YouTuber Breaks Record for the World’s Largest Pizza

YouTuber Airrack (Eric Decker) partnered with Pizza Hut to break the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest pizza. The pizza, which was made of 10,000 pounds of dough, 5,000 pounds of sauce, and 9 thousand pounds of cheese and was prepared in less than 48 hours, measured an astonishing 13,990 square feet (1296.72 square meters) and indeed broke the previous record by quite a bit.

The ingredients for this pizza included 6,193 kilograms (13,653 pounds) of dough, 2,244 kilograms (4,948 pounds) of sweet marinara sauce, 3,992 kilograms (8,800 pounds) of cheese and roughly 630,496 pepperoni slices.

After the record was set, the pizza was cut and donated to charities in and around Los Angeles.

Worlds Largest Pizza