A Talented New York City Doorman Who Plays Violin and Is an Art Dealer, All While in the Service of Others

“Yves & Variations” by Lydia Cornett is a beautiful short film about Yves Deshommes, a thoughtful New York City doorman who immigrated to the United States from Haiti and leads many different lives, all in the service of others. Deshommes is not only a talented violinist, but he is also an art dealer, a father, and a friend to all those who come to his desk at work. Deshommes is a musician who’s happy to share his talent with those who want to learn and an advocate for his fellow Haitians both in the US and in Haiti. All in all, a remarkable man.

A New York City doorman wears many hats—father, art curator, and violinist—as he works tirelessly to give back to his community in Haiti.

via Nag on the Lake