A Cleverly-Designed Chair That Looks Like It Is Fading Into the Background

Foggy Chair by Daria Pavlova

Saint Petersburg-based designer Daria Pavlova has created foggy chair, a wooden dining chair with a distinctive paint scheme that causes the very top and bottom of the chair to fade into the background. Pavlova designed the chair for cafés and dining rooms, and says it could be custom painted to match various environments.

Foggy Chair by Daria Pavlova

Foggy Chair by Daria Pavlova

Foggy Chair by Daria Pavlova

photos via Daria Pavlova

via Yanko Design

Potluck Video Explains What Spelt Is, It’s Relation to Modern Wheat and How It Can Be Used In Place of Wheat

Potluck Video spoke with Beth George, the founder of Spelt Right Foods to learn more about the ancient grain spelt, its relation to traditional wheat and how it can be used in place of wheat for those who have sensitivities.

Spelt is a cousin of modern wheat but it is much easier to digest and it is also loaded with nutrients. Spelt is its own species, so it’s Triticum spelta versus Triticum aestivum which is the standard wheat. So Triticum spelta has different properties, for example the gluten in spelt, though not appropriate for those with Celiac, but for people who are wheat sensitive – they may find spelt easier to digest.

Stunning Photos of an Ice-Encased Ski Resort in Slovenia

Stunning Photos of an Ice-Encased Ski Resort in Slovenia

On December 9, 2014, photographer Marko Korosec visited a ski resort at Mount Javornik in Slovenia and discovered a stunning ice-encased wonderland. Korosec found the ice-covered trees and structures at the mountain’s summit. According to Korosec, some of the icicles were more than three feet long. Korosec posts his latest photos of storms and other weather phenomena on his Facebook page.


Stunning Photos of an Ice-Encased Ski Resort in Slovenia

Stunning Photos of an Ice-Encased Ski Resort in Slovenia

photos by Marko Korosec

via Colossal

‘Dji. Death Fails’, An Award-Winning 3D Animated Short Film About a Trucker Who Beats Death Every Time

Dji. Death Fails is an amusing and multi-award winning 3D animated short film by director Dmitri Voloshin and the Moldovan studio simpals that tells the story of a trucker named Dji who beats the Grim Reaper every single time the he comes calling on Dji’s soul.

(translated from Russian) Dji is an unusual death. The Dark Knight has appeared in a different form. No, he is not white and fluffy. Dji is just terribly unlucky. All he has to do is to take the soul of a dying man. But the screenwriters prepared some obstacles for Dji. Will he manage to overcome them? You’ll see.

Dji. Death Fails


images via simpals

The People You Always Run Into When You Come Home For the Holidays

In this strangely ominous video, ClickHole runs through “the eight people you always run into” when you go back to your hometown during the holidays.

Megatron Unleashes a Hilarious Nonstop Rant at a Woman Taking a Selfie at Universal Studios Hollywood

In this hilarious video recently uploaded by Alexandra Trew, Transformers villain Megatron unleashes a blistering rant at Trew after she poses next to him for a selfie at Universal Studios Hollywood. In his nonstop tirade, Megatron bemoans Trew’s obsession with social media and implores her to live life in the moment. Trew uploaded the video on December 16, 2014; as of this writing it has 1,972,000 views.

You will not receive a selfie so long as you stand before me with your ridiculous furred hoodie! When will you learn that your status updates mean zero to nothing to anyone, ever!

via Rudy Jahchan

‘Origami at the Museum’, Instructional Videos in the Art of Origami by the American Museum of Natural History

In honor of their Origami Holiday Tree, the renowned American Museum of Natural History in New York City is currently offering instructional “how-to” videos in the art of origami, starting with basic designs such as a jumping frog, a dinosaur and a whale.

Origami, the practice of paperfolding, is a great activity for people of all ages. From basic forms to complex models, origami is for anyone: all that’s needed is a piece of paper and the desire to learn.

The museum also offers Origami classes throughout the year.

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‘Minecraft’ Creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson Buys a Swanky Beverly Hills Megamansion for $70 Million

Notch Mansion

Markus “Notch” Persson, creator of the immensely popular video game Minecraft, has purchased a swanky Beverly Hills megamansion for a cool $70 million. According to Curbed LA, the property was also being considered by Beyoncé and Jay-Z. The purchase comes several months after Microsoft agreed to acquire Mojang, the developer behind Minecraft, for $2.5 billion.

Notch Mansion

Notch Mansion

Notch Mansion

Notch Mansion

Notch Mansion

Notch Mansion

photos via 1181 North Hillcrest

via Curbed LA

Bob Dylan Holds Private Concert For Superfan Frederik Wikingsson on the Swedish Film Series ‘Experiment Alone’

Frederik Wikingsson of the Swedish series Experiment Ensam (“Experiment Alone”) wondered what it would be like to experience a Bob Dylan concert alone in the season finale of the series, which seeks to learn more about the role of community in society. To Frederik’s (and everyone else’s surprise), Mr. Dylan granted Wikingsson’s wish and performed a four-song private concert for the overjoyed superfan at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I’ve been smiling the whole time. My cheeks are exhausted. He even talked to me. It was great. I feel like a kid. When he played harmonica, I came close to losing it.

Wikingsson was understandably flying for quite a while. When asked whether the experience would have been better if he had been with others, he replied with mixed reaction.

I was grateful and happy that I was the only one there. In the moment, it wouldn’t have been as intense with other people there, but once I stepped out of the theater all confused and dizzy, it could have been more intense if I had someone to share it with. In that way, I’m torn about the experience. It was incredibly intense then and there, but after the fact and forever after, I miss having someone to share it with.

via Rolling Stone, Open Culture, The Awesomer

An Action Figure Depicting Saul Goodman, The Criminal Lawyer From ‘Breaking Bad’ & Spinoff Series ‘Better Call Saul’

Saul Goodman Action Figure

New York City-based Mezco Toyz has created a 6″ action figure depicting fictional criminal lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) from the television drama series Breaking Bad and upcoming spinoff series Better Call Saul on AMC. The figure is available to pre-order online and will ship in June 2015.

The Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul is currently scheduled to premiere on AMC on February 8, 2015.

This classic character provided more than just legal loopholes and comic relief. Known for his nonchalance and questionable advice, Saul quickly won over fans worldwide. Walter and Jesse narrowly made it through their troubles with his legal counsel and now this 6” figure can stand as a reminder when you’re in a bind, “Better call Saul!”

His pinstriped business suit is complimented by his token wireless headset and light blue Wayfarer 515 awareness ribbon. Saul Goodman comes complete with his business card in a display friendly blister card package. Although his work with our dynamic duo is done, we know we haven’t seen the last of him just yet…

Saul Goodman Action Figure

images via Mezco Toyz

via The Awesomer