‘I’m a Coward’, A New They Might Be Giants Dial-A-Song Track About Self-Doubt

For week 13 of their year-long Dial-A-Song project (previously), They Might Be Giants explore the world of self-doubt with the track “I’m a Coward.”

I need a confidant who can see past my faults
And take the time to save me from myself
I need a confidant. A co-conspirator
To turn the tide on my losing side

The corresponding music video created by production team Work-Order, highlights the song’s lyrics through a series of card tricks.

A Compilation of Ominous Time-lapse Video Featuring Storms Developing Overhead

Nebraska photographer Ryan McGinnis has created a compilation video featuring his best time-lapse storm video from 2014. The video highlights the ominous formation of a number of storms over head, largely taken from his home state.

I am mostly new to time-lapse and am still trying to learn the craft. Music is “Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor)” by John Murphy. Storms included are the Mother’s Day Nebraska storm, Burwell, NE on June 16, Chugwater, WY funnel, the hail monster that wrecked Gibbon, NE, and some minor misc other storms.

Even more stunning are the photographer’s still storm images.





images via Ryan McGinnis

via PetaPixel

Speeches of British Politicians Running for Prime Minister Remixed Into a Rap About Income Inequality

“Take every penny from the hands of the many, And give everything to the few.”

A recent video by Cassetteboy remixes speeches by British politicians David CameronEd Miliband, and Nick Clegg running in the upcoming election for Prime Minister into a rap about income inequality in the country. The song, titled “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” is meant to promote the upcoming documentary of the same name.

The Emperor’s New Clothes is a documentary by comedian and activist Russell Brand and director Michael Winterbottom. It focuses on the issue of income inequality in the United Kingdom. It is scheduled to be released in theaters in the United Kingdom on April 21, 2015. Special screenings held that day will also feature a Q&A with the filmmakers.

The Emporer's New Clothes

image via The Emperor’s New Clothes

Unsuspecting Kitten Gets Caught in an Avalanche of Staticky Birthday Balloons That Stick to His Fur

A tiny tabby kitten named Jeff got caught in an avalanche of balloons that his human Kara Osbak had planned as a surprise for her husband’s birthday. Unfortunately, the balloons were more attracted to the little feline than to the birthday boy.

It was my husbands birthday… I prepared a small avalanche of balloons to fall on on him when he opened the bedroom door in the morning.. It kinda worked.. But then our 8mo kitten got involved and it escalated quickly! A couple balloons started to stick to him, an soon my husband was helping him, he just chilled through it all.. For a first time meeting balloons… It was definitely the funniest reaction!

Jeff the Cat

and here's a gif of static balloon cat. - Imgur

images via reddit

via reddit, Daily Picks and Flicks

Hummingbirds Fly and Feed Inside a Wind Tunnel While Being Filmed by a High-Speed Camera

The latest episode of the series Deep Look by KQED and PBS Digital Studios features slow-motion video of hummingbirds flying and feeding inside a wind tunnel. The experiment shows how hummingbirds use their wings differently than most birds to be able to hover in one place to eat, even in the rain and wind up to 20 miles per hour.

They have to. Because of their high metabolism, hummingbirds have to eat their own weight in flower nectar every day.

Brik Case, A Customizable MacBook Cover Compatible With LEGO and Other Popular Building Blocks

Brik Case is a fun new customizable laptop cover created by San Francisco-based startup Jolt Team that is compatible with a number of popular building blocks, including LEGO, Mega Bloks, PixelBlocks, KRE-O and K’NEX.

Some people like to spice up their laptops with stickers on the back. We couldn’t help thinking, though, that stickers are sticky. Plus, once they’re stuck, you’re stuck. So we designed a case that permits constant change, collaboration, and originality.

The company is seeking funding for the first generation of cases on Kickstarter, which will be compatible with MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs from 2013 and later.

Brik Case

Brik Case

Brik Case

images via Brik Case

via Kicktraq, The Awesomer

Banjo Guy Ollie Performs a Multitrack Cover of Metallica’s Heavy Metal Song ‘Enter Sandman’

Galway, Ireland- based musician Banjo Guy Ollie recently performed a multitrack cover of Metallica‘s popular 1991 heavy metal song “Enter Sandman” using a banjo, mandolin, and a drum. Banjo Guy Ollie is currently raising funds on Patreon to help out with his continued release of music videos.

The original music video for comparison:

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Closca Fuga, A Sleeker Second-Generation Foldable Bicycle Helmet


Valencia, Spain-based bicycle hardware startup Closca has unveiled the Fuga, an updated version of the folding helmets it introduced back in 2013. Like its predecessor, the new version folds flat, making it much easier to carry around in a book bag when not riding. The new version, which is currently up for pre-order, swaps the cloth cover for a sleek matte black or white shell.



images via Closca

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

‘Artoo In Love’, A ‘Star Wars’ Short Film About the Heroic Droid R2-D2’s Journey to Find Love in the Galaxy

Writer and director Evan Atherton, TRUE MVMNT, Grant McKinney, and Sargam Atherton have created Artoo In Love, a wonderful Star Wars-themed short film about the heroic R2-D2 and his journey to find love in the galaxy. the determined astromech droid experiences heartbreak and bumps into enemy droids along the way, but finally finds the droid that he is looking for, R2-KT. More behind-the-scenes photos are available to view on the Artoo In Love website.

Artoo In Love

Artoo In Love

Artoo In Love

photos by TRUE MVMNT

via Whitney WhitWhit