Quick and Simple Life Hacks Using Sugar

Household Hacker demonstrates a few quick and simple life hacks you can do using ordinary sugar.

1. Make flowers last longer
2. Garden Booster
3. Preserve Baked Goods
4. Get rid of Grass Stains
5. Remove Grease and Oil from Skin
6. Get rid of Wasps

Epic Rap Battles of History: Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers

Eastern Philosophers (Sun Tzu, Confucius and Laozi) and Western Philosophers (Friedrich Nietzsche, Socrates and Voltaire) have a battle of the minds in the latest episode of the 4th season of Epic Rap Battles of History. Here’s their behind-the-scenes video showing how it all came together.

‘100 Days of Rainbows’, A Vivid Photo Series of Familiar Objects Arranged in the Color and Order of the Rainbow


Artist Julie Seabrook Ream, who describes herself as “a mommy who could never pick a favorite color”, has created “100 Days of Rainbows“, a vivid photo series in which she arranges familiar objects such as scissors, thread, stamps, jewels and other items using the bright colors of the rainbow in ROY G. BIV order.






images via Julie Seabrook Ream

via DesignTaxi

Incept Out, A Wonderful Mashup Trailer of ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Inception’

Nelson Carvajal of Bridgework Pictures created a wonderful mashup trailer of ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Inception’.

via The A.V. Club

Codename Colossus, An Impressive 3D-Printed and Hand-Assembled Toy Walking Tank

Codename Colossus 1

Codename Colossus is an impressive 3D-printed toy walking tank by Machination Studio designer Michael Sng. The toy is entirely painted and assembled by hand and features a hexapodal walking motion as well as moving toy guns and other electronics.

The tank, officially designated as “The HMS Boudicca,” is the first in Sng’s Codename Colossus toy line.

Codename Colossus 3

Codename Colossus 2

Codename Colossus 4

photos via Machination Studios

via reddit, Hackaday

‘ROCKET WARS’, A Short Film That Captures the Annual Firing of Over 100,000 Homemade Rockets in a Greek Village

“ROCKET WARS” is a short film by the production company Variable that captures the annual firing of over 100,000 homemade rockets in the “village of Vrontados on the Greek island of Chios[.]” The event, which is held during Easter, has no definitive origin, though it’s posited that it has something to do with the Turkish occupation centuries ago.

This film is a reflection of a sense of devotion that feels lost in the modern world. Seeing people with so much passion for the craft and tradition of rocket-making was invigorating to witness while filming. The idea of giving your heart and soul over to something that you love is at the core of the story. We’re all after something we can give our lives to, something that can help create deeper connections with each other. It’s strange to think that this tradition can do it – but that’s a reality for many in Vrontados. They live and breathe rockets, and that’s what brings them together, especially during their Easter holiday.

Its origin is unclear. One theory holds that churches on the island faked a civil war during the Turkish occupation so they could celebrate Easter without being plagued by war. Accordingly the ruse worked, as the Turks kept a safe distance, allowing the villagers to attend Easter Mass.

via Vimeo Staff Picks

Adidas Teams With Parley for the Oceans to Create a Pair of Sneakers Made From Recycled Ocean Garbage


Adidas has teamed with the group Parley for the Oceans to create a pair of sneakers made from recycled ocean garbage. The upper part of the surprisingly fashionable garbage shoes were made from illegal gillnets and other pieces of recycled waste recovered by Parley partner Sea Shepherd. They were recently presented at the United Nations as part of Parley’s series of talks about ocean conservation hosted at the United Nations General Assembly Hall.

Although no specific plans are in place to bring the shoes to market, an Adidas spokesperson told The Huffington Post, “We did this to show what we are capable of doing when we all put our heads together,” and added that the company plans to incorporate recycled plastic into their products by 2016.





photos via Adidas

via Ecouterre, The Huffington Post

John Oliver Offers Up Swift Opinions on a Variety of Topics on ‘Last Week Tonight’

“Bagels. Doughnuts that gave up on their dreams.”

John Oliver offers up a series of 15 swift opinions on a variety of topics in a web-exclusive clip of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

The ChargeTech 24,000mAh Portable Power Outlet, A Battery for Charging More Than Just USB Devices

chargetech 1

The 24,000mAh portable power outlet by ChargeTech is a battery for charging more than just USB devices. It has two USB ports as well as a full three-pronged AC outlet capable of powering any AC compatible devices like laptops, small appliances, or even power tools. The battery can also charge devices using all its ports simultaneously.

For a limited time, the ChargeTech 24,000mAh portable power outlet is available in our Laughing Squid Store in both black and white colors for a 39% discount.

chargetech 5

chargetech 2

chargetech 6

images via Laughing Squid Store