455HP GMC Syclone Truck Is Transformed Into the World’s Fastest Motorized Garden Shed

Alex Kersten of the British automotive series Car Throttle visited with Kevin Nicks, creator of the “World’s Fastest Garden Shed”. This motorized garden shed is made from a converted 455HP GMC Syclone Pickup Truck. Nicks built the steel framing around the truck, replaced the engine for a lighter, faster version, added parts from recovered Land Rover and a Jaguar XJS, and painted it like a garden shed.

Despite its size, this incredible vehicle can go really fast and has an incredibly smooth ride.

Well first impressions from driving this, I’ve only done about 100 metres, are it’s incredibly smooth, the pedal weights are incredible, the gearbox is so short and it’s really easy to drive it’s not what you think. …It looks massive but it’s one of those deceptively big looking things on the outside but you get inside and it just wraps around you.

Nicks set the Guinness World Record at 80 miles per hour.

Meet the creator of the fastest garden shed, Kevin Nicks (UK), and find out how he managed to engineer a garden shed that can reach 80.67mph. Not only can you find out more about the process behind the build, but you can witness first-hand the shed’s thrilling speeds. Kevin’s experience is hosted within the grounds of a classic car hub in Gloucestershire, UK.

via Weird Universe

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