A 3D Printed Foldable Hexapod Robot Keeps in Tip Top Shape With a Lively 1980s Style Aerobics Routine

Octopod Spider Foldable Robot Does Aerobics

The Z6 by Robugtix is an adorable 3D printed foldable hexapod robot that keeps itself in tip top shape with a very lively 1980s style aerobics routine set to a catchy 1980s soundtrack.

In all seriousness, the Z6 is an extremely agile robot that can get into tight spots and report back to base with its built- video streaming camera. This is particularly good in emergency situations where other devices may be too large.

For this first version, we used a very compact form factor. So compact that people can carry it in a backpack to, for example, a dangerous zone that requires an urgent inspection. In this kind of situation, the Z6 can be quickly transported and deployed.

Robugtix has also posted some very cute videos featuring their other spider robots, including the RoboNOPE (giant black widow), the T8 (realistic spider), the T8X (true spider).

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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