electric Arc Furnace Hot Enough to Melt Steel Using Household Materials

After trying out his makeshift arc furnace on a variety of materials, Grant “The King of Random” Thompson (previously) offers up a video detailing precisely how he created the high-power homemade heating device using rods pulled from a lantern battery and a fireplace brick made from aluminum silicate.

The magic happens when the rods are pushed through the holes in the sides and suddenly bump into each other, striking a dangerous and blindingly hot arc of electricity.