Hooks, A Mobile App That Creates Custom Alerts For Just About Everything

Hooks is an iOS app created by Spanish mobile developer Oleg Kozynenko that makes it possible to create customized alerts across a huge spectrum of topics, including the weather, pollen, natural disasters, shipping tracking and lottery numbers. The full list of topics includes more than 100 different categories.

* Sports: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL games and scores
* Music concerts
* Video games releases, Twitch streams
* Weather: rain, ice, snow, temperature drop
* TV shows
* Lottery results
* Pollen, allergy alerts
* Meetups
* Films by rating, director or starring
* Top restaurants
* AMBER alerts
* Shipment tracking for every courier
* Website down
* Horoscope
* Earthquake
* Mentions of you or your brand
* Online courses
* Alexa rank
* Currency exchange rates including Bitcoin
* Stocks
* Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr
* Youtube, Vimeo, Quora updates
* Reddit, ProductHunt, HackerNews top articles

Hooks Hooks

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‘The New York Times’ Goes for a Ride in the new Mercedes-Benz Self-Driving Concept Car

New York Times technology writer Molly Wood went for a ride in the Mercedes-Benz F 015 self-driving concept car (previously) at a defunct naval base in Alameda, California. The current model is still far from complete, taking a pre-programmed route rather than driving fully autonomously. Instead, the trip was focus on the luxury of being in a Mercedes that drives itself.

The vehicle’s carriage-style design features saloon doors that open wide to reveal an interior that’s more like a living room than the inside of a car. There are no side pillars or center obstructions. The two front seats swivel around completely so the driver and front-seat passenger can face the rear of the car.

Tenacious French Bulldog Leans on the Car Horn After Being Left Alone in the Vehicle Too Long

A tenacious little French bulldog in Eureka, California who apparently had grown weary of waiting alone in his human’s SUV too long, took the matter into his own paws and relentlessly leaned on the vehicle’s horn. The persistent canine wouldn’t stop even when Ryan Burns of the Lost Coast Outpost stopped by to see what was going on.

The horn had been blaring off and on (mostly on) for several minutes before your intrepid LoCO correspondent decided to do what we do: get to the bottom of this nonsense. Following our ears, we walked down the block from LoCO HQ to find this critter, who had been left behind and was so totally not having it.

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‘If I Was In It’, A Talk Show Where Two Self-Taught Film Students Explain How They Would Change Popular Movies

If I Was In It is an IFC web series starring Paul Laudiero (previously) and Will Stephen as “Mike” and “Frank,” two self-taught film students who meet at a diner to discuss popular movies and how they would change them if they were in the films. The pair give thoughtful insight into the cinematic process like suggesting an anti-drug message in The Wizard of Oz, and explaining why they would have just killed the shark right away in Jaws.

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A Practical Guide on How to Imitate Batman and Become a Real-Life Superhero

Comedian Joe Bereta provides a practical guide on how imitate the legendary comic book caped crusader, Batman and become a real-life superhero on a recent episode of the AWE me web series Epic How To (previously). The most important piece of advice is to keep the police informed of any heroic deeds, just like Seattle-based superhero Phoenix Jones does.

Put on your cape and make your voice extra gravelly, it’s time to be a real-life superhero. You can experience all the heroics and thrills, without any of the Dark Knight angst.

Revogi, A Power Strip That Makes It Possible to Control Appliances Remotely With a Mobile App


Revogi is a smart power strip that connects to a home Wi-Fi network, making it possible for users to monitor and control appliances remotely with a mobile device. The company’s mobile app can schedule devices to turn on and off and measures energy consumption in real-time. The strip is available now through the Laughing Squid Store.




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A Pilot Takes His Friends Up Into the Air and Proceeds to Freak Them Out With Aerobatic Maneuvers

Aerobatic pilot Sebb Stratta created a highlight reel of the times he took his friends up in a Slingsby T67 Firefly aircraft and gave them a good-natured freak out through a series of aerial manuevers.

I’ve had one just breathe into a paper bag because they were getting dizzy and hyperventilating. They don’t expect it. Its exhilarating in the air, and there is no danger, but the thrill doesn’t leave and they shake for a while, jelly legs, dazed and consistently smiling.

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Ricky Gervais Stars in a Series of Minimalist Ads for Netflix in Australia

Ricky Gervais recently starred in a series of ads for Australian telecommunications company Optus announcing they are now offering Netflix to their customers. The commercials feature a minimalist approach to advertising, as Gervais is simply sitting on a couch, holding a mug, and speaking to the camera.

Optus approached me and asked me to do an advert telling Australia that they’re getting Netflix. I said I’d need like a shed-load of cash. Like seriously mental money. They went, “Okay.”