Zachary Levi and Bert From ‘Sesame Street’ Sing About Getting Offline and Going Outside to Enjoy the Day

A Lovely Sunny Day” is a very clever song by Mashable Video about getting offline and going outside. Performed by actor Zachary Levi and featuring such beloved Sesame Street characters as Bert and Grover, the catchy tune makes it seem so easy to put down your electronics to go and enjoy a nice day outside.

Every day I sit right there, sit and stare and check my Facebook, Email, Instagram
Chatting with my friends and making plans. But on days with lots of sun
I say goodbye to everyone online and say hello,
Cuz I know there’s a place where all the bees are always buzzing
’bout the flowers they have seen
And every tree is trending, I don’t miss my little screen
Because the sky won’t need a filter and the birds tweet just to say:
You should really take a walk on this lovely sunny day.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips