The Director of ‘Suicide Squad’ Posts the First Official Photo of Jared Leto as the Joker on Twitter

Jared Leto as Joker
image via David Ayers

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Joker on April 24th, director David Ayers posted the first official photo of an incredibly sinister looking Jared Leto just as he will appear as the malevolent character in the upcoming film Suicide Squad.

According to EW, Leto had traded his signature long locks for a short green do just a few weeks ago.

On Thursday the actor revealed via a Snapchat that he is currently rocking short, green hair. The shade of green is pretty close to The Joker’s hair in the original comic books, and though we didn’t see him in full makeup, we do get a pout of red lipstick.

Jared Leto Short Green Hair
image via EW

via EW

A Slow-Motion Video of a Pyrotechnic Seat Belt Pretensioner Activating at 28,000 Frames Per Second

In the latest video by The Slow Mo Guys, hosts Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy record a pyrotechnic seat belt pretensioner explosively activating in slow-motion footage recorded at 28,000 frames per second. If you’re unaware: A seat belt pretensioner holds a passenger in their seat during a car accident by rapidly tightening the belt. The pretensioner keeps the passenger in an optimal position for airbag operation and also prevents “submarining,” a dangerous condition in which the passengers slips underneath the lap belt in an accident.

Tsunago, An Ingenious Japanese Pencil Sharpener That Joins Old Pencil Stubs Together to Form a New Pencil

Japanese pencil sharpener brand Nakajima Jukyudo recently released Tsunago, an ingenious pencil sharpener that joins old pencil stubs together to form a new, usable pencil. The clever manually-operated sharpener joins pencils in a three-step process: First, a hole is bored into the back end of a pencil stub A. Next, the tip of pencil stub B is specially sharpened, leaving a “stepped” tip. The stepped tip is cleaned (neatness counts!) before pencil B is nested in the back end of pencil A.

Clever Pencil Sharpener Connects Old Pencils Together

Clever Pencil Sharpener Connects Old Pencils Together

Clever Pencil Sharpener Connects Old Pencils Together

images via Nakajima Jukyudo

via Spoon & Tamago

A Hypnotic Time-Lapse Music Video for ‘Only to Silence ft. Metoronori’ by LLLL Featuring a Kaleidoscopic Tokyo

Tokyo is transformed into a hypnotic kaleidoscope in the time-lapse music video for “Only to Silence ft. Metoronori” by LLLL. The video was created by Japan-based filmmaker darwinfish105. He has posted still and making-of images from the video on his blog. “Only to Silence ft. Metoronori” is on LLLL’s newest album, Faithful.

Hypnotic Mirrored Time-Lapse of Tokyo

Hypnotic Mirrored Time-Lapse of Tokyo

Hypnotic Mirrored Time-Lapse of Tokyo

photos by darwinfish105

via The Creators Project

Cosmic Mugs, A Series of Pottery Inspired by Images Taken by the Hubble Space Telescope

Cosmic Mugs are a series of mugs created by pottery artist Joel Cherrico inspired by images taken from the Hubble Space Telescope. In a video, Cherrico explains the process by which he creates the mugs, and how he draws inspiration from Hubble images to create original works of art. There is currently a waiting list to order one of the mugs, and interested parties can sign up for that list on Cherrico’s site.

cosmic mug 2

cosmic mug 1

images via Joel Cherrico

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips