A Time-Lapse Documenting Artist Guillaume Cornet Drawing a Large-Scale Illustration Over 75 Hours

In this fascinating time-lapse, artist Guillaume Cornet painstakingly creates the intricate large-scale drawing Parisian Neighbourhood–a 75-hour process that is compressed to two minutes. Parisian Neighbourhood and Cornet’s other wondrous illustrations are available for purchase on Society6. Cornet can also be followed on Tumblr.


Time-Lapse of Artist Guillaume Cornet Drawing an Illustration




photos via Guillaume Cornet, GIFs via The Creators Project

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Dazzling Urban Exploration Photos of New York City by Dark Cyanide

Urban Exploration Photos of New York City by Dark Cyanide

Despite being just 18 years of age, pseudonymous urban exploration photographer Dark Cyanide has created an impressive body of work documenting New York City from unusual and often illegal vantage points. The New York City-based photographer focuses on urban architecture and infrastructure in photos–often taken at night–that highlight the geometric forms and symmetry of his subjects. He discusses his work in this Feature Shoot interview, and we previously posted about his stunning night photos of the George Washington Bridge. Dark Cyanide can be followed on Instagram.

Urban Exploration Photos of New York City by Dark Cyanide

Urban Exploration Photos of New York City by Dark Cyanide

Urban Exploration Photos of New York City by Dark Cyanide

Urban Exploration Photos of New York City by Dark Cyanide

Urban Exploration Photos of New York City by Dark Cyanide

photos by Dark Cyanide

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Israeli Engineering Students Create a Rube Goldberg Machine That Tells the Story of Passover

Students at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Mount Carmel near Haifa have created a wonderful Rube Goldberg machine that tells the story of Pesach (Passover), complete with wine and matzo.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”. This insight, attributed to Albert Einstein, describes perfectly the Rube Goldberg Passover video that we and our students have made for you to enjoy. The youthful energy and ingenuity –the joie de vivre – that burst from this video, are what the Technion is all about.

A Technion student also gave a behind-the-scenes tour of the machine.

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‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 4′, A Bizarre Interactive Lesson From a Self-Involved Computer

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 4” by Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling of Blink Industries is a bizarre but humorous short film about an interactive lesson from a self-involved computer that leads to a real head-scratching finish. The film is a follow-up to their first three films, “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared,” “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 2,” and “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 3.”

Don't Hug Me

image via Becky and Joe’s Art

Riff, A New Mobile App by Facebook for Creative Collaborative Videos With Friends

riff app 1 riff app 3

Riff is a new mobile app by Facebook Creative Labs for creating collaborative videos with friends. A user can create a short video with a certain topic and then share it with friends. Those friends can then add to the video and share it with their own friends. The cast of the Broadway musical An American in Paris created a sample Riff, and Facebook is showcasing featured Riffs to inspire users.

The app is available now in the Android Play Store and iTunes App Store.

riff app 2 riff giff

images via Riff

‘Waterballet’, Mesmerizing Otherworldly Videos Created by Dropping Liquids Into a Fishbowl

In his video series Waterballet, Amsterdam-based artist Kamiel Rongen creates striking otherworldly imagery through the simple mechanism of dropping liquids into a fishbowl. He combines the abstract footage with his ambient music to create what he calls “audiovisual landscapes.” Rongen uses the videos in live musical performances under the moniker Hyde Park.

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Recycled Starbucks Coffee Sleeve Sets That Feature Colored Pencil Drawings of All 12 Iterations of ‘Doctor Who’

Doctors 1-4 Set 1 – Doctors 1-4

Indianapolis-based designer Kahahuna has created a wonderful line of hand-drawn recycled Starbucks coffee sleeves sets that feature all 12 iterations of Doctor Who (excluding the “War Doctor“) and a wonderful portrait of a single Dalek in all of its menacing glory.

These are hand-drawn Doctors …on up-cycled Starbucks cup sleeves. I got the idea while I was at work (I work at Starbucks) and randomly handing out drinks with decorated sleeves to my customers. They loved the idea so much that I decided to put my own love of Doctor Who into colored pencil. These are made on recycled cardboard sleeves that would otherwise have been thrown away. Each sleeve has been sprayed with a matte fixative to keep the pencil in place. I have priced these at $12 each and shipping is included for the set. (within the US) I’m not selling these particular pieces individually at this time.

The sleeves are sold in sets of four via the Kahahuna Shop on Etsy.

Doctors 5-8 Set 2 – Doctors 5-8

Doctors 9-12 Set 3 – Doctors 9-12


images via Kahahuna

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