Two Little Lemurs Love Licking the Lollipops that Had Been Given to Them as a Treat

Mort and Miss Stewart, a couple of little lemurs at the Center for Animal Research and Education in Bridgeport, Texas, really enjoy licking the lollipops that had been given to them as a treat. Unfortunately, the little primates did not get a chance “to get to the center of [their] Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pops“, because their humans decided that too much sugar would not be good for the lemurs.

We decided to give lemurs Mort and Miss Stewart a little treat, lollipops! Lemurs love sugary treats, so we knew it would be a hit, but no idea just how stinking cute they would look enjoying them. Because the candy is so full of sugar, we only let them have them for a little while (they were none to pleased when we took them away), but they still enjoyed every second!

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Iron Filings Move to Music in a Kinetic Art Installation by TechnoFrolics

Iron filings move to music in a choreographed iron dust installation that was recently exhibited at World Maker Faire in New York City. The movement of the iron filings is dictated by computer-controlled electromagnets. The installation was created by TechnoFrolics design studio back in 1989 and, over the years, it has been exhibited at a variety of educational centers, trade shows, and other venues.

Choreographed Iron Dust Installation by TechnoFrolics

photo via TechnoFrolics

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‘Sidewalk’, An Animated Short Film Portraying a Woman’s Journey to Body Acceptance Through the Passage of Time

Sidewalk is a beautifully animated short film written, directed and illustrated by artist Celia Bullwinkel that portrays a woman’s journey to body acceptance through the passage of time, represented by a sidewalk along which she moves throughout the various stages of her life.

The film explores a woman’s ongoing relationship with her body, from youth through maturity—looking both at how she perceives herself and how others see her as she travels the sidewalk of life.

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‘Fantasy Football’, T-Shirt Designs Featuring Legendary Fantasy-Themed Creatures as Sports Mascots

Kansas City Krakens by Wheels03
Kansas City Krakens by Kenneth “Wheels03″ Wheeler

Fantasy Football is a collection of 32 T-shirt designs by talented artists that feature legendary fantasy-themed creatures as sports mascots. They are available to purchase online until September 25th, 2014 at Shirt.Woot.

Arizona Jackalopes by kdubbs29
Arizona Jackalopes by Kevin “kdubbs29″ Werther

Seattle Sasquatches by Blair Sayer
Seattle Sasquatches by Blair Sayer

Denver Unicorns by Radscoolian
Denver Unicorns by Stephen “Radscoolian” Dye

Buffalo Beholders by ApeLad
Buffalo Beholders by Adam “ApeLad” Koford

images via Shirt.Woot

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