Tour Triangle, A Modern High-Rise Pyramid Will Join the Paris Skyline as the First Skyscraper in Forty Years

Tour Triangle

Tour Triangle, a gorgeous high-rise pyramid designed by architects Herzog & DeMueron will be the first skyscraper to join the Paris skyline after 40 years of height restrictions in the area. The building, located in the 15th arrondissement, offers a hotel, start-up office space, beautiful views and extensive parks and green spaces in the surrounding areas.

Tour Triangle


Tour Triangle

Tour Triangle

Tour Triangle

Tour Triangle Entrance

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‘What Do Machines Sing Of?’, A Robot That Endlessly Performs Hit Ballads From the 1990s While Adding Emotion

What Do Machines Sing Of?” is a robot by artist Martin Backes that endlessly performs number one hit ballads from the 1990s while attempting to add the proper emotion to its performances. When one song ends the machine randomly selects another and keeps on singing.

Backes posted a video demonstrating his machine’s talents as it performs Whitney Houston‘s cover of “I Will Always Love You” and “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly.

For comparison, here are the original videos for those songs.

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‘Take A Beat’, New York City Beatboxer Offered Free Accompaniment to Anyone Who Took a Number

New York City beatboxer Chris Sullivan who previously set up shop after the 2008 Presidential election, recently offered free accompaniment to anyone, including a dancing cow, who stepped up to take a number or in this case, to take a beat.

What happens when a beatboxer ( invites strangers in the park to “take a beat” and create music from nothing?!

goTenna, A Device That Pairs With a Smartphone to Send Texts Even Without a Cellular or Satellite Signal

goTenna 1

goTenna is a device that pairs with a smartphone to send and receive texts and location information even when there is no cellular or satellite signal in the area. The device works by generating its own VHF signal that can reach from half a mile up to six miles depending on certain conditions, allowing users to wirelessly communicate with any other goTenna owners within their range.

Interested parties can preorder a pair of goTenna devices through the company’s site for a significant discount.

goTenna 3

goTenna 2

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Hunter S. Thompson Talks to Studs Terkel About the Crazy Year He Spent with the Hell’s Angels in a 1967 Interview

The most recent episode of the animated series Blank on Blank features the infamous Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson in 1967 talking with the legendary Studs Terkel about the crazy year or so that he spent with the Hell’s Angels while doing research for his first book Hell’s Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga.

I think the Angels came out of World War Two. This whole kind of alienated, violent, subculture of people wandering around looking for either an opportunity, or if not an opportunity then vengeance for not getting an opportunity. They get to be 30 and suddenly they wake up one morning and they realize there are no more chances. It’s all gone. It makes them meaner. …It’s kind of “they”, paranoid. It’s you, it’s me, it’s whoever might come too close to them on the highway, a car. It’s somebody that makes a remark in a bar to them. They call them the citizens. Anybody who looks respectable and looks like he isn’t doomed, like he has some kind of option or money or a home, all the things they don’t have.

‘Waves of Light’, A Musical Tribute to the Science of Light From the Symphony of Science Series by Melodysheep

Waves of Light” is a musical tribute to light from the Symphony of Science series by John D. Boswell (aka “Melodysheep“). The video features beautiful images of Earth and the Universe with an autotuned voice-over by physicist Brian Cox about the science of light.

The song is available in the new compilation Best of Symphony of Science.