The Main Drain, A Simple Urinal Attachment for Home Toilets

The Main Drain is an adjustable urinal that can be attached to an existing toilet. The urinal attaches to the toilet bowl (no tools are necessary) and can be used even when the toilet lid is down. An articulating hose allows it to be adjusted to different heights and orientations, and it is made of hydrophobic materials to ensure easy cleaning. The easy-to-clean aspect is key, since the device appears to be near face level for someone seated on the toilet. The Main Drain’s creator, inventor Dan Garvin, is raising funds for the urinal on Kickstarter.

The Main Drain

The Main Drain

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Microsoft Releases Outlook for iOS and a Preview of the Email Client for Android

Microsoft recently announced in a blog post that they have released their email client Outlook for Apple’s iOS and a preview of the program for Android. The new version of Outlook is based on Acompli, an email client Microsoft acquired last year. Outlook is now available for free in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

The company released a detailed look at Outlook for iOS along with some frequently asked questions about the app. They have also released Android Tablet versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that are currently available for free in the Play Store.


outlook4 outlook3

outlook2 outlook1

images via Microsoft

Imgur Launches Video to GIF, A Tool for Converting Online Video Into GIFs

Imgur Video to GIF

Image hosting service Imgur has unveiled Video to GIF, a handy new tool for converting online video from YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sites into GIFs. As you can see from our GIF of a one-handed Rubik’s Cube master, it works pretty well.

Imgur Video to GIF

GIF via Kuma Films, image via Imgur

Diverse Group of Models Portray the Changing Female Body Ideals Throughout the Ages

Eugene Lee Yang of BuzzFeedVideo has created an interesting visual narrative regarding the history of ideal female bodies and how these standards of beauty changed throughout the centuries. Yang used a diverse group of models to portray examples from such eras as Ancient Egypt (c. 1292 – 1069 B.C.), where “[w]omen are shown as slender, with high waists and slim shoulders.” to current day (c. 2000s – Today) where “[w]omen should be skinny, but healthy; they should have large breasts and a large butt, but a flat stomach.”

This video shows over 3,000 years of women’s ideal body types as determined by their societies’ standard of beauty.

Women's Ideal Bodies

GIF via BuzzFeed

Child Prodigy Tanishq Abraham Shares Some Side-Splitting Science Jokes With Conan O’Brien on ‘Conan’

“I’ve got some science jokes so… let’s hope you understand them.”

Child prodigy Tanishq Abraham made a recent appearance on Conan to share some side-splitting science jokes with host Conan O’Brien.

‘Mr Selfie’, A Clever Animation That Painfully Nails Our Modern-Day Obsession With Smartphones

The painfully spot-on animation “Mr Selfie” follows a man as he goes through an entire day while staring at his smartphone–which may be awfully familiar to some people. The animation was created by London-based design and animation studio weareseventeen.

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CollegeHumor Pokes Fun at the Fake Baby Used in a Pivotal ‘American Sniper’ Scene

“War is easy. Art directing is hard.”

CollegeHumor hilariously reenacts a pivotal scene of the popular film American Sniper in which a fake baby was obviously used and made the baby “even more fake than you remember“.

The Perez Brothers also had a bit of fun with the “fake baby” who spoke “about his acting process” in a parody of a Charlie Rose bit.

Vsauce3 Explains Three Different Time Travel Paradoxes and Accidentally Blinks Bill Nye Out of Existence

Vsauce3 host Jake Roper explains three different time travel paradoxes in a recent video, and in doing so accidentally blinks Bill Nye the Science Guy out of existence. Roper explains the bootstrap paradox, the grandfather paradox, and the predestination paradox and includes examples of the three from pop culture.

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Akira Kurosawa’s Masterful Use of Geometry in the Staging of a Scene From the 1960 Film ‘The Bad Sleep Well’

Tony Zhou of the film analysis series Every Frame a Painting (previously) examines how director Akira Kurosawa deftly uses geometry in the staging of actors in a scene from the 1960 film The Bad Sleep Well.

A Set of LED Dice That Light Up When They Roll a Critical Hit

LED Dice Set

ThinkGeek has created an amusing set of LED dice (specifically a d10, d12, and d20) that light up when they roll a critical hit–meaning that the d10 lights up when it rolls a 10 and so on. Previously, ThinkGeek had only produced a d20 die in this style.

Each set comes with a d10, d12, and d20, which all flash red when their highest number is rolled. Now, we’ve done everything in our powers to ensure these dice are weighted as evenly as possible considering the electronics inside. We did this because we’re gamers and we really wanted to use them ourselves and cheating sucks.

LED Dice Set

images via ThinkGeek