A Woman Moves Like a Parrot While Wearing an Incredibly Realistic Costume of Her Own Design

The very talented costume designer Chrystumes modeled a beautiful headpiece from an incredibly realistic blue and gold macaw costume of her own design, mimicking the very deliberate movements made by these birds. In a separate video, the designer modeled a gorgeous American bald eagle, showcasing its beak. Among her vast creature creations is a realistic fox, a raccoon, a coyote and a black cat. Crystumes costumes are usually available through commission or auction. Additionally, she has a Patreon page to help fund her work.

I want to be able to create the things that are within my possibility to create and as often as possible. I feel like anything is within my mind’s grasp and I’m always striving to create amazing works, better and more often! I’d love to take some more risks with my projects. and share what I discover with you. good materials to use, techniques, tips and works in progress (WIPs). Every bit helps me more easily. and your support means so much!