The OM/ONE, A Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Speakerphone That Levitates

The OM/ONE is a personal, portable Bluetooth 4.0 speaker created by OM Audio that levitates thanks to a magnetic base. The spherical speaker can play back music for up to 15 hours on a charge and features a built-in microphone that lets the device double as a speakerphone for taking calls on a connected smartphone. It can also be paired with another OM/ONE unit for a full stereo effect. The speaker is currently available for pre-order at discounted price from the newly launched Laughing Squid Store.


image via OM/ONE

An Animated Interview With DEVO Singer Mark Mothersbaugh About Being Able to See Clearly for the First Time

In the latest episode of the California Inspires Me series (previously) from The California Sunday Magazine and Google Play, Barcelona-based art studio Manson animates an interview with Mark Mothersbaugh (previously) in which the DEVO frontman discusses a pair of glasses that let him see clearly for the first time at age seven.

It was the most incredible day and the most incredible feeling of my life, when we left the optometrist and I saw what a roof of a house looked like, and I saw smoke coming out of chimneys and I saw telephone wires.

Mothersbaugh also discusses the breakthrough of seeing The Beatles on TV and DEVO’s big break after moving to Los Angeles.

Leonard Nimoy as Spock Sings a Reggae Version of the Song ‘Maiden Wine’ From ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’

Los Angeles-based musician and composer Andy Rehfeldt (previously) has created “Bitter Dreads,” a great new video remix of Spock (Leonard Nimoy) singing a reggae version of his song “Maiden Wine” from the 1968 Star Trek: The Original Series episode “Plato’s Stepchildren“. Rehfeldt arranged and performed his remix of the classic television series song, which was originally written by the late Nimoy himself, at the Endless Noise studio in Santa Monica, California.

The original scene and song for comparison:

A Drone Mounted With a Nerf Disc Gun Dogfights Inside of an Empty Warehouse

Motherboard has reconvened with a team of New York City quadcopter racers, this time meeting up in an empty warehouse in Brooklyn where they’ve begun doing battle with their drones courtesy of mounted Nerf Disc guns. Using first-person, real-time video, Blast quadcopter fliers can hunt down and fire on their fellow drones.

The brilliant thing about a Nerf disc is that it’s light weight, and it shoots very straight, so it’s bullet in that sense.

Wonderfully Disorienting 3D Illusion Body Paintings

3D Illusion Body Art by Natalie Fletcher

Body artist Natalie Fletcher used an airbrush to create a wonderfully disorienting series of 3D illusion body art. Photographs of the paintings are available for purchase. Fletcher recently embarked on 100 Bodies Across America, an endeavor to create two works of body art in all 50 states over the course of a six-month road trip. You can follow along on her blog.

3D Illusion Body Art by Natalie Fletcher

3D Illusion Body Art by Natalie Fletcher

3D Illusion Body Art by Natalie Fletcher

photos via Natalie Fletcher

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

‘Space Invaders’-Inspired Mosaic by Street Artist Invader Orbits Earth Aboard the International Space Station

Space Invaders Art Aboard ISS

A Space Invaders-inspired tile mosaic by street artist Invader has been taken, rather appropriately, to space. The piece, entitled Space2, has been repeatedly photographed aboard the International Space Station over the past two months. It’s unclear how it got there but Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti seems a likely culprit. Space2 is not the only Invader piece associated with space–back in February the artist installed a mosaic at a European Space Agency facility in Belgium. And in 2012 Invader sent a mosaic to space aboard a helium balloon. More photos of Invader’s work (spacefaring and otherwise) can be viewed on Invader’s Instagram account.

Space Invaders Art Aboard ISS

Space Invaders Art Aboard ISS

Space Invaders Art Aboard ISS

Space Invaders Art Aboard ISS

photo via Samantha Cristoforetti

via reddit, The Creators Project

‘Dear Me’, Female YouTube Celebrities Share What They Would Tell Their Younger Selves if They Could Go Back in Time

In recognition of International Women’s Day on Sunday, March 8, 2015, a number of female YouTube celebrities such as Hannah Hart, Laci Green, Felicia Day, Michelle Phan, Issa Rae, Shruti Anand, and Grace Helbig have each recorded messages to their respective younger selves, all beginning with the phrase “Dear Me.”

In celebration of International Women’s Day, take part in YouTube’s global #DearMe initiative to inspire and empower young girls everywhere. We all know that growing up is tough. But if you could go back in time, what wisdom would you share with your teenage self? It all starts with two words. ‘Dear Me’. …Take part in this movement by uploading a video letter to your younger self to YouTube and join the conversation with #DearMe. You can also put together a GIF using our easy GIF-maker on our Tumblr page at

Felicia Day

Be Proud of Who You Are

Follow Your Passions

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