Japanese Artist Creates Zipper Shaped Ship That Unzips the Middle of the Sumida River in Tokyo

Japanese artist Yasuhiro Suzuki has created a zipper fastener ship that travels down the Sumida River in Tokyo. The ship symbolizes the unzipping the river between the Azumabashi and Sakurabashi bridges. Suzuki got the inspiration to do this project as he looked down from the air.

(translated) “Fastener ship” was inspired by artist Yasuhiro Suzuki, who looked down on Tokyo Bay from the window of an airplane and saw that the ship and wake going through the sea seemed to open the sea (earth) with fasteners. …. The trailing waves of the ship that goes back and forth between Azumabashi and Sakurabashi will connect the opposite banks while opening the water surface like a fastener and will change the way you see the scenery of the town.

via My Modern Met