Woman Ingeniously Turns Her AirPods Into Earrings In Order to Keep From Losing Them


Artist Gabrielle Reilly aka deadanimemom quite ingeniously to created a pair of attractive and utilitarian dangling earrings out of her Apple AirPods so that she wouldn’t lose them. These “Airings” come in two different styles and are available for purchase through custom order.

Airings are available for pre-order after they sell out. Please give 2-3 weeks for pre-orders. ?This is now a pre-order. anything ordered after 1/29/19 3am is on pre-order. *default design is without the cross, just the chain. If you don’t fill out the custom form I will give you the default design that is a silver fish hook with a 1.5″ chain.

Airpod Earrings

Airings Attachment

via BuzzFeed