A Human Claw Machine That Lowers Kids Into a Prize Bin to Grab as Many Snacks as They Can

Snack company Lay’s built a human claw machine that functions just like the classic arcade staple, but instead of a metal claw, a child strapped into a harness is lowered into the prize bin, where they can grab as many bags of snacks as possible before being pulled back up again. The claw machine even has a wacky tornado function that blows bags of chips around for a bigger challenge.

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‘Above, Below, and In Between’, A Music Composition Featuring a Kinetic Instrument Installation

Above, Below, and In Between is a site-specific music composition by kinetic sculptor and artist Trimpin for the Seattle Symphony that features a kinetic instrument installation that works together with live players and gesture-based conducting. Conductor Ludovic Morlot conducted the premiere of the composition on May 1, 2015. For the gesture-based conducting, Trimpin ultimately went with the Microsoft Kinect.

The kinetic instrument installation consists of a 24-reedhorn sculpture made with materials found from a pump organ, and a set of concert chimes originally owned by the composer Henry Brant, both will be installed between the nine columns of the Benaroya Hall Promenade. A prepared grand piano equipped with small robotic devices that pluck, bow, scratch or play the strings will be positioned on the floor of the Grand Lobby.

Seattle Symphony

image via Seattle Symphony

Kickstarter Campaign to Help Place Artist’s Imaginative Robot Repair Shop Art Installation in Pittsburgh Airport

The Fraley’s Robot Repair Shop (previously) was a public storefront art installation, created by artist Toby Atticus Fraley, located in the Pittsburgh Cultural District from November 2011 to May 2013. The repair shop featured a scene where “owners left for vacation, leaving robots in various stages of repair”. Fraley is looking to reimagine, rebuild, and place the wonderful art installation in concourse A of the Pittsburgh International Airport. He is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to help make the Pittsburgh International Airport dream a reality.

For 17 months Pittsburgh’s Cultural District was home to the art installation ‘Fraley’s Robot Repair’. Maybe you were one of the hundreds of fans that sent in a selfie from outside the shop or you read about it online. (More photos and info from the project can be found here.)

Help put the Pittsburgh International Airport on the map as the only airport in the world with a Robot Repair shop!

Imagine getting off a long flight – bleary eyed, jet lagged, and maybe a bit grumpy. You pass the standard gift shops and fast food joints only to find a little shop that seems simultaneously locked in time and of an alternate reality.

We can elicit the same double takes, catch people off guard, and spark conversations just like the downtown shop was able to. I need your help! Any amount helps bring the shop closer to reality, but time is of the essence.

Robot Repair Shop

photo via Robot Repair Shop

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‘Movement Designers’, A Fascinating Dance Video Featuring Dancers Moving With Everyday Objects in Pleasing Symmetry

Los Angeles creative agency Axyzm produced “Movement Designers,” a short dance film in which dancers engage with everyday objects in pleasing symmetry and fascinating coordination. Choreographers Phillip Chbeeb, Hokuto Konishi, and Di Zhang all contributed to the project.

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Simple Machines, An App That Uses a Variety of Machines to Demonstrate Physics

Simple Machines is an app by Tinybop (previously) that uses simple machines–like the name implies–to demonstrate various elements of physics. Simple Machines, which features art by Jason Gilleard, is currently available on iOS.

Destroy a castle with a lever — but beware of the dragon! Make music in a pinball arcade with inclined planes. Send satellites into orbit with a set of pulleys. Lift sloshing fish tanks with screws. Travel through a wondrous world with a wheel and axle. Split an iceberg of mirrors with a wedge.

Simple Machines

Simple Machines

Simple Machines

Simple Machines

images via Simple Machines

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‘Air Collages’, Brazilian Artist Poses Cut-Outs of Famous Artworks Against Real-Life Situations


Brazilian artist Lorenzo Castellini has cleverly figured out a way to bring classic art to the streets with “Air Collages,” an amusing project in which he poses easily recognizable art figures cut out from books against real people and real-life situations and posts the photographs to Instagram, where he asks people to “See Different.”


Frieda Kahlo


Venus Shell

Vincent Van Gogh
Van Gogh


images by art.lies

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Time-Lapse Footage Shows Workers Assemble a NASA RS-25 Rocket Engine in Only Two Minutes

Time-lapse footage shows workers at NASA’s Stennis Space Center assembling an RS-25 rocket engine in only two minutes. The RS-25 rocket engine was used on NASA’s Space Shuttle program, and will be used in the new Space Launch System that could send craft on missions to Mars.

’20 Hz’, A Creepy Short Horror Film Focusing on Sounds That People Cannot Hear

20 Hz” is a creepy short horror film directed and written by Chris Keller that is centered around sounds that we as humans cannot hear. It follows a young lady, played by Alix Wilton Regan, who hears an eerie noise on her headphones while working on a song. She decides to investigate the sound and unfortunately finds what she was looking for.

Human hearing is capable of detecting sound waves between 20 and 20.000 Hz… merely a small fraction of the frequency spectrum. Most sounds around us go unnoticed.

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