A Pair of Giant Wind-Up Teeth Painted on the Abandoned Dolphinarium Discotheque in Tel Aviv

Wind up teeth closer

Street artist Dede painted the Dolphinarium discotheque in Tel Aviv, using the building’s rounded shape to create a giant (non-functional) paid of wind-up teeth, complete with a giant key. The Dolphinarium, now abandoned, was the site of a suicide bombing on June 1, 2001 that killed 21 people and injured 120 others.

The artist wrote about the piece on Facebook:

Without any doubt the biggest art challenge I have ever had. This piece was hard to achieve.
Stormy nights, high rollers from the ground, the all deal. But it had to be done, I had this vision for almost a year now.

This landmark is found in the middle of continuing ownership arguments, another real estate bite in Tel-Aviv’s view.

Wind up teeth

photos via Dede

via PAPER Magazine, Boing Boing

A Detailed Look at How Vehicle Headlights Are Made

A short clip from an episode of the popular television show How It’s Made offers a detailed look at how vehicle headlights are made from the reflector to the sealant to the bulbs.

Car headlights are created separately from the car, with durable plastic and reflective aluminum for maximum efficiency. Manufacturers can alter certain features, but ease of changing the bulbs stay the same.

How a Photographer Took a Selfie at the Edge of Space

A recent episode of the series Seeker Stories explains how photographer Christopher Michel was able to take a selfie at the age of space. While on assignment, Michel was given the opportunity to fly in a Lockheed U-2 spy plane that provided him some impressive views of the Earth.

A Man Annoys His Girlfriend While Shopping With a Relentless Series of Food-Based Puns

Comedian Cian Twomey annoys his girlfriend Emily while shopping with a relentless series of mostly food-based puns. Twomey certainly appears to enjoy his puns a lot more than Emily does.

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Marmalade the Cat Demonstrates Why It’s So Difficult to Enjoy a Meal With a Begging Feline Around

Marmalade, of the amusing kitty duo Cole and Marmalade, and his human Chris demonstrate why it’s so difficult to calmly enjoy a meal when there’s a hungry cat incessantly and intrusively begging for human food all of the time. With that in mind, Chris thoughtfully provided a list of which human foods are not good for cats.

SwimFin, A Shark Fin-Shaped Swimming Aid for Kids

swimfin boy and pool

The SwimFin is a swimming aid that straps onto a child’s back to provide buoyancy and encouragement. Its shark fin shape not only looks cool, but also allows for a full range of arm movement so little swimmers can practice all kinds of strokes unimpeded. SwimFin is available in seven different colors and can be purchased at their website.

It should be worn high on the back, above the centre of gravity. This way it will ‘suspend’ the child in the water – it will not tip a child forward if worn correctly, as can be seen in the photos. A SwimFin should never be used with a baby that cannot control their body yet, and it must NEVER be worn on the front of the body.

swimfin girl in pool

blue swimfinred swimfin
pink swimfingray swimfin

swimfin kids jumping

photos via SwimFin

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A Gorgeous Handmade Coin-Operated Arcade Cabinet With a Folding Lid


Swedish design studio (that also happens to be a single person) Love Hultén has created a gorgeous handmade coin-operated arcade cabinet, dubbed Pixelkabinett 42, with a folding lid. The retro-futuristic cabinet features a planetarium on the front panel and sturdy rocket-shaped feet. Hultén is also selling a total of 50 made-to-order limited versions of the cabinet that are slightly smaller and can be customized.





photos via Love Hultén

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

The Grand Jellyfish Chandeliers and Other Aquatic Light Sculptures of the 2015 Vivid Sydney Lights Festival


Vivid Sydney, an annual spectacular of lights and music, recently released photos from a sneak peak into the festival, including the wonderfully grand “Jellyfish Chandeliers” created by Ample Projects at the Chatswood Mall. Also adding to the wonderful underwater theme are beautiful cuttlefish lights that change colors and a projection of a school of fish onto the floor.

Stepping off the train at Chatswood Interchange, you’ll enter an evocative underwater fantasy with floating water creatures and pulsing colours. From here, Chatswood Mall becomes an immersive, light-filled ‘river’ where glowing creatures are brought to life with lighting (by 32 Hundred Lighting), and projections. LED technology will create cascading waves of colour before an animated aquarium appears in front of you. Further along, at The Concourse – Chatswood’s cultural centre – an environmental fantasy titled The Nautilus and the Sea (by Ample Projects and TDC)reveals itself across the sails of the building.

The event takes place May 22 through June 8, 2015 with different light projects and events taking place all over Sydney.

Jellyfish Lights Overhead Jellyfish

Cuttlefish Light

Cuttlefish Lights

The Nautilus and the Sea


images via Vivid Sydney

via My Modern Met