Comic Book Deadpool Battles ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Deadpool in the New Live-Action Web Series ‘Minute Match-Ups’

Chimi… f*cking… changaaas!” – Deadpool

Minute Match-Ups is a new live-action web series by Las Vegas-based filmmakers Jeremy Le and Danny Shep where two superheroes and/or villains face off in a quick deathmatch. In episode one, the witty comic book version of Deadpool takes on the X-Men Origins: Wolverine version of Deadpool in an explosive battle.

Deadpool has to wrap up some loose ends before his new movie comes out!

Le and Shep also released behind-the-scenes footage, as well as a look at how the episode looks with and without the special effects.

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‘The Hedgehog’, A Surprisingly Dark Short Film Featuring a Kid in a Sonic the Hedgehog Outfit

“The Hedgehog” is a short film written and directed by Chris Lee and Paul Storrie that features a young boy in what is clearly a Sonic the Hedgehog outfit as he searches for adventure and finds something a little surprisingly dark. In an interview with Short Sighted Cinema, Lee and Storrie spoke at length about the creation of the film and what they intended to get across.

Being avid gamers, the subject of video game obsession has fascinated the both of us for a long time. Especially the effects on young kids. Whilst investigating the theme, we came across the concept of Peter-Pan Syndrome; the idea of not wanting to grow up. It describes a refusal to consider entry into the world of adult plans and responsibilities; to retreat from time. The traits of someone who is an inhabitant of a Never-Never-Land.

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Chinese Artist Uses 50,000 Coins to Build Model of the City of Chongqing

50,000 Coins City Model

Chinese artist He Peixi had created a model of his hometown of Chongqing out of 50,000 coins. Peixi used 10 different kinds of coins to replicate the city’s landmarks, bridges, and other buildings. The artist represented the Yangtze River and Jialing River with agate stones. He used no glue in the sculpture, relying instead on very careful stacking (by chopstick, no less).

50,000 Coins City Model

50,000 Coins City Model

50,000 Coins City Model

50,000 Coins City Model

images via ImagineChina/REX

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Empathy Cards, A Wonderful Line of Plain-Spoken Notes to Help Truly Connect With Someone Who Is Ill


Artist and cancer survivor Emily McDowell has created a wonderful line of plain-spoken Empathy Cards, honest notes that can help people really connect with a person who has a serious illness. While the language is blunt, the authenticity of each sentiment provides a real sense of companionship, synergy and yes, empathy, for the person who is ill that can’t be found in more traditional cards.

Most of us struggle to find the right words in the face of a friend or loved one’s major health crisis, whether it’s cancer, chronic illness, mental illness, or anything else. It’s a really tough problem; someone we love needs our support more than ever, but we don’t have the right language for it. I created this collection of empathy cards for serious illness because I believe we need some better, more authentic ways to communicate about sickness and suffering. “Get well soon” cards don’t make sense when someone might not. Sympathy cards can make people feel like you think they’re already dead. A “fuck cancer” card is a nice sentiment, but when I had cancer, it never really made me feel better. …With Empathy Cards, my goal is to help people connect with each other through truth and insight, which is one of the founding principles of this brand. I want the recipients of these cards to feel seen, understood, and loved.

The cards can be purchased online at Emily McDowell Studio.



One More Chemo Down

I'm on Board

No Journey

Haven't Been in Touch

images via Emily McDowell

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New Art Books of Simon Stålenhag’s Fantastic Retrofuturistic Paintings

Back in 2013, we first posted about the fantastic retrofuturistic paintings of Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag. Stålenhag’s paintings combine nostalgic imagery from the artist’s childhood in 1980s Sweden with hovercraft, dinosaurs, robots, and other sci-fi elements. For the first time his works will be available to English-language audiences in a pair of art books: Tales from The Loop and Swedish Machines, Lonely Places. The books will be published by Free League Publishing, who is raising funds for the books on Kickstarter. Prints of Stålenhag’s work are also available for purchase.

Retrofuturistic 80s Paintings by Simon Stalenhag

Retrofuturistic 80s Paintings by Simon Stalenhag

Retrofuturistic 80s Paintings by Simon Stalenhag

Retrofuturistic 80s Paintings by Simon Stalenhag

Retrofuturistic 80s Paintings by Simon Stalenhag

images by Simon Stålenhag

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