Zombie Flash Mob

Zombie Flash Mob

This just in from an undead friend of mine:

Next Saturday (July 30th) at 3pm, me and some friends are going to eat brains in downtown SF. You whacky folks are invited to join us. If you show up dressed as a zombie, you can probably walk among us without getting eaten. If you show up in regular clothes, expect to be attacked and turned into one of us by our crack zombification teams (we have extra parts). When our horde has grown and we’re out of fresh food in SF, we’re going to bart to Colma for a picnic. BYOBrains.

Some important points:

– Bring blood, limbs, entrails, tattered clothes, bart fare, and a picnic basket. If you don’t have a costume, just wear clothes we can destroy.

– Invite your friends and family. Yes, family. We’ve got zombies of all ages, from veal to jerky.

UPDATE: Photographic evidence of this zombie invasion is now online.