Pilot Creates a Flying Pyrotechnic Show Above Sweden By Launching Fireworks From the Wings of a Glider

Caters TV created a short video capturing the antics of Swedish pilot Johan Gustaffson as he put on a one man pyrotechnic display, launching fireworks from the wings of his colorfully lit up glider above his hometown of Dala-Järna. Gustaffson has more shows planned for locations across Europe.

Most people are already very amazed and say that they have never seen anything like it before. I’m planning on developing the show and adding even more effects too.




images via Caters News

Jimmy Kimmel Celebrates Newscasters With Weird Names on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

In a recent clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel devotes time to celebrating newscasters with weird names like Larry Sprinkle, Dr. Tim Tooten, and nearly half a dozen men with some variation of “Dick” in their name.

Poetweet, A Service That Turns Twitter Feeds Into Sonnets and Other Styles of Nonsensical Cut-Up Poetry


Poetweet is a silly new promotional service from Brazilian cultural center b_arco that crawls a user’s Twitter feed in order to construct a sort of nonsensical cut-up poem from bits of tweets. Users enter a handle, choose from the sonnet, rondel, or indriso style and the web app goes to work. Once created, users can check out the source tweets by hovering over a line or share them via social networks.


images via Poetweet

via Product Hunt, Ryan Hoover

Definitely the Real Singer Adele Sings ‘SkyMall’, A Parody of Her Song ‘Skyfall’ From the James Bond Film ‘Skyfall’

On a recent episode of Conan, host Conan O’Brien informed his audience that the in-flight magazine SkyMall has recently filed for bankruptcy before introducing “definitely the real singer Adele” to perform a moving parody version of her song “Skyfall” from the James Bond film Skyfall. The song highlights some of SkyMall‘s stranger offerings.

Joe Bereta Provides a Practical Guide About How to Acquire a Super Bowl Ring

Comedian Joe Bereta provides a practical guide about how to acquire a Super Bowl ring on a recent episode of the AWE me web series Epic How To (previously). It comes down to either shelling out loads of money on eBay or doing absolutely whatever it takes to score a job on a Super Bowl winning team.

Ever wanted to do something epic but didn’t know where to start? Stick with us and we’ll turn your wildest dreams into an epic reality! This week, we’ll teach you how to get a Super Bowl ring!

Nick Offerman Starts America’s Engine and Sings About NASCAR’s Return to NBC During a Hilarious Super Bowl XLIX Ad

Nick Offerman starts America’s engine and sings about NASCAR‘s triumphant return to NBC during a two-minute music video from NBC Sports. The “America Start Your Engines” music video is set to air as both a 30- and 60-second television spot during Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, February 1, 2015.

America it’s time for a gut check. If the founding fathers saw us holed up in our little cocoons…texting each other smiley faces they’d hang their powdered wigs in shame. When our idea of danger is eating gluten, there’s trouble afoot. Yes, we the people have gotten soft and all the likes in the world aren’t gonna’ save us now. But one thing will… and it rhymes with MASCAR.

A Funny Noah’s Ark-Themed Ad for French Cable Channel Canal+ That Explains Why Unicorns Don’t Exist

In a new spot created by advertising agency BETC Paris for French cable channel Canal+, the lack of real unicorns is traced back to the Old Testament story of Noah, as one of his sons fails in his attempt to save the mythological horned horse.

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‘How Bitcoin Works’, A Short Video Explaining the Economics Behind the Digital Cryptocurrency

“How Bitcoin Works” is a short video by New Scientist explaining the processes that drive the popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which has seen a massive surge in use in spite of the fact that it isnt controlled by a single central authority.

Instead, there’s just a network of computers that anyone can join and a set of rules that those computers use to process and record transactions. This is called ‘mining,’ but you don’t have to be a miner to use BitCoin.

The video accompanies the feature “The Bitcoin Rush: Pioneers on the Financial Frontier,” which explores the people who drive the digital currency.

Rosanna Pansino Demonstrates How to Make Video Game-Themed ‘Bomberman’ Cupcakes With Help From Rhett & Link

On a recent episode of Nerdy Nummies, Los Angeles-based baker Rosanna Pansino demonstrated how to make cute video game-themed Bomberman cupcakes with help from the comedians Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal of Rhett & Link. Pansino then joined Rhett & Link on a taste-testing episode of their show Good Mythical Morning to help find out if they could tell the difference between sugar and sugar-free.

Bomberman Cupcakes

Bomberman Cupcakes

Bomberman Cupcakes

images via Rosanna Pansino

More Wonderfully Dreamlike Illustration Tattoos by Expanded Eye

Dreamlike Illustration Art Tattoos by Expanded Eye

Back in 2013 we first posted about the gorgeous dreamlike illustration tattoos created by Jade Tomlinson and Kev James of art duo Expanded Eye. The duo creates each custom tattoo from concepts and stories provided by the client. The designs are committed to paper before being tattooed on skin. The duo has created quite a few more wonderful tattoos in recent months, including a number of complex pieces that cover multiple parts of the recipient’s body. Many more tattoos can be seen in this photo gallery on the Expanded Eye Facebook page. Prints and original works by Expanded Eye are available for purchase online. Prints are also available at The Vaults Gallery in London.

Dreamlike Illustration Art Tattoos by Expanded Eye

Dreamlike Illustration Art Tattoos by Expanded Eye

Dreamlike Illustration Art Tattoos by Expanded Eye

Dreamlike Illustration Art Tattoos by Expanded Eye

photos via Expanded Eye

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