A Semi-Truck is Jumped Over a Speeding Formula 1 Race Car

Data Storage company EMC joined forces with the Lotus F1 racing team, capturing a world record by jumping a full-size semi-truck over a speeding Formula 1 car driven by stunt drivers Mike Ryan and Martin Ivanov.

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‘Star Wars’ Film Series Reexamined Through the Lens of Complex Ring Theory Mathematics

Star Wars Ring

The site Star Wars Ring Theory takes a fascinating and intensely detailed new look at the two Star Wars trilogies as seen through the lens of ring theory, an algebraic study often applied to complex works of art. The piece argues that the story creator George Lucas unfolded in the prequel trilogy was far more intricate than many contemporary critics gave him credit for at the time.

The “intertextual patternings,” while critical to reading the films the way Lucas intended, are actually small pieces of a much larger, more complex puzzle. And while many have unknowingly stumbled upon some of the pieces over the years, no one has discovered the underlying pattern and discussed how all of the pieces fit together and what the completed picture looks like (and possibly represents)—until now.

Star Wars Ring

images via Star Wars Ring Theory

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‘Black Friday’, A Horror Movie Trailer Parody About Black Friday Shoppers Turning to Violence to Get the Best Deals

Black Friday” by Nacho Punch is a parody of horror movie trailers about Black Friday shoppers turning to extreme violence to get the best deals. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States where stores traditionally offer extreme discounts on merchandise to entice holiday shoppers.

Daughter Gets Even With Hypocrite Father by Shaming Him for Not Changing the Empty Toilet Paper Roll in His Bathroom

Will Reid, a frustrated father who creates instructional videos to teach his children how to do simple tasks around the house, recently got a taste of his own medicine. After posting a video on how to properly change a toilet paper roll, his teenage daughter Beth got even with her hypocrite dad by shaming him for not changing an empty roll in his own bathroom. The student has now become the teacher.

Beth made this video after finding an empty toilet roll on our holder in our bathroom. I think you’ll agree, she is very pleased with herself! I’m so proud of her as she is obviously learning and my vids must be getting through for her to even notice. Ha ha!!

Reid’s original instructional video for reference:

Tricked-Out Backhoe Sets a World Record by Hitting 70 Miles Per Hour on a Racetrack

A 1,300 horsepower backhoe tricked out by heavy machinery manufacturer JCB captured the Guinness World Record for fastest backhoe loader by hitting speeds of 70 miles per hour on an Australian racetrack during a run on October 21, 2014.

A supercharged 572 big block Chevrolet V8 is responsible for hurling this monster down the racing track, and it sends all 1300 of its horses into those massive deep-tread tractor tires.

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A Hauntingly Beautiful Cover of ‘Across the Universe’ by The Beatles Using Audio of Comet 67P

Musician Andrew Huang (previously) used audio of comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko taken by the European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission (previously) to create a hauntingly beautiful cover of the song “Across the Universe” by The Beatles. The Rosetta mission was the first to successfully soft-land a spacecraft on the surface of a comet.

Here are the unaltered recording of the comet taken by the Rosetta mission, and the original version of “Across the Universe” for comparison.

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A Pair of Human Wall Climbing Pads Inspired by the Adhesive Quality of Gecko Fingers

A Stanford University engineering team including PhD candidate Elliot Hawkes has created a pair of pads inspired by the adhesive properties of gecko fingers that make it possible for their wearers to scale the side of a building. The so-called “gecko gloves” have 24 independent adhesive tiles on each pad, helping to better distribute the climber’s weight.

Furthermore, we found that the synthetic adhesion system does not fail catastrophically when a simulated failure is induced on a portion of the adhesive.

Gecko Gloves

image via Elliot Hawkes

via Popular Mechanics