Hairdo, A Cookie Cutter Design for Baking Character-Shaped Treats That Kids Can Nibble at to Form Its Hairstyle

Hairdo Cookie Cutter

Avihai Shurin has created the Hairdo, a clever cookie cutter design for baking character-shaped treats that kids can nibble at to form its hairstyle. The plastic, dishwasher safe cookie cutter is available to purchase online from Monkey Business.

Nibble the biscuit to style Sam’s hairdo. Creating cookies with kids using the Hairdo Cookie Cutter is just half the fun! Once the baking is done, the creativity continues as they munch away, shaping Sam’s hair with every bite!

Hairdo Cookie Cutter

Hairdo Cookie Cutter

Hairdo Cookie Cutter

Hairdo Cookie Cutter

images via Monkey Business

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Google Translate App Takes on the Classic Ritchie Valens Song ‘La Bamba’ to Demonstrate How It Works

To demonstrate how the Google Translate app works, Google employees tested it on signs printed with the lyrics to the Ritchie Valens song “La Bamba.” The app takes printed text from one language and almost instantly replaces it on a smartphone screen with translated text in another. To understand exactly how the app works, Google employees Nat & Lo spoke with Octavio Good, one of the creators of Word Lens, the app on which the Google Translate feature shown in the “La Bamba” video is based.

Two Men Are Walking Every Block in New York City

“It’s the world’s greatest outdoor museum.”

William Helmreich and Matt Green explain why they are currently walking every block in New York City in a wonderful new video by The New Yorker.

New York City has over 6,000 miles of streets across five boroughs. William Helmreich and Matt Green plan to walk every last block. Though they are doing the same thing, Helmreich and Green have vastly different approaches and reasons for embarking on the journey.

One-Week Old Baby Goats Repeatedly Climb On Top of Their Patient Mama As She Bakes In the Sun

Lady Bug and Princess Leia, two adorable kids at the Sunflower Farm repeatedly climb all over the back of their very patient mama Bonnie as she sits like a loaf and bakes in the warm summer sun of Cumberland, Maine.

Bonnie’s one week old kids Lady Bug and Princess Leia took their first trip out to the pasture today. They stayed close…very close, to their mom, jumping on and off her back as she enjoyed the sun! She is an amazing mother, so patient!

Excited Diver Discovers Gold Coins Worth Over a Million Dollars in a 1715 Spanish Shipwreck Off the Coast of Florida

Excited diver Eric Schmitt of Queen Jewels, LLC documents the moment he discovered gold coins and jewelry with a value of over one million dollars while exploring a 1715 Spanish shipwreck in 15 feet of water off the coast of Ft. Pierce, Florida.

Queens Jewels LLC has had the salvaging rights to the 1715 Fleet, a group of Spanish ships that were shipwrecked off the Florida coast on July 31, 1715, since 2010. Since the ship was discovered about 50 years ago divers have discovered about $50 million worth of treasure onboard the ship.



photos via NY Daily News

via NY Daily News