Heartbroken Woman Reunites With Her Beloved Pet Deer After Two Years Apart From Each Other

A heartbroken Diggin Britt finally reunited with her beloved pet deer Albert after being separated for two years. Before their time apart, Britt and Albert had become inseparable. Albert followed Britt everywhere on the farm.

One day, while Britt was at the store, Albert disappeared and never came back. Heartbroken, Britt would stop and call out Albert’s name to every male deer who crossed her path until she finally found him less than a mile away from her farm. Albert happily responded, making it clear that he remembered Britt. The two enjoyed a lovely day before saying goodbye again.

After two long years of not knowing what happened to my pet deer Albert, we were reunited. I never thought that I would see him again. I have been looking at every deer involved a roadside accident that I’ve driven by for the past two years hoping that Albert, my pet deer, wasn’t hit. …When I realized that I had actually found Albert only a mile away from our farm, I was beyond ecstatic to find him and I hope that you enjoy watching this video that I put together of our history and us finding each other again.