World’s Best Cat Trophy By Archie McPhee

Worlds Best Cat Trophy Tabby

Archie McPhee has created the “World’s Best Cat Trophy”, a wonderful gift for those humans who most assuredly know that their kitty is indeed the best cat in the world.

Imagine you’re at home throwing your own Cat-cademy Awards. The kitties have all walked the red carpet in their freshly groomed outfits, and the world (YouTube) is watching. The tension has been building and you’re about to give the most important award, World’s Best Cat. The winner? Mortimer J. Purrbody! Of course, your cats won’t care, but you can have oodles of fun giving this 5″ tall ceramic trophy to your cats as often as you like. Tonight it’s Mr. Purrbody, tomorrow it could be Crazy Legs, Catty Couric or even Roughtongue McTicklewhiskers. Great for pictures on social media and proving to your parents that you really do have friends and a social life.