Yuri’s Night Bay Area 2007, World Space Party at NASA

Yuri's Night Bay Area

Yuri’s Night takes place each year around the world celebrating Yuri Gagarin, the first person to orbit the earth. This year a very special Yuri’s Night Bay Area will be taking place this Friday, April 13th at NASA Ames Research Center in the giant SOFIA Hangar 211 at Moffett Field in Mountain View. This really amazing event will feature keynote speaker Anousheh Ansari (first privately funded woman to reach orbit), music, performances, space-themed art and space and science installations.

Yuri’s Night Bay Area will be held at Moffett Field in the NASA Ames Research Center’s massive SOFIA hangar, home to the world’s largest aerial observatory. Our host for the evening is pioneering space traveler Anousheh Anasari, the first privately funded female to reach orbit. She is joined by Dr. Chris McKay, world renowned expert in astrobiology and terraformation with the Space Science Division of NASA Ames Research Center, as they welcome you to a dazzling array of interactive art installations and science demos, interwoven with musical and acrobatic performances by some of the world’s finest entertainers.

UPDATE: Here are my photos from Yuri’s Night Bay Area 2007.